Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentine's Day Brownies

When I'm stressed and overworked, I bake.

And since I wanted to test a few recipes for Valentine's Day, I decided to pull a "sickie" and play in the kitchen.

To prevent further stress, I used a mix...but not just any mix: Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge brownie mix. My friend Allison told me about this mix--it's sublime.

The camera didn't quite capture the vivid color of the yolk.

I didn't pull out my Kitchen Aid--I added the ingredients and stirred vigorously ("40 beats") & called it a day. To my way of thinking, this was my aerobic workout.

44 minutes later, the brownies were ready. I didn't let them cool.

Everyone ate a brownie...except me. (Not because I have superhuman willpower...just high cholesterol...and I'm trying to avoid Lipitor :-) )

But the chocolate was sensual and beguiling. The brownies were moist, with a deep, complex flavor.The little raspberries reminded me of hearts.

Somehow I took pictures and didn't eat a crumb. Dr. G and Bandwith were more than willing to save me from eating carbs. This is one dessert that disappears before my willpower cracks.

The mix had a packet of chocolate, which made it even more decadent.

Ghirardelli Ultimate Fudge Brownie Mix
1/4 c water
1/3 vegetable oil
1 egg
8 X 8 pan


  1. they came out gorgeous! how can you not eat a warm brownie... how can you bake them when you are no carb, you are out of this worldly like to have that kind of restraint... besides, you are a beautiful pretty LITTLE thing, live it up and dive in the bowl!

    signed to big for her own britches...

  2. I'm drooling on my keyboard. ~ Robyn

  3. Great looking brownies! And way to go YOU for resisting. I need to get a few young men around here to eat my stuff lol. Wait a minute..maybe that doesn't sound very good! Jigs my Shih Tzu will do I guess. My DH just isn't a sweet eater and I can't resist. But I don't let that stop me! The raspberries sure do look like summer to me.

  4. OMG, how can you stand the wonderful smells of the brownies baking in the oven - then not eat them?!? I have no will power - I'm weak & wearing elastic waist pants this month! ☺ Diane

  5. Ghirardelli makes the best brownie mix! I can't believe you didn't indulge!

  6. Oh my, I don't know how you resisted. Your brownies look absolutly delicious.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  7. Making brownies, but not eating!? You must be running a fever. I know they are delicious.

    The puppy cupcakes are too cute, but I'll take a brownie......or three instead!


  8. Oh, they do look heavenly. I'm sure I would have had to have at least a bite. Hugs, Marty

  9. Gorgeous photography, scrumptious dessert. I better go weigh myself, I think I gained a few pounds just LOOKING at them!

  10. Well, you've amazed us all again. Yes, your brownies look delicious, and the fact that you had time to bake them is amazing. But the most amazing part is that you resisted eating one! I'm starting to wonder if you are even human! laurie

  11. Your willpower astounds me! Couldn't you have considered the brownies 'dark chocolate' and very good for your heart? I think even Dr. G might have gone along with that theory ...... Have a lovely Sunday, dear Gollum.

  12. Good Morning Gollum,

    I love to bake, but I'm not a sweet eater. Thank God there are people out there that I can give it too. My newest doctor and the girls in her office, have come to expect me to bake something for them every week now, I have them spoiled.:)

    Your presentation of the brownies is outstanding, simple but wonderful. I just might have to try them for our next Hospitality meeting, for our church.


  13. I normally have zero willpower, whether it's for dishes or chocolate; but you all need to know the truth. And the truth is, I've been eating anything I wanted, whenever I wanted, including brownies.

    And it has gotten me into trouble.
    My cholesterol is sky high. And that's the main reason I was able to Bake-and-Abstain. I so want to lower the numbers and NOT have to take Lipitor!

  14. M, how could you possibly make something that looks THAT delicious and not eat any? Not even one tiny bite???????

    Justine :o )

  15. You are a far better woman than I! They look wonderful! lauralu :) God bless you today!

  16. Gollum, I do take lipitor! My cholesterol was in the 300 range and it's very hard to control. I love chocolate but I don't have it in the house unless a holiday. My dh and my daughters are chocolateaholics. I would admitt that I would have waited until everyone went to bed and had at least a nibble. So...........good.
    Like you I am watching my weigh, I am only doing my portion control and I am cutting down but not losing only losing in inches in my legs it's weird. It's beautiful and sunny here today and I am waiting for dear hubby to get back from the grocery so we can take a walk. The winters put me in a funk and my mother and my back hasn't help. I do have spring to look forward to. Do a spa me day; I have one book in 10 days right after my doctor appointment. You need to take one day and just relax. It does us all good. Have a great day down on the farm today.

