Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Variations on a Spring Tablescape

For this week's Tablescape Thursday, I started with the basic St. Patrick's Day theme, which has been there for a while, and did a little design math: subtracting/adding. Each day, I changed the tablescape a little.

The moss-lined tray was used in a BIRD THEMED Tablescape Thursday. I removed the birds, kept the eggs and moss, and added peepers and tulips.

Evenings can be quite dramatic on the farm. I've always loved "the gloaming."

My friend JULIE gave me this gorgeous, green rabbit (below). I moved the tulips and used the bunny as the centerpiece.

The white "Gibson" dishes are from Big Lots; the chargers can be found at Horchow.

The egg plates weren't bought together; I love how they're different sizes and don't match.
The gold egg...

Pink and yellow egg...

Green and purple egg...

Royal blue egg

What an adorable bunny!

The smaller bunnies are made by Bethany Lowe. She also designed the bird-themed Tweet & Chirp dishes that were used in a previous Tablescape Thursday, when I was longing for spring).

Linda (Mom of a German Shorthair) sent me this gorgeous Majolica bunny. He hops all over the house.

A cute, green bowl I found at Big Lots.

Now, we're back to the tulips.

Dr. Gollum and Bandwith have gotten acclimated to Tablescape Thursday; they are specially suspicious when the camera is near a plate. They've done the gentlemanly thing--they've been eating at the kitchen bar this week, which can be seen in the background. Now that the tinkering is over, we're sitting down to a family meal, complete with the Lindt chocolate bunnies.

The napkins were a gift from Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict. Aren't they gorgeous!

I posted early, because I'm about to get lost in the tulips for a few days.

Tablescape Thursday is like sitting down with a design magazine that's devoted to Dishaholics. To peruse other tablescapes, check out Between Naps on the Porch for Susan's Tablescape Thursday.

Tablescaping Notes:
"Gibson" dinnerplates, Big Lots
Egg plates: "Gold Egg," Centurion Collection; yellow/pink egg "Email de Limoges" by I.Godinger; green/lilac egg "Email de Limoges" by I. Godinger; royal blue egg by Muirfield.
Vintage napkins : Debbie, Confessions of a Plate Addict blogspot
Plastic lettuce placemats, antique mall
Green bunny pot and caged peeps, Big Lots
Flatware, "Avalon"
Yellow daffodil bowls/plates -- Horchow
Chargers -- Horchow
White Rabbit cookie jar-- Mikasa

Large rabbit centerpiece, Raz Imports
Smaller rabbits with baskets--Bethany Lowe Designs
Swirled, luncheon-sized plates--Myott "Olde Chelsea," Staffordshire
Green Depression glassware -- My pantry
Green napkins -- DII for the Home (Design Imports)
Lindt chocolate bunnies -- Publix

A reminder about "Foodie Friday" ... No theme this Friday, April 3rd. Just food, glorious food. The same rules apply: No Rules. Mr.Linky should be online around 8 PM central, Thursday night (a bit early because I always shudder when I add the 2-column Linky winky code--and usually do something wrong).


  1. I love the tablescapes with all the bunnies, eggs, and chicks! Very spring-like.

  2. Each change and "tweaking" is better than the last! Of course, everything I checked for on your list was from Horchow, and not Big Lots---the story of my life :) PS. I will have Gibson dishes in my post!

  3. All of these tablescapes are beautiful!! I've definitely got to do something to mine. You inspire me!

  4. What a delight!!! I love all the variations on the theme. You have beautiful things!!! I love the little egg plates...DARLING!!! What fun you must have playing with all those chicks and bunnies!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Totally love the different looks. I was drawn to the yellow tulips mostly. I love your bunny things, so much fun to work with. I love Horchow's too. I wish we had an outlet for them!

  6. You are so talented! I'm so inspired to try a table scape! I'll have to see what I can come up with! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Wow! I LOVE IT ALL and your photos are amazing! ♥ Diane

  8. G - well, gee! :-D Just when I think you can't amaze me any more with your tablescapes - you go and do it again! This might be one of my faves, but I am a sucker for tulips. So many details I love I wouldn't know where to begin. The chargers are divine, the napkins are charming. What a lovely, lovely table! Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy writing schedule to share this with us. I will catch you next week for FF. My baby/babies leave Saturday morning and I have too many kisses and cuddles to get in prior to. Have a great week, Barb

  9. Awesome post......Pat H

    PS. I just finished American pie.....love it.

  10. Everythign is so pretty, Gollum, I mean the changes and all the different looks. Lots of inspiration here....Christine

  11. I just love coming by and seeing your tablescapes! They are all simply stunning! I love the yellow tulips! You have great bunnies, too, their height makes them such great centerpieces.

