Monday, March 2, 2009

Dishspotting Alert!

Dr. Gollum and I went to our local Big Lots to look for cooking oils, and guess what happened? Yep, I got distracted. First, I had to look at the Easter stuff.

The bunnies were so cute.

Maybe I don't get out much, but I thought she was a bit high, $20.

Feathered wreaths, $12

I was a little bummed over the $20 bunny and $12 wreaths and didn't check the prices...

$1.50 for chocolate bunnies

These remind me of Limoges boxes, $2.

Now we're getting into tablescape territory.

The pink polka dotted placemats were $1 each

The patchwork placemats were $3

Terri, look at these darling hummingbird feeders.

Around this time, I perked up. You all know how much I love white and cream Ironstone; but sometimes food cries out for a black plate. It's upscale, chic, and urban...and $1 each.

Or, $15 if you buy the set. (I am GOING BACK for at least two dinner plates.)

These white dishes are gorgeous. They have two thin gold rings. $20 for a 32 piece set.

The "Evolution" dishes were $15! They're contemporary, and would look great with my froo-frooey Ironstone. Go back and get them, Gollum! Without Dr. Grumpy.

Be still my heart. These soup bowls are $1 each. They're thick and deep, perfect for a huge bowl of ice cream....or a bowl and a half of chili. No extra carbs or calories. :-)

Chargers in assorted colors.

46-pieces, $35

Oh, yes, I bought them. :-) Something just came over me. I know, I know.
I will soon be in Dish Rehab, Dr. G said.

I was so excited at this point--and trying to keep Dr. G from having a hissy fit--that I forgot the price on these boxes. I do remember it was more than I wanted to spend. I want to say $5. But they bear watching for a markdown. $5 for a set of 3. They would make cute favors for a dinner party.

This is gorgeous. It looks like pierced creamware.

I love huge glass pillars. $15 Three down the center of a dining table would be gorgeous...filled with Christmas balls....and for summer, sand and shells, and dine al fresco!

Darling bird candle holders, $12

Swirled glass, $15

The $1 shelf had the most adorable plates for picnics, and colorful placemats.

Not to mention paper plates and cups--and Fiddle Faddle!

Just adorable.

I had a fit over these boxes.

Votives in bulk, $6

This is where I stopped, and Dr. started pulling out his hair. Four of the pale blue dishes came home with me. And the deep blue, square dishes? Two came home with sweet, little butterfly plates.

The baby blue dishes are like a breath of spring. Oh, Dr. Gollum, just two more for a placesetting of 6!
No! he said.

I pouted a while until I saw the mercury glass vases. I bought three, two large and one squatty one, $2 and $4 times 2. Not bad, if you'v priced mercury glass at Ballards and elsewhere!

They had flatware to match the darling dishes. Dr. Gollum led me away and said he'd had enough of this craziness.

Finally, a carb meltdown. The little duck cookes remind me of the Publix cookies that were shaped like Mister.

Dr. G looked at the $3 roses...I thought he might buy one, but he said it's a bit early. "Some people have restraint," he said. Oh, yeah, tell me about it, Father of Bandwith.

And that's it. I came home with dishes, and now they are securely behind the den draperies. I plan to make another trip to check on the cooking oils....until then....
Happy dishspotting.


  1. You silly Dear Gollum. You've got it bad, Dear One. You are an out and out Dishaholic if I've ever seen one! But I can't wait to see the tablescape you put together with your finds! Isn't it funny we shop with 'tablescaping' running through our tiny brains? Not that yours is tiny - but mine is! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)
    we lost our Big Lots in the hurricane! Shoot!

  2. OMGosh, dear one...I just LOVE how you, the Design Queen, can go to BIG LOTS and find all these things that you love. I go in, look around, and go out. I am not giving myself the time, as you do. I absolutely love every thing you bought. And I love that you hid them behind curtains...
    Love those springy blue flatware and the Eastery placemats....
    You are so amazing...
    xo bj

  3. Hey those great finds...and the dish pantry in the other post is make me want to by creamy white dishes! lol Take care my friend and have a great week!

  4. Oh I love everything you came home with and can't wait to see how you work them into one of your tablescapes!
    Thanks for the virtual trip~ our Big Lots went out of business and I've been in mourning ever since. :-(
    I'm a sucker for anything Limoge-like...and the feathered wreathes were awfully cute too! :-) L~

  5. My heart skipped when I saw that Gollum goes to Big Lots!! I love them- they are one of my favorite places to hunt for bargains!! You certainly spied some great things there!!


