Thursday, April 9, 2009

Foodie Friday: April in Paris

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If you have suggestions for a theme, let me know.
This week, I played with an "April in Paris" theme.
The Luncheon Menu:
Mushroom Tart
Salad with organic pansies
Parmesan crisps


Mushroom Tart
  • Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry sheets -- 2 (3 if you want to get fancy)
  • mushrooms (shitake, etc) I used mushrooms leftover from another meal. 1 box shitakes, 1 box button mushrooms.
  • shredded swiss cheese -- 1 c, more if you like it cheesier
  • rosemary -- sprigs for garnishing and 2 sprigs (cut with scissors) to scatter over the tart
  • chopped onions 1/4 c.
  • leftover vegetables (peas) 1/2 c
Sautee onions in butter. Add mushrooms, plus a little red wine (1 T) . Fold in peas. Line a deep pan with a thawed puff pastry sheet. Add mushrooms. Sprinkle with cheese. Place remaining sheet on top of mushroom mixture. (I used mushrooms leftover from the night before and added a handful of shitakes.)Crimp edges. Wash pastry with 1 egg plus a little water (whip with fork).

Bake at 400 degrees 20 minutes or until pastry puffs and browns.
To make the Fleur-di-lis center, I used the third, and final, puff pastry sheet. A large fleur-de-lis cookie cutter was used to cut out the centerpiece. The scraps were used for fun touches (see below). Garnish the tart with rosemary. But let it cool, or your rosemary will blacken in a flash.
Parmesan Crisps
What You Need:

  • shredded parmesan cheese
  • cookie cutters
1. Spray cookie cutters lightly with Pam.
2. Place on baking sheet.
3. Sprinkle parmesan into cookie cutter.
Bake at 350 degrees until brown. This took FOREVER, maybe 25 minutes, but my oven is wonky. Cool. They "pop" out of the cookie cutter, and the clean-up isn't too bad.
Parmesan crisps with mushroom tart.
Puff Pastry Scraps:
I used the puff pastry scraps for "farm animal puffs."

  • puff pastry scraps
  • Easter cookie cutters
  • butter
  • pastry brush
  • parsley
  • chocolate bits
Gently re-shape and roll dough on waxed paper, sprinkling rolling pin with flour. Don't roll too much or the pastry won't puff--and especially don't roll to the edges.
Spray cookie cutters with Pam. Cut dough, using cookie cutters of your choice. Place on parchment-lined pan. Refrigerate an hour. If you've had troubles with puff pastry in the past, sometimes it helps if you chill it. :Preheat oven, 400 degrees. Brush with egg wash (1 egg plus 1 t water). Bake for 10-15 minutes--keep an eye on them. Remove. Brush with melted butter, sprinkle with chopped parsley. Let cool a bit and add chocolate "bits" for the eyes.


Gilding the Lily:
Garnishing Store-bought Napoleons

When time is short, garnishing desserts from the a simple way to satisfy your sweet tooth AND let you spend time with your guests.
What You Need:
  • 2 Napoleons from Publix bakery
  • Thin lime slices (remove rind)
  • kiwi slices
  • (edible) pansy buds and flowers
These Napoleons could be garnished many, many ways.

Check out Mister the Yorkie's interview at Color Outside the Lines' Inaugural Fido Friday, where Mister is talking, he's telling all he knows about me and more.

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  1. Oh a wonderful "April In Paris" meal - this is lovely as always!

  2. It's too pretty to eat! I just do not have a knack with puff pastry! Just heard "Mad World" on the playlist. Adam on AI did a great job with it. Happy Easter and thanks for sharing and hosting.

  3. Wow! So simple, but what an inpression/statement that makes! I am going to do this soon.....impress my friends! Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. Everything looks the April in Paris them! :-) Susan

  5. WOW! That is so cool! I've never seen any cool things like that. It all sounds so yum.

    All the best,

  6. How romantic! There is something about Spring that makes me feel romantic too and want to surround myself it all its comforts! I love your Flure 'de le (can't spell it) cutters! So pretty "G". You captured the mood!