  12. First of all, I just love your dining room. The windows and window dressings are gorgeous and the perfect foil for all of your tablescapes. I love your creativity in your centerpieces and especially on the plates themselves. You are one talented 'chick'!! ;)

  13. Beautiful.. just goes to show you what a farm girl can do with a few mismatched plates, some tulips and a couple of stray rabbits... ;)
    blessings. Dixie

  14. Oh Gollum! So many beautiful things to look at!! I love the tulips! They just say Spring to me. You always add so many special touches! Those chargers are gorgeous! Your big lettucy bunny is so cute!! And I am so tickled to see that you are enjoying the vintage napkins! Have a wonderful time being lost in the tulips...hugs...Debbie

  15. Oh, dear heart, I can see how much you LOVE playing with your dishes and tablescapes. And, I hope you know that you bring us just as much pleasure by being able to look at all you do....you have such beautiful things and what I love about you....you mix Horchow with Big Lots, Neimans with Walmart...and it all looks like a hundred million dollars. I've never known anyone before that could do this as well as you!Does Dr. Gollum realize how lucky he is to have you??.....i wonder....
    I just loved it all....now...don't get LOST in the flowers..I wanna see you around on Friday!! :O)

  16. Oh my Gollum, if your next book (after this one) is not a tablescaping book, i'll eat my Easter Bonnet!. This is so utterly beautiful, everything!. simply stunning :-), see you on Friday, hugs, Kathy.

  17. All I have to say is GORGEOUS all of them!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  18. No matter what changing around you did for this post, it always looked spectacular. I LOVE the vases you put the tulips in. I just wish you would have gotten a nice close-up shot of that huge green bunny!

    Justine :o )

  19. Hi Gollum
    This is a tablescaping masterpiece! I couldn't figure out what those lettuce leaves were, and I was so intrigued. I see they are placemats from your list. I always wonder what the guys think when they sit down to such a beautiful table. Love it all, Cindy

  20. I love all the tulips with the bunnies~

    And the LINDT bunnies? I just love those to bits they are so cute!

  21. The yellow tulips and the little chicks are so sweet. Always beauty to look at by your blog!

  22. Holy macaroni, gollum!!!!!!!!!! You KEEP outdoing yourself...and WE are the winners to be able to see/share all this beauty! I, too, LOVE that you mix horchow and Big Lots, showing that it doesn't HAVE to be a Kings ransom to do a beautiful table. I don't know HOW we can all compete with you, you are THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!! I just love all you do. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfulness:):):) Hugs, Pinky

  23. PS, forgot to say, I just adore the vases that the tulips are in.....I am just swooning over them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Those egg plates are so elegant and beautiful! Everything looks beautiful as always. I wish I just had an ounce of your decorating talent lol.

    All the best,

  25. This is just spectacular! I don't know what else to say. I am in awe!

    Yellow tulips, beautiful bunnies and dishes and vintage napkins!

    Thank you so much for the vision & inspiration!


  26. To bring the art of nature indoors, is a true treat...and you have done it so well :)

  27. The cutest , prettiest Easter setting i have ever seen. I heart those daffodil bowls. . The detail on the setting is darn cute... mishelle

  28. It's absolutely gorgeous, Michael! I love all the detail!

    We're returning home for Easter, next week. I hope to get my Easter table together, for next Tablescape Thursday.

    In the meantime, I posted another table from the lake, this week. It's early, because we have exploring in mind for the next day or two.

  29. Nothing says spring like yellow tulips... and you even have little chicks, my favorites. 5*

  30. Oh girl...you know you are so inspiring to me. Your tablescapes are the most beautiful and interesting I have ever seen. Elegant yet playful. You have an artist eye for sure. Thanks for sharing your talents with us on a weekly basis... and enjoy one of those chocolate bunnies for me!

  31. I have to type left handed but I wanted to stop by and see what you are doing.

    from Roberta Anne
    The Raggedy Girl

  32. Your table is a breath of fresh Spring air and it certainly brightened my day. I do so covet that wonderful majolica bunny! :)

  33. Egg plates are beautiful. The entire table should be in a 5th Avenue window in NY for all to see. I have to go back and have a second look..loving it!

  34. Love the Bethany Lowe bunnies!, and the daffodil bowls...actually I love it all! Thanks for the inspiration! I'm gonna go get some tulips!

