Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dishspotting & More

Are you ready to go shopping?

Pink-sprigged dishes were scattered about like the first wildflowers in spring.

$19.99 for 8...but a sale is going on. Resist, Gollum!

I have dishes hidden behind my puddled draperies. So I either need
more draperies or fewer dishes.

What a darling covered butter dish.

Rose-sprigged dishes.

Tablescapers are always looking for flatware.

And tole trays are useful for mini-tablescapes.

Mugs for a cabin.

This "winged" vignette was refreshing.

Another covered vegetable dish.

Step away from the dishes, Gollum. And the tiered stacks--are they
for sale? They would hold a slew of dishes and the whole thing would
fit neatly behind draperies.

This little vignette is like a little trip back in time.

I found a booth with teapots.

And Limoges fish plates.

More bird items.

The dog booth has been revamped.

Love these little spaniels.

Where to start?

I'll have to come back later and peruse this case.

Dog jewelry, dog plates, and dog kitsch.

I came away almost empty-handed because my shopping buddy,
Dr. Gollum, has forbidden me to buy dishes until I deal with the maddening overflow. And I can't do that until I finish my book.

So, we looked at teacups.

And gorgeous cake plates.

I wish I had room for this French bed.

I love the fish bowl from the 70s.

I managed to slip a few things by Dr. G, so stay tuned....


  1. Sweetest GG~ Don't mean to be an "I TOLD you so", but reeeally, kiddo, you should KNOW that hubbies DO just "cramp our shopping STYLE"! (Hey! Don't they have a golf course and/or shop, a "sports bar" or SOMETHING like that near this great shop?). CanNOT believe the prices on those most sweet n' precious spring-like/perfect-for-Easter Czech dishes (I was there when it was Czecholsolvakia AND now Czech AND Slovakia!), but my heart really went pitterpat when I saw the limoges fish plates!!! (My Gram had some similar ones~ we all thought they were UGLY when she passed away,& GAVE THEM to a friend of my Mom's! "Argh" now!). I am kind of "into" fish (n' bees) at the moment, for SOME UNKNOWN reason~~~ just rcvd my Spode fish dinner plates in time for guests who LOVE Salmon! Hooah! I WANT TO VISIT THIS PLACE!!! (We don't have ANYTHING like that around the Tucson area, & Scottsdale is 1 1/2 hrs away~~~ (Oh, "SEAKELP")!!! Love, linda (BTW, did you "find" something there for MISTER? You KNOW we request a "SHOW n' TELL" of what you WERE able to "sneak in" when you-know-who wasn't loooooking!)~~~ XOXO

  2. P.S. That French Bed is so "you"!!!! ~ Say, canya add another room onto the HOUSE for it, n' say it's a "new space" for yer Mom??????

  3. Thanks for the peek. I wish we had a place like that near us. I'll keep looking though. I want/need those fishing/lure mugs for my one-day-soon vacation home and for our cabin theme guest suite for now. You showed great restraint.

  4. Dear Gollum,
    Please reveal the name and location of this lovely shop! I will be visiting with an aunt who lives in Cookeville and we will head to Nashville to shop so if this happens to be kind-of-on-the-way then I'll convince her it is necessary to stop by. Love the pink springy plates! At least you have puddled drapes...I have bamboo blinds which makes it kind of hard to hide much behind them.


    Carol from Alabama

  5. Oh Gollum, I'd go crazy in a store like that. Everything is so pretty. I want them all!...Christine

  6. Buy Gollum buy! Go back!!



  7. LOVE the French Bed....and did I see a bathtub for Brit Kathy-Mamma?

    Thanks for the delightful shopping tour Michael. Hug -Brenda-

    P.S: Finished reading your book....and I must say "it was well worth the wait!" Enjoyed it immensely!