  6. My heart skipped when I saw that Gollum goes to Big Lots!! I love them- they are one of my favorite places to hunt for bargains!! You certainly spied some great things there!!


  7. Ok, I'll go to Big Lot tomorrow. I will tell my hubby that I have to go because Gollum went and she got the best deals. Then my hubs can tell me NO when I want more dishes. I can't wait to see the table. I love the blue flatware. And you didn't buy any of those boxes?? Girl, you need to go shopping with me. My girlfriends tell me I spend their money very well!! I love Big Lot. Just didn't get there today...too busy at Dollar Tree and Ulta and Hobby Lobby and...well, you get the idea.

  8. This was so funny. You sound just like me. Sometimes it pays not to take our hubbys shopping with us...well most of the time anyway. Just look at how much money we save them. That's always my logic!

  9. Hi Gollum,
    Looks like it was a productive shopping trip. I need to head to my local Big Lots- great find on dishes. Cindy

  10. Gollum, I love this post! For me it was great, for when I do get to leave, I have to choose to go South or North or West to shop, for all are near an hour away. I loved seeing what Big Lots had. My daughter came and wanted me to get dressed and go there last Tuesday! I should have went! I have been buying roses at Walmart and placing them on a enclosed porch, they now are two feet tall and forming buds! Now $3.00 is better than the $6.00. I could have bought double! I love the white dishes and bowls. Those polka dot placemats would have come with me too! You gave me the shopping fever! lol I gone 1 time North, 3 times West! Bought a lot! Now I need to go South, to Big Lots! lol I am going one day this week back to North Jackson, for they have some dishes, I should have bought, to match what I have! Loved this shopping trip! Now I know what they have. Now if you are out shopping and see 4-6 inch cloche, Please, Please let me know! I found a few on line but only 3, I want 12 cloche! I love the antique trip, I can only drool! lol But, this I can plan to do! You had such a great ideas! Big Lots!

  11. In the words of the Little Rascals ....

    "I wished I had a Big Lots, I wished I had a Big Lots" ~

    "Oh, wish for something BIG" ...

    "I wished I had a Huge Lots!!!"

    Square is really beautiful.

  12. Well, that was fun! I felt your excitement, but I was getting more and more aggitated (sp?), because the closest Big Lots is an hr. away, and I just know they won't have any of these wonderful bargains when I go there! laurie

  13. Darn it! Our Big Lots folded. Well, it wasn't that good. I never found a thing there- except Fiddle Faddle. Jacob likes junk - he always found something. I read that others have bought nice furniture, outdoor furniture and decor, now your lovely dishes - (Jacob just looked over my shoulder and said "Boo Hoo") - no sympathy I tell ya. I'm just in a mood - (I looked at my new 401K statement. I'll be working until I'm old and gray-er. God help the poor patients....) ~ Robyn

  14. I loved your shopping trip! I tried taking pics in WmSonoma outlet and I was promptly told they didn't allow pics!!
    Yet in Villeroy and Boch, a much better quality store, they were as sweet as pie!!

    I have the Gibson set, I got it at LinensnThings last year..18.00 for service for four...I like how the cup and bowl are rimmed on the bottom...and white goes with everything!

    Thanks again for a fun post!

  15. You raked it in, Girl!

    Man...our big lots isn't nearly fiiled to the rim as yours!! I'm duly impressed!!

    Hee...I loved how as a little girl you would invite yourself for a tour to the big homes!! Sadly, I've been known to do it as an adult.

  16. I love the white dishes you bought! I thought about getting up and running over to Big's right around the corner...and then I realized I have nowhere to put any more dishes!!! I probably have room for a few more but not a whole set!

  17. Oh dear! It was not good for me to come here today! We really did need new everyday dishes. I started dinnerware shopping a few weeks ago and now I can't stop. Yesterday I stopped by my favorite garden center, just to see if they were open. They were, and I came home with gorgeous bird plates from their gift shop! Is this dish thing contagious??? Nancy
    PS: I've found some great placemats and napkin rings along the way.

