Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Gollumy Thanksgiving

The day began with our "Thanksgiving" notebook. I wasn't sure how this would go over, but it was a huge hit. So was the cream sherry! Everyone had fun listing funny "thanks" and heartfelt ones.

While the turkey roasted, the family chilled.
My mother is on the right, my son on the left; the guy in the black shirt is my brother. (The dog, Jazzy, is my mother's Shih Tzu. Mister is mysteriously absent--he was right behind my brother.)

Dr. Gollum with Cosette Belle Rouge (the poodle)

Lynne, you'd asked about my shelf--it's here!

Here is the dessert bar

Meanwhile, the rolls were rising...

We bought a fresh turkey this year (Publix--not from our farm! :0). My mother said, "It was the BEST turkey ever." But she always says that. :-)

My niece's boyfriend, my brother, and my niece

My baby son is on the far right

Each plate had a present

My niece fixed my mother's plate

The side dishes were placed on a side table..

cornbread dressing and green bean casserole

Fruit salad (not pictured: sweet potato casserole, 7-layer salad, cranberry relish

A close up view of the "treat" tower. I found these at K-Mart--three little boxes filled with candy. This is the Santa box:

And the snowman

So, how was your Thanksgiving? Any favorite dishes?


  1. Oh Gollum...Looks like you and your beautiful family had a feast! I'm just going to swing by the dessert table...yummy. My favorite dish is always the cornbread dressing. I have been trying to duplicate my ex mother-in-law's wonderful dressing for years. Finally today I got the seal of approval from my family! Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving with your family. Hugs to your mom... Debbie

  2. Hey Gollum, looks like you had a wonderful time with your family and the food looks yummy, we had a lovely time my favourite side was roasted parmesan creamed onions,from Proud Italian Cook, check out Marie's blog from my side bar, these were so delicious Marie has the best food blog ever.
    Enjoy your weekend, hugs, Kathy xoxo

  3. Good Morning Gollum,

    Your Thanksgiving dinner looked delicious. I loved your table setting! The idea of gifts at each place setting was billiant. I will have to try that at Christmas.

    You have such a beautiful family. Your Mother looks to be very spunky. :) Overall it looks like you and your family had a wonderful Holiday!

    Hugs to you and the Family,

    Donna Marie

  4. Thanksgiving came and went so fast that the only telltale sign it was here was from all the leftovers. I did get carried away with making too much food but now that will be my excuse for not cooking for the entire weekend.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and family with us. Good choice on Dr. G's recliner as it's attractive and makes a man happy.

  5. Gollum your house and table were just beautiful... and the food all looked great... We had a peaceful and easy Thanksgiving with a small part of our family... We tried to keep it simple by cooking everything in disposable pans so not so much clean up... That worked well... and my Sister in law was in charge of the bird... She did the brine thing again this year and BBQd' a 30 pound Turkey... It came out GREAT...So moist and only took 3 hours to cook... Greta day...


  6. Such a good looking family, and such a beautiful table. Love your unique silver service. We normally have 30 people for TG, but we were down to 20 this year. It was fun, but I am exhausted. Now,on to Christmas! laurie

  7. Good morning Sweet Gollum, what a beautiful family you have. I'm glad to see someone else makes cranberry relish. That is my all time favorite dish for the holidays. Naturally, you can't have Thanksgiving in our home without the grandson's favorite blackberry pie. lol.And that evening it's a must that you have the cold turkey sandwich and start stuffing yourself all over again!! Gollum, I'm so glad the shelf in home where it rightfully belongs.!!
    hugs ~lynne~

  8. Ah what a beautiful family! Sounds y'all had a great time! How nice that you could all get together...I had at least one of my sons here, plus my dad, my sister and her husband and son. It was a really good time, I love getting together with my family!

    I'll blog about Mike making the pies later today! lol! I videoed it just to have proof! lol!!!

    Buffie :)

  9. Nice to meet the family! Nothing better than family, pets, good food and beverages and dinner by candlelight. The gift at each plate was so thoughtful. That cornbread looks divine! I bet it's a tried and true family recipe. Yum!