  8. Heart be still!! I love that tole tray!! And those cake stands!
    How lovely!!

  9. Evening, Dear Gollum! Oh, I NEED those dogs. You know how I NEED my dogs! and I'm not talking American Idol, either! lol Love the fish dishes. I've always wanted those but every time I see them - they're just too expensive! Shoot! Now I'm coveting those pink ruffly dishes. I love those too! Shoot! You're making be envy all this neat stuff! You didn't buy anything? I see that look on Dr. Gollum's face - he's saying uh uh, Dear Gollum! You're a hoot!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. There were so many pretty things in that lovely store. It is so fun to just walk thru and drool. I saw several things that would be hard to resist, and some of the prices I could see looked very reasonable. Thanks for the great shopping trip. Hugs, Marty

  11. Oh Gollum...Behind the puddled drapes...aren't you clever!! I WANT that French bed! It would look so good in my ever elusive toile bedroom...the one that I blab about but never finish!!! Oh...heck...I'll take it all!Thanks for the virtual shopping spree! I really simulated the virtual economy!!! ...Debbie

  12. Dear Gollum,
    can you please invite me along for your next shopping trip and we can tag team the MISTER.
    Distact and sneak will be the game and I will gladly assist ya with coming up with more hidding uhm storage spaces if you can provide me with more excuses why I need to have more dishes (I'm running out of good ones - excuses that is).
    Have a wonderful evening and know that your blog is just the right dose to feed my dish addiction...:)

  13. I must tell you my BARN reminds me a lot of your great shopping mecca. Though I think we have a few more booths filled with what I consider junk .... next time I'm there I will snap a few photos ~~ it's almost worth going back just to show everyone how eclectic it is. Of course, you know the lovely cake stand caught my eye!!! It's time for MOGS to pay a visit to your fair State.

  14. Dr G looks like my Harvey when he tags along. He likes for me to find all the pretties that I adore,but then he cautions me to go easy...He helps keep me in control.well sorta?
    Friday I brought home a french day bed for little Daisy.She would have nothing to do with it.I took it back today,sadly.But I managed to find 8 wonderful bunny plates!!Yippeee

  15. Gollum, I didn't spot any schnauzers in the dog area. But i did drool over those cute rose sprigged dishes. At 19.99 what a deal! Too bad Dr. Gollum was with. I can't wait to see what you came home with. ~ Robyn

  16. The look on Dr. G's face says it all. LOL!!! Can't wait to see what you snuck by him, and I laughed outloud when you said (wrote) that you had dishes stashed in the puddles of your drapes. .... I think that sweet flowered china needs to come home with you :) I'm such an enabler!
    xo Isa

  17. Beautiful!! I would not have been able to resist those pretty plates!! Especially 8 for $19.99!!


  18. I don't think one cake plate or two teapots, okay maybe three plates. I think you need it all! I do! Where to put it?

  19. Leaving all those dishes was kind of like leaving a favorite store. I want to go back and look again. You are JUST sure there is something you missed!
    Riverside has a few stores like that, more or less, actually only one that comes really close, but the prices are NOTHING like that. The closer you get to the coast the higher the prices. I have so many plates and am always buying another, or another set of dishes.
    I thought I was alone..and then there was you! Overjoyed here!!!
    I just can't take my husband shopping with me but when you're on an outing...well..it's kind of difficult to do anything about it. :)

  20. Awww, the chick on Dr Gollums' shoulder is so sweet! Is that a bathtub behind? Lovely picture. :-)
    - SherylCanadianGirl

  21. Oh what a trip...so many pretties..
    And thanks, a new hiding place...behind the drapes! :)
    That was wonderful...I wouldn't have been able to resist!

  22. OMG~~~~~ HOW did you resist all the beauties??? But, like Linda said our dear men DO cramp our shopping style!!!!!!!!!! Even though my sweetie ALWAYS says, "if you want it, get it" I usually feel a bit guilty (DUMB!!!). Go back, get more dishes....and I guess more drapes:):):) Love, Pinky

  23. Just went back and clicked on~~~~to enlarge~~~~some of the pics and can not believe you passed up EIGHT Chech luncheon plates for $19.99!!!!!!!!!! GF, WHAT were you thinking?????????:):):) I would have GRABBED them for sure!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Pinky

  24. Hi G, You needed me there to enable you. I am reallllly good at that.Next time leave HIM home and take me,You will do such good and wonderful things on your shopping trip.Kathysue

  25. Tee hee hee! Loved the expression on Dr G's face! My hubby had that same look last night when I "made" him go to the Carter's outlet store to buy clothes for HIS 2 yr old great niece. He whined & complained the entire time the clothes were rung up that he could have bought car parts for the price of those clothes... hrmph!

