Sunday, February 22, 2009

Icing Angst

Teeny Jackson is a character in my new book. She's a "cake lady," so I have been doing intensive research in my own kitchen. Armed with a rolling pin, a tube of cookie dough, and cookie cutters, I went to work--again.

The one in the center looks like a coat hanger.

I made one cookie that looked great. Even Dr. Gollum liked it. When I attempted to transfer it to a platter, it flipped upside down. Splat!
I got pink icing in the Yorkies' fur, and Young Bandwith thought they'd been injured.

Well, these were supposed to be pocketbooks! I went wild with the rosettes.

Jain's sister said that Judith Leiber has nothing to fear from Gollum. :-)

I didn't have to worry about anyone eating the cookies before I took photos.

"This is a handbag?" Dr. Gollum asked.
"Yes," I said, "with a bug on it."

Right about now, I'm wishing Teeny was a salad chef. :-)

When all else fails, bring out the cute dishes.

And put a bug in the bottom.

When my granddaughter comes for a visit this May, we'll bake all kinds of cookies.

Oops, the little moth flew in crooked.

That's the main reason I'm eager for spring...

... playing in the kitchen with Annabel.

Note: My kitchen has been deliriously happy all weekend.


  1. Michael, I love your little bugs and your handbags (and your dishes)! What kind of icing are you using to decorate your cookies? Have you tried royal icing? It can be thin or beaten longer to thicken up for a stiffer icing. It dries hard and glossy. I bought a set of alphabet cookie cutters when my nephew was about 5. He would spell out everyone's name in cookies and decorate them with colored sugars. Ricky, the Baker (1), Ricky, the Baker (2), Ricky, the Baker (3), Ricky, the Baker (4) Just some ideas for when you're baking with your granddaughter! :D

  2. Oh Gollum...your posts always make me laugh!! I love your cookies. You must be playing with a new set of cookie cutters. I am happy that little Miss Annabel will be visiting. I love it when my grandson helps in the kitchen...although he won't do anything that will get him dirty! Can't wait until Saturday!!!!! Hugs...Debbie

  3. Those are great pictures, Lori. I'm using canned icing. I used a pastry bag a while back, and I had to put yellow crime scene stickers around the kitchen. The canned icing is hard to control--one can makes you smaller, one poofier. LOL
    Thanks so much for the tip about Royal.

  4. I love to visit your blog. I can't help but wonder...... When do you sleep? and Do you take all your beautiful pictures too?

  5. Eleni's isn't in danger either. lol I do give you an A for effort though!

  6. These are great & looks like you had so much fun! I hope you took pictures of the "wounded" Yorkies!

    I took cake decorating lessons many years ago. A couple of things I liked to do were pipe little violets & put them in the freezer so they could be placed/handled. My last batch of icing was a fiasco & I thought it was unusuable. The teacher came to the rescue. She added Karo syrup & beat it till it was the perfect consistency, not the mention the fact that it tasted like sheer ambrosia!

    Have you looked at recipes on Here's a 5 star frosting recipe link:

    ☺ Diane

  7. My daughter and I make cookies every year for Christmas and we use royal icing, as the lady in an earlier post said. It is much easier to work with and it dries hard. We put it in small ziplock bags and cut the corner tip off to use for decorating. That way you can have lots of bags with different colors. This past year, we made preppy cookies with pink, lime green and yellow icing. They were adorable!! We did monograms, words, polka dots, plaids, etc. Keep working at it, your cookies looked cute. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. You just made me think of my Dad~~~ Mom was BIG on garnishing (EVERYTHING!!!) & Daddy just wanted to eat his food/meal. Period. No fuss. She'd just roll her eyes when he'd make his standard statement: "Why BOTHER, honey? It all goes to the same place ANYWAY!"...... "Perfectly pretty" or not, it all DOES look QUITE YUMMILICIOUS to me~~~ (Guess I really AM my Dad's daughter!)~~~ And, I can't wait to see pics of darling lil' Annabel "baking" w/ her Gigi!!! Hugs, Linda

  9. Thanks for the giggle to start out my Monday! And I don't think they look bad (but then you've not seen my food decorating skills lol). I love those plates - so perfect for spring and summer. Kathy

  10. I love to back and hate to ice. I guess it takes more patience than I have. Your cookies look pretty good to me, especially on that darling yellow plate!!!! :D Jewel

  11. These are cute, way to much work for me though, I'll stick with your last post, decorating store bought cookies. LOL


  12. Hi Gollum, these sre very beautiful, colorful and attractive!...Christine

  13. gg, is there nothing that you can't do, these are too cute! But I am wanting to see more of that beautiful home of