  18. Girl what kind of Oil did you get ha ha!! you are too funny..Oh don't you love Bigs Lots since they redid It?? Now I loved those pale Blue dishes how cute those would be for an Easter table...and with the flatwear to match...
    Girl I have been online all day just looking for cabbage leafs plates for Easter..Now I am going to Ross on Saturday as I know they have them..I am on a mission right now...and your so right I checked and I can put them behind my drapes...
    Len will Kill me for getting more dishes but what the Heck!! you only live once...he collectors Old cars and I do dishes..Hope you have a great week dear friend...and I will be here for Foodie Friday..Yes I do cook also...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  19. OMG!!!! I have GOT to get to my Big Lots...PRONTO!!!! I have been looking for some pretty pastel dishes...maybe the blue ones are what I need!!!! EVERYTHING looks so terrific. Now, dearest G., WHY do you take dear Dr. G. with KNOW he is gonna put the nix on things:):) Men just simply CRAMP our shopping style!!!! Now go back, ALONE and get the other things that you want. Thanks so much for sharing this goodness! Hugs, Pinky

  20. oh that was good clean fun! i have been neglecting that store, time to add it into my shopping loop...

    how could he pass up 3$ roses???!

    i adore the cheapness in you, nothing better then a bargain huntress with dishease~

  21. I'm proud of you for standing tall and announcing your purchases! I pretend they just materialized in the cabinet. How many different kinds of white dishes do you need? Well... white ones, cream ones, ivory ones, plain ones, rustic ones, square ones, round ones, large square ones, large round ones... And then you need black ones, shiny ones, matte ones, black clay ones, square-ish ones, round ones, small ones, big ones... And then there are colors... and you have to have linens to go with... and... ;)

  22. I got a good laugh out of this post. Last week I went to Big Lots - first time I have been in a while, and saw some of the same dishes you saw. I was good tho, cause I had just left Old Time Pottery, where I bought some white plates and bowls. I also looked at the boxes with the cutwork design on top & convinced myself that I really did not need one. I did go by Gordman's and got a pair of birds and a chocolate bunny.:)
    You are a more seasoned blogger than me - you remember to take your camera everywhere you go, and I keep forgetting mine. I'm learning. :-)

  23. You totally crack me up! I have those white bowls. They're excellent for everything from salad to Chili to Cream of Wheat! Big Lots is clean across town from me. I may pack a lunch and drive out there tomorrow.
    Thanks for the giggle before bedtime!

  24. Okay, I just had to share my new bird dishes. I was trying to save them for a post I'm doing on birds, but I am weak! Please stop by and take a look...Nancy

  25. What fun, and great dishes!!! You have such a good eye!

  26. That was a great trip! I'd have to drag hubby there tomorrow! Thanks for the share!

  27. Oh, you did good with that shopping trip! I would never have attempted it with my hubby. He would have been making rude noises & dragging me out! I'll have to check them out again. I'm not fond of that particular store, hopefully they've cleaned up since my last visit. ☺

  28. I sure do love me some Big Lots! I remember seeing those very same blue and chocolate dishes at the local store. They had matching linens, and oh, were they ever beautiful! They were so tempting!


  29. Oh no! You make me want to go shopping. I think you may single handedly keep Big Lots from going out of business, because after all you readers see this post they are going to feel like me and have an urge to rush right out. You certainly have an eye for good deals.

  30. Hi Gollum!

    I have read so much about you here in bloglandia, I thought I'd go visit you! :-)
    Hehehe Love going shopping with you! There were a few things I would've loved to get my hands on as well.... especially since I live in NORWAY!! And don't get to go to your stores!
    Oh, by the way.. LOVE the blue and brown dishes.

    Have a great day!


  31. Thanks alot Gollum, now I need to add Big Lots to my weekend list of things to do! I haven't been to ours in a while, and I don't remember them having anything this much fun. So I'll just HAVE to go and revisit. Kathy

  32. I love Big Lots! I had some friends over once and one of the ladies pulled me aside and said in a whisper, "Did you get this at Big Lots?" I affirmed that I had and she said she had seen it and loved it but didn't buy it because no one she knew shopped at Big Lots!?!? I told her she knew someone now who did!!!! Isn't it funny the ideas people get? :D Jewel

  33. So glad to see that you feel it's OK to mix Big Lots with high end. I used to go to Big Lots all the time when my kids were younger for inexpensive treats and holiday and party supplies. A good source of Bunco prizes too. I haven't been in quite a while but I feel the pull now. Think I'll treat myself to a little visit. Thanks for the inspiration, Pam P.S. I'm glad Dr. found something he was interested in as well.