    That's a great store - wish I knew of something like that in my area.... ♥

  26. I don't remember seeing Mr Gollum before have we? Actually he looks like he wouldn't be able to resist his sweet Mrs. Gollum if she said that she just couldn't live without any of those pretty dishes she found. I saw a set of pretty ruffled like dishes like the first picture a few weeks ago and fell in love with them though my pocketbook still said no (it's much harder on me the DH!)


  27. oh Gollum you have the most amazing stores near by, and yes I do believe that is a bath tub, it looks like it has a wood trim, well spotted Mrs Ben, you know I am after getting one. Dear sweet Dr Gollum, he has put his foot down at last lol, just like Vanni he forbids me to buy ANYTHING more. I did think that hiding the dishes behind the curtains was ingenious though, thanks for that idea, you make me giggle so much Gollum. I just did a post featuring "our Henry" pop by when and if you get a minute, hugs, Kathy.

  28. So glad you snuck a few things home!! I can't imagine completely resisting all of those wonderful things. It's fun looking though isn't it! Thanks for taking us along.

  29. Oh boy...did I see some things I'd just HAVE TO bring home with me!!!

    Thanks for the tour!


  30. Ohh, What a pretty display of ruffled plates, and cake stands and I saw a bird plate hiding along with the fish plates and the crystal and what nice prices. Not many deals like that around here! Prices are so much higher although we do have lots of antique shops here.

  31. Yeah, we figured that you had a purse big enought to get a few items that you just couldn't do without. I try and plan for that when DH is shopping with me.

  32. I know this shop has to be no more than a weekend road trip away, from our home. It's amazing!

    I love the pink sprigged dishes, the french bed, the table in the last photo! Sigh......

    I suppose if I ever talked J into this little road trip....we should rent a uhaul!

  33. i can't beleive you took you husband with you, mine stays in the car... hand him war and peace and then let the good times roll~

    an excellent place to store dishes is in hat boxes, they are cute and be placed in plain sight, or stacked high behind your drapes~

  34. Thanks for taking us along, beautiful dishes! The covered dishes are my favorites!

  35. That's hilarious...dishes behind the puddled draperies - now that's creative! I vote for the 3 level plate stand...that way you can stack more plates behind the draperies! The French bed is "magnifique"! Linda

  36. Gollum.. I know what you mean.. more drapes or less dishes...girl no more windows to dress here..lol. On Tuesday after taking hubby to the doctor I made a couple of stops..and guess what I purchased.. you got it.. a couple more sets of dishes.. :-) a girls gotta do what she's gotta do.. lol..now I desperately need clothes because of the massive weight loss..but I chose dishes.. :-)) off for another doctor run... I enjoyed this virtual shopping trip.. I would have picked up the spaniel puppies...would go well with Miss Scooter...hope you're closer to finishing your book...
    hugs ~lynne~

  37. I just love it when you take us dishspotting! I would be like a kid in a candy store spending hours and hours looking and looking but not being able to decide what to buy because I love everything! At least Dr. G has his coffee to enjoy while you slowly browse (and I bet he enjoyed this beautiful store as well).
    I have been doing quick reads and not always commenting here because I am busy reading your books. I'm almost done with the 3rd one and have three more waiting on the coffee table. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy them.

  38. Hmmmm, behind the curtain puddles....now why hadn't I thought of something like that!?!?! But, alas, I've only got drapes in one room, all the rest are plantation shutters. I did visit Homegoods yesterday & got "creative" in my closet when I got home! Shhhh......

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  39. Oh, yeah....I enjoyed every minute of this shopping trip.
    I didn't have to spend a dime but, then....I didn't get any pretty plates like you did!!

  40. Oh, How I love this store! I could almost bought the whole store! lol Oh, I wish we had one as great as this, but I know of one in Ridgeland, just out of Jackson. I am going to have to go take a trip to! Loved this tour!