  35. Hi Gollum...oh, how lovely & spring like everything looks...wonderful combination of dishes too...I did get a chuckle about your men not disturbing your tablescapes...my DH has had to eat a few of his meals on a TV tray too...;-) Bo

  36. Your table is beautiful! Love all your bunnies.:)

  37. What you have put together is DELICIOUS for the eye! There is nothing prettier than those yellow tulips...especially when they are at that early stage prior to opening and their tips create points. It is always a pleasure to see what you are doing with a centerpiece, a table setting, a room...

  38. There are so many things I love on this table. Those gorgeous Limoges egg plates took my breath away! I love the little "flower" bowls. And I want a Lindt choclate bunny, please! The bunny, given to you by your friend, is amazing, and all of the chicks and bunnies are so cute. And how nice of Debbie to give you the pretty napkins, and that majolica rabbit that Linda gave you is so pretty! You've got friends with very good taste. laurie

  39. I love the evolution of this tablescape. I have been having a dickens of a week again. Last week my assistant was out of town for her children's spring break, she returned and now a hygenist is gone with a very bad cold so we had to double our patients on our schedule. Tomorrow is more of the same....If this comment is incoherent it's because somebody (who's name starts with a "J") won't stop talking to me... he started the moment I came home from work and hasn't stopped....I should be thankful, I know......Robyn

  40. Hi G, I am in love with the white vases with the yellow tulips. Is that Fenton thumbprint?Each table is so special in its own way. You are one talented lady. Love the yellow tulips the best. I am using yellow and pink this year, I can only home mine turns out half as lovely as yours.Kathysue

  41. Gollum, what a visual feast this post is! I love everything you did with your tablescape. I don't even know where to begin... all of your accessories are adorable. The bunnies, the plates, the napkins, the flowers, all are as cute as can be! I think it's particularly neat that you found those egg plates with the variances yet they work well together.

    I haven't made it to Big Lots yet, but I've been thinking of you as I perused some other shops. Found some cute things. Now the trick is to cook so I can share my new dishes on Foodie Friday!


    Sheila :-)

  42. So many beautiful things, and all brought together flawlessly..I couldn't pick a favorite!
    Just lovely, a breath of spring for sure!

  43. I love the tablescapes and all the bunnies. I love the yello tulips.

    My sister Tiney talks about you all the time so I just had to come by and say hello! :)


  44. This one made me go back and look twice to take it all in...Love it.
    Such attention to detail. Beautiful~
    All Things Heart and HOme

  45. It's all so breathtaking!!! I love those bunnies!!!

  46. Hi G. Thanks for stopping by and watching the grass grow with me! From the time I planted the wheatgrass to the day I took the photos was 12 days. It actually starts to sprout about the 3rd to the 4th day and takes off! It's a lot of fun. Mine is so tall now I might have to get the mower out!

  47. Dear Gollum, stunningly gorgeous! I love your daffodil and egg plates. The arrangement of every piece looks perfect, and it was really fun to get a peek of your kitchen from the window side of your table. I love yellow... tulips, daffodils, roses. Thanks for sharing this delight.

  48. Gollum, I love everything about this tablescape. The colors are perfect. I adore all of the flowers and bunnies. How sweet of Linda to send you a bunny. I hope your writing is going well.
    Hugs, Terrie

  49. All the tablescapes are just beautiful. Those yellow tulips are to die for...gorgeous!

  50. Gollum, This tablescape "WILL" be my favorite of all today! I'm a TULIP fan., and the yellow tulips to me are just the best focal point in each pic! Wow...the bunnies are adorable, and I especially love the green curly looking one. Where did you ever find him? So cute... I'm lovin the vintage napkins Debbie gave you....my fav! You've got a great eye.....it's a sin to be so talented you know? JK ;) ~CC Catherine

  51. Wow...this is gorgeous...all of it! I couldn't pick a favorite centerpiece...the bunny is sooo cute and the tulips are stunning! I LOVE your egg plates...and I love that they are all different. The napkins from Debbie are beautiful! How nice of Dr. G and Bandwidth to eat at the bar...do they mutter my name under their breath as they head that way? LOL
    This was sooo much eye candy in one place...I could go back again and again and see something new each time. Love the little peepers! :-) Susan

  52. Hi!...Your home so is breath taking, and your Easter/Spring table setting with the yellow tulips and bunnies are AWE inspiring! WOW, you are so incredibly talented!! :)

  53. Gollum, you know that I love all your tablescapes, but the bunny & yellow tulips one just takes my breath away! I save my visits to you til I have time to pour over EVERY detail in EVERY picture! Thanks for always sharing such beauty.

    Angelic Accents

  54. ****** One of your PRETTIEST EVER, Michael~~~~ and, such a BEAUUUUTIFUL WAY to say "WELCOME SPRING"!!! It's just totally, from start to finish! XOXO, Linda

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