  34. You are cracking me up! Your first mistake was taking the good doctor with you...

  35. Yes, Gollum I got my Gibson dishes Saturday. I used them for a dinner with our friends down the road. They looked really nice. I was thinking as I carried them to the register, Gollum would go crazy if she saw these! Yeah, just keep hiding them, I can always find places to hide dishes. My husband said the I finally quick buying silerware because I ran out of draws; now I'm on to dishes. I have 5 sets of flaware and 9 sets of dishes and he wants me to move on with collecting something else and he just reminded me no Art Work for the walls. Hee Hee. I paired the Giblosn with bright colored green dishes and they where beautiful. As always I didn't think to take photos because I was rushed to get everything done before they arrived. Can't wait to see what tablescape you come up with! I loved the dish tour this morning.

  36. Lordy, lordy, lordy......I cannot get over the prices even though they are in Yankee dollars. Talk about bargains!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, when it comes to purchasing-power, I am definitely living in the wrong country. :)

  37. I see a trip to Big Lots in my near, very near, future!

    Have a great day, Denise

  38. LOL! You are so funny, Gollum! That's because I can relate. DH and I go to Big Lots a lot too, especially when we get a 20% off coupon on e mail, (You should sign up for their email distribution list and you will get them too and it's 20% off the total bill) and I get stuck in the plates aisle and he can always find me there. I have seen all those dishes and believe me, I have been tempted to buy them. I even bought a few of those roses....Christine

  39. I was just at our Big Lots and they had none of those gorgeous things. Ours is never displayed, it's just all thrown in. Maybe I'll go try again. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  40. I was just at our Big Lots and they had none of those gorgeous things. Ours is never displayed, it's just all thrown in. Maybe I'll go try again. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  41. I was just at our Big Lots and they had none of those gorgeous things. Ours is never displayed, it's just all thrown in. Maybe I'll go try again. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  42. I was just at our Big Lots and they had none of those gorgeous things. Ours is never displayed, it's just all thrown in. Maybe I'll go try again. Great finds. Hugs, Marty

  43. I am exhausted from that shopping trip.....that was one great tour....I felt like I was shopping on line....I must make a trip to Big Lots...I did see a few things I were very brave going shopping with Dr. G....
    Mo ;-)

  44. Have you ever been to an Old Time Pottery? It's like, going to Hobby Lobby, Linens and Things and Big Lots all rolled into one! With really excellent prices!!1 Lots and lots of dishes too!!!

  45. I loved this post, Gollum. I live in the sticks and would have to travel to the big city to find a Big Lots but I really "need" some placemats and a few other thingies.

    Have A Terrific Tuesday
    from Roberta Anne

  46. Dont you just love Big lots?? I have always loved searching for great finds there, but was a bit embarrassed to shout it to the world, but now that I know you go, hey I am good with it! I am Sue and I love BIgLOts, there I said it, lol.. felt good to get that out there! LOL.

  47. Oh my goodness! Big Lots owes you Big Time for this endorsement!
    I am going to Big Lots tomorrow, if not sooner, to check things out.

    So I was trying to visualize you in Big Lots taking photos and trying to imagine what the folks at the store were thinking.... "Mmmmm..lookie there Mary Lou, that woman is taking pictures of stuff, poor thang, she must not get out much!"....

  48. Oh, did I ever see this coming! Hee, was a dish couldn't help yourself! Love all your new goodies! The best part of all is hiding them behind the draperies...I love that! :-)

  49. OK. I read a post you made somewhere else that you put them behind draperies. Do you hide them there? I have to hide any more dishes I get... Unless I get them for my china garden. I think I can get away with that. Or I will have to get rid of something and I am not willing to do that. So you hide them behind drapes? Do you have children at home still? That is who have friends who come over?

  50. You obviously live near a well stocked Big Lots. Our area is going through a revitalization but our BL store hasn't begun to catch up. Looks like you found some treasures!!! My guess is that next year what doesn't sell at your store might end up at our neighborhood store - so sad.

    Watch out for dish attacks. Last year I was minding my business doing my grocery shopping at Publix and ended up with a buggy full of dishes!!! It happens when you least expect it!

  51. Great finds, Gollum! This makes me want to head to Big Lots. I also love the Dollar Tree. That's my $1 fix when I need to spend. ;-)



  52. I think I should leave work right now - and head over to Big Lots!!!

  53. And I know I don't have to tell you, but no cooking oil trip can be complete without the purchase of some more pretty Carolina blue dishes to complete that lovely set. You can tell him I said so, and I'm sure it will be ok! ;o)

  54. Your are the "Big Lots Queen". I love the whole post. Thank you for sharing.

  55. I've been looking for those white bowls at my local Big Lots forever! i'm going to ask the manager if they can get them in the store for me. Do you happen to know the name on the bottom?? that would be a super huge help. thanks so much!