  14. Don't quit you day job!...nah..I kid! They look cute and the colors are fun. All that icing ... a dentist's dream!

  15. Morning, Dear Gollum! Oh, you have been the busiest one! Look at these little jewels! They're cute! Next thing we know, you'll be Master Chef Gollum, with the apron and hat and a new shop. Let's see, we'll name it for you: Gollum's Creative Creations - Come eat a cookie and I'll sign my book for you! How's that? lol
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)
    P.S. I like the bug on the purse! :)

  16. Oh Gollum your cookies always make me smile... As decorated as they are I am thinking some of those silver balls would be a cute addition to them... I love sparkle even on my foods... LOL LOL


  17. all you needed was the flower dishes, suddenly your vision is a masterpiece!

    you will be such a pro with your cookies by this may, your gd won't have to wear that haz mat suit to protect her from you prior icing incidents~

    your cookie looks super on fg.

  18. AS one creative person to another... sometimes it's more about the process than the product. I'm just saying! I know you had fun and I'll bet your kitchen was filled with laughter. I think those cookies look yummy! I can't wait for Teeny to leap off the pages. When will you go to print?


  19. My gosh girl, I am starting to put on weight from just browsing your Blog everyday and its not 'caus' I'm sitting at a computer. Cookies and icing will do that to you. (I'm going to have to get a new chair soon...wink, wink.)

    Waiting to see what delights you will have for Easter. Brenda

  20. You win funny post of the day from me today. I loved it. My daughter is a cake decorator and used to spend hours with an upside down cookie tray and dozens of bags of icing just practicing over and over. I love your purses but especially your bug!

    Have a Wonderful Day!
    from Roberta Anne

  21. I'm going to try the Baggies, Diane--thanks.
    Carol, you're so right about that. "It's not the destination, it's the journey." Oh, but you should see my kitchen this morning. Crime scene tape situation!
    I'm still writing...and I haven't even begun to tart "experimenting" with cakes.
    My icing woes are just beginning.

  22. I am least you know it is a purse and a butterfly. First, I would have to MAKE the you are way ahead of me. When your hubby asked - this is a purse...I just cracked up. Looks like you had a great time!

  23. Honey, don't be so hard on yourself! The cookies look yummylicious to me!!!! LOVE the pocketbooks....if you hadn't said what they were I would have known, they are TOOOO cute! I would be happy to come clean up the "crime scene if I were nearby! Love, Pinky

  24. HOLD THE PRESS!!!!!! Have we finally discovered something that Gollum can't do with extreme perfectiion??? WOO HOO there may be hope for us all yet! But alas...I'm sure with a teeny bit more practice you'll master this too! I love the little caterpillar's...they looks cute enough to eat!

  25. You have WAYYY more patience than I do! If I am going to spend an enormous time on something - that something better be around for me to enjoy for an enormous time! ha ha. Your cookies are adorable.

  26. So this is what authors do when they do research for a book...this is definitely my kind of research! Are you allowed to eat your research? :-) I love the bright colors! Susan

  27. Susan, I love to do "field" research. :-) Especially if it's edible.

  28. Susan, I love to do "field" research. :-) Especially if it's edible.

  29. How cute!! :-)
    I LOVE those dishes!!:-) L~

  30. OK, it's the "end" of the day here in AZ~~~ It's 5:00, so it's technically considered "cocktail hour" for many ~~~ BUUUUUT, "Linda wanna coooookie"!!!!!

  31. Well, from someone who actually serves cookies iced with plain icing (often not even colored), I think these look fabulous--especially when you put them on those gorgeous dishes! laurie

  32. You're going to keep at this cookie baking until you're darn good at it...ann

  33. Hey Gollum, I think that your little cookies are sweet. Actually, I could go for one right now. I had a dastardly day at work. My assistant called in sick. She also has the day off tomorrow - so the the disaster area I left at work tonight I get to go back into tomorrow - alone! Ugh! I 'll survive - I alway do - with a smile - Remember there is always someone waiting in line for your job....right? Your lucky you are your own boss! ~ Robyn

  34. OMG, I'm cracking up! A bug on a purse. That's so hysterical!

    Still think you should change the spelling of your character's name. LOL

    Justine :o )

  35. "Right about now, I'm wishing Teeny was a salad chef. :-)"

    Gollum, LOL! Laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. I've been half asleep reading blogs until I read that. Now I've been jolted wide awake. Better than a cup of black coffee!

    I really like your little cookies, and those purses are as cute as a bug's ear. And the bug ain't so bad either. ;-)