  17. G, I, too have high cholesterol BUT my Dr. said it is just IN me....I have been TRYING to eat well, and the #'s were still bad so I AM on the damn Lipitor.....not by choice for sure. My mouth is positively WATERING for these brownies and my DH are about to head to the grocery store so I am going to look for the Ghiradelli brownie mix and make them for the REST of the family!!!!! I know everyone will LOVE them. And I won't forget the least I can eat them! Happy Sunday to ya! Have a GREAT day. Hugs, Pinky

  18. Oh my! All of a sudden I am starving.:) You have a lot of will power.

  19. They look so good so it is best they are living in your computer and even licking the screen will not add any extra calories to my hips.
    Roberta Anne

  20. Morning, Dear Gollum. The brownies are just beautiful! How could you resist? You're one brave woman in my book! lol
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  21. Oh, Gollum! Did you have to post this? LOL. I, too, have high cholesterol, but I *am* on Lipitor. Heck, since I'm on it anyway, I figure I may as well "party it up" and eat what I want! Kudos to you for resisting.

  22. A visual delight that made my chocolate lover's heart sing and my mouth water... mmmmmmmm... Dixie

  23. The brownies do indeed look delicious Gollum but the addition of the Raspberries make these the perfect Valentines treat,maybe even use a heart shape cookie cutter. I hope you at least ate a few raspberries with maybe just a smidgen of chocolate on them after being on the Brownies lol. I wish chocolate tasted like brussel sprouts, I would have no problem resisting it then. I admire your restraint and hope you get those levels down soon. hugs, Kathy.

  24. Next time make it with out the egg yolk and use applesauce in place of the oil that will cut out alot of the bad cholesterol! Then you could enjoy the brownies with everyone else!

  25. I don't know how I can stay on my diet with all these posts about chocolate & Valentine's Day! I think I'm going to go with all the temptation and just start clean next Sunday!

    Coincidentally, I ate a whole bar of Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate (for baking) last night. What a sugar rush but after licking my whiskers I slept like a baby! ;-)


  26. Yummy! This looks so good and you sure presented it so well, Gollum.I can't believe you were able to resist that!..Christine

  27. Oh my, Gollum! Such yummy looking brownies! I will have to try that mix! You have amazing will power...Debbie

  28. I'm with Santamaker, your photography makes an already delicious looking brownie look super scrumptious! (And I love the pretty Valentine's placemat. :-)) Do you mind sharing what kind of camera you use?

    I was so taken with how delicious they looked, I went to the store today and have already made a batch...and approximately half of it is gone. I didn't let them cool either...that'd be kinda like not licking the batter bowl. :-)
    Very rich and very delicious!! Thanks for the recommendation!

  29. It's easy for me to resist chocolate because I'm a vanilla gal, BUT served on that china I just might have to taste it! So pretty. PS I've seen The Frames twice in an intimate venue where there were probably no more than 200 people. My brother saw them at the Bonaroo Festival. We love them!

  30. How exciting to hear The Frames!

    My camera is a Pentax point and shoot.

    Well, the brownies are gone, but I bought more mix. Tomarie, did you see the recipe on the box for the chocolate orange torte?

  31. Yes I did and had already decided I was going to try that next time! Just didn't have an orange for the "zest". :-)

    Thanks for the info on the camera. I'm wanting another one and your pics are amazing...although I'm sure that's due to the photographer as well!

    Brownie update: Three fourths are gone and hubby is snoring from the sugar drop. Lol L~

  32. Oh my I have not idea how you could resist this wonderful brownie- high chol or not!! That is willpower!!


  33. There is no way I could have resisted that gooey, delicious brownie. Thanks for posting the recipe--I'll have to try it out!


  34. You have a lot of willpower...those brownies look awesome!

  35. Great willpower.I couldn't've done it...ann

  36. I would tell you how delicious these look and how beautifully you served them but I am now putting on my shoes for a trip to the closest groc. store for that SUPER SOUNDING Brownie Mix......

  37. YOU are famous! NO doubt about it! Look at the comments! THE followers! I am rubbing elbows with women who KNOW where to look for ideas and strokes of genius! What a lovely blog to visit. NEVER a disappointment!
    Happy Valentines Day..and many more? Yes..I think that is good here! :) And MANY, MANY more!

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