  10. What a great post. I absolutely loved "meeting" your family. The dining room looks wonderful as does all of the food! What are you going to do with the leftovers? I found a great recipe for white chili that I'm going to try. There were six of us and we all ate ourselves into a turkey coma! We laughed a LOT and that always makes the food digest better. My family is even more sarcastic than I am, so we always have a wonderful time. However, I couldn't get any of the Men Folk to rake the yard for me:-( A mother's work is never done!!!!!
    Glad you had a great time. Your youngest looks as if he's right in between my sons on the age ladder. Aren't they fun?
    hugs, Carol

  11. It all looks so wonderful! Your home looks so warm and inviting...I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with great left overs and relaxation

  12. Gollum,
    What fun to see pics of your family! Might I say that Dr. Gollum is quite the handsome man and doing what Mr. Tomarie did all day long! Lol (He SAYS T' is all about football and eating...but then sleeps through most of the football until you turn the chanel just for fun! Teehee!)
    I'm curious to know more on the Thanksgiving notebook...sounds like a great idea!
    You asked about favorite dishes. I absolutely am NOT a cook, but couldn't help wanting share a recipe that my mom made up probably 30 years ago. It's a sauce that you can put over a jello salad. Yes, jello salad sounds a little boring...but it's the SAUCE! Everyone who has ever eaten it has made it part of their T' meal.

    Sour Cream Sauce:
    Cream 1/3 c. butter. Add 1 c. confectioner's sugar and beat well. Add 1/4 t. lemon juice and 1/4 t. vanilla. Then add 3/4 c. sour cream. You can serve this over fruit, dumplings, puddings, jello, etc. It is now my husband's FAVORITE at T'! Let me know if you ever try it. :-)

  13. Oh! And I'm so glad you got the shelf! YEA for you!! :-)

  14. Oh, thank you for the sweet words.Carol, we are making turkey gumbo today (with turkey sandwiches for lunch). Then no more turkey for a long while.

    Laurie, the flatware is stainless--I forgot the name of the pattern, but I loved how it resembles barb wire (great for a farm :-).

  15. How elegant! We don't care for turkey so much - instead we had Lemon/rosemary chicken breasts! It is delish-----with lots of butter and sea salt!

    Love the little gifts at each place setting.

  16. Happy Day After, Gollum!

    Your Thanksgiving looks picture perfect, right down to Dr. Gollum in Turkey Coma in the recliner. LOL!

    Your home is so wonderful, your table and feast look amazing, and your family is just beautiful.


  17. To read about the Thanksgiving Notebook CLICK HERE
    I bought a spiral notebook at Kroger, a bottle of creamed sherry at the liquor store, and set it out in the foyer (on the STILL UNPAINTED chest) with an ink pen and various glasses. Basically, the idea was to write down things we are thankful for--and then take a nip of sherry. We wrote down goofy thanks and real thanks. And it was so much fun, we're going to do it next year.

    It just sorta puts this Feast Day in perspective. :-)

  18. Hi Gollum, thanks for sharing your family photos. What a beautiful table! And how wonderful for all of you to be together and to enjoy each other at Thanksgiving. Most of my family is on the other coast, but one son and his wife did join us. My favorite side dish was pea salad--found the recipe on the Internet. My cranberry orange relish and cornbread casserole got rave reivews. And I copied Tomarie's recipe for the sour cream sauce to put over Jello. I have a box of jello, some fresh fruit and extra sour cream, so I'll add a surprise with the leftovers tonite! Fieldstone/Pam

  19. My favorite part of your post today was a glimpse into your home as it's being enjoyed by family! It looked "real" with feet propped on tables, red glasses holding holiday drinks, the TV going ... I loved the visit. I've prepared one Thanksgiving dinner and now I prepare another on Sunday!

  20. thanks for sharing your holiday with us. It was fun to see your family ect vickydarnell

  21. Beautiful family and delicious looking feast....I am especially fond of your dessert bar. Thanks for sharing your day.
    My favorite dish was, you guessed it, a dessert! I made a chocolate layered cream pie with a pecan is good and I think I'll go have a piece now.
    Have a fantastic weekend :-)

  22. Gollum,
    Great post, I almost felt as if I was there enjoying the day with you. Our grandchildren seemed to take over yesterday. Everyone wanted to take part in making something, they started doing that last year and wanted to do it again. So who was I to say NO after waiting up for them to get here from Pa.,until 2am. Then I was never able to get to sleep until four, so I was very tired. I'll have to post some pictures.
    Thanks for sharing your day.


  23. Giving thanks and nipping at sherry sounds like a fabulous plan! I'm going to try and remember to do that next year~~thanks! :-)

  24. Hello Gollum, Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family and the food looks yummy. Love your beautiful silver service thanks for sharing your holidays with us...Pat H

  25. Your home looks wonderful as usual and that table is to die for;) Hoping you had a glorious Thanksgiving day;) French

  26. Looks like you all had a fabulous day. And everything looked so pretty. Although I think Dr. Gollum had the right idea!!!!

  27. I'm feeling like I was part of your holiday festivities...after all, are WE not all family? Lovelier than lovey!

  28. You look like you all had a good time visiting and eating together! Cute gift towers.
    We had a wonderful thanksgiving also. Now on to....Fa La La!

  29. Looks like a great time was had by all dear Gollum! DH certainly looks happy and content in his the shades ;) Your Mom is a treasure, especially if she is a spunky one. Handsome family! My Mom age(91)brought her homemade apple pie to a friend's house for dinner, as everyone scattered of course, until Christmas. Dear SICK Hubby and I stayed home after declining to give our newfound colds to our friends who invited us out of town to their place. He then went to the store (i.e. Publix/Safeway/Krogers etc) for a roasted turkey breast, and I whipped up some faux feast I had available from the pantry. No matter, as we couldn't taste it anyway. My single glass of wine gave me a headache and put me to sleep after the turkey. I give thanks to all his golfing cronies who didn't have the good sense to stay home when they were sick and have all of us golf widows put up with their sick 'whinneys' ( horse sounds) and then get the cold ourselves. God Bless the golfers...and God Bless my blogger friends. Maybe next year I won't get sick??? :-{ Jan (jjlmnaz)

  30. Evening Dear Gollum. What a nice Thanksgiving you must have had!! Your dining room is so beautiful and how thoughtful to have those little gifts for everyone! You must have cooked up some good food for everyone to look so chilled out and Dr. Gollum taking a little restie!
    Happy Day After!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. GG~~~ Beauuutiful home n' table, loving n' lovely family and wonderful memories being made just realxing and being a familyh together~~~ I can't imagine ANYONE ever asking for more blessings than THAT, dear one! So glad it was a great day for all!!! Harvest hugs, Linda

  32. Picture perrrrfect, but I am betting that Turkey would disagree with me. :)

    So glad that you had a wonderful day and that........ fabulous shelf has found its way home.

    Thanks for sharing your special day.

  33. Hi Gollum, It appears that you had a very enjoyable holiday. The turkey looked picture perfect and your home warm and cozy! I like that Notebook idea. In our family we each must say what we are thankful for as we pass around the mashed potatoes and the stuffing, etc. I mentioned that I was thankful that my dear old Dad did not have shingles this year! My poor Dad suffered so with the severe headache without uttering so much as a peep until all the family was long gone last year. This year we all had a "blast" playing Jacob's Rockband on his PS3. If you have never tried it or Guitar Hero you must - it's a riot! ~ Robyn

  34. Your Thanksgiving gathering looked like a Norman Rockwell painting! Thanks for letting us take a peek at the festivities! Jules:)

  35. Dear Gollum, What a wonderful post. I loved all the pictures of your family and the food is to die for! We didn't eat at home & I really missed the cornbread dressing this year. You cabinets & granite are gorgeous! We need a kitchen re-do, so I've been looking all over for ideas. ☺ Diane

  36. Gollum girl it looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Everything looks beautiful! And I had to laugh when I saw the pic of Dr Gollum! Every man in my family had the exact same idea! One minute they were in the other room talking about football...and then total silence....They'd all gone to sleep!! The buggers manage to get out of helping me with dishes every year!! Next year I think I'll dodge out early and take a nap myself!!Lol!! Vanna