    ~Really Rainey~

  7. Evening, Dear Gollum! Oh, how wonderful! April in Paris with food! Everything is so beautiful! I would love to try the pastry. Your presentation of each foodie is must amazing!
    Be a sweetie and have a blessed Easter!
    Shelia :)

  8. A lovely, beautiful post, Michael. What could be more exciting than spending a few April days in Paris.

    Thank you so much for hosting.

  9. Your food is beautiful and I can't wait for what you come up with next!

  10. Hi G - I do declare, that pic with the tart in the foreground and the ballistrade in the back looks like it could be on a Paris balcony. I love that one. And how darling are those crisps? I wish I had a Publix. It amazes me what you find there. And you are the bestest at making store bought food look "purty." I hope you have a blessed Easter dear friend...Hugs, Barb

  11. The mushroom tart looks and sounds delicious!
    Have a Happy Easter,
    Hugs Annabelle

  12. You are so awesome!! This looks so, so good and what pieces of art!! I cannot wait to try out this recipe. I have seen the parmesan crisps before, but I have never tried them. Another twist on the parmesan is to make a bowl instead.

    Have a wonderful Easter, Nicole

  13. I forgot to tell you...I love your new Springy header. So much eye candy. :-)

  14. WOW My first foodie friday, and I think I will go and hide under the table. I'm such a simple cook!!
    This is a delicious post with a little French touch...oh la la c'est magnifique.
    Love Claudie

  15. what fabulous food! Now you are making me re-think my Sunday menu . . . we might need some of that mushroom tart on the starters table! Fantastic.

    Happy Easter... Cass

  16. Don't forget about Mister's big interview on Color Outside the Lines, Fido Friday is in full effect, giveaway and all! :)

  17. Fabulous! I would have never thought to use the eiffel tower cookie cutter for parmesean crisps, but I love it. Everything looks "to die for" good!

  18. Great looking tart, and the cutouts are just adorable. Have a Happy Easter...Nancy

  19. looks delicious! I think I can incorporate some of these into my Easter dinner! yum!

    have a joyous Easter.
    blessings. Dixie

  20. Miss Gollum you really did great carrying the Paris theme out. Love the Tart and your great snow globe!!!

    I want to extend a very big thank you for listing my Flashback Friday on your sidebar! That was totally unexpected. It's really just and opportunity for me to be lazy on Fridays :-) I am very happy for any and all to join right in. No rules, just post about something in the near or far past.

    By the way, Jigsy, my Shih Tzu and I really enjoyed reading Mister's interview!

  21. I love how you can just have fun with food and make it look so good! My post at Texas midnight happened to be appropriate for your theme. I'm so excited!

  22. Hello Gollum, Foodie Friday just gets better and better and what a superb selection for April in Paris, the mushroom tart looks delicious, will be trying that asap together with the ET and FDL crisps with rosemary. the farm animal puffs are adorable and I love the egg wreath, those colours together are stunning, Happy Easter to you and yours, hugs, Kathy.

  23. So fabulous! Your food is like art! I've got to try making that mushroom tart!!

  24. Yummm, this is so beautiful and almost looks to good to eat!

    I posted a double hitter - TT & FF. Hmmm, that almost sounds obscene, but you know what mean! ☺


  25. Love your menu -- that tart looks delicious and will have to try it soon. Your food is so beautiful. We use pansies a lot to garnish food -- it is always nice when your food smiles back at you!

  26. Oh woman what you can do with pastry puffs! I adore the little farm animals and they were just your scraps!
    This was just the most original and delightful posts...
    Happy Easter Weekedn!
    Robin Rane'
    All Things Heart and Home

  27. Forgot to tell you--Mister "did you proud" over at Fido Friday!

  28. You post today is just completely amazing. How creative you are. I love all things French so your theme is something I really love. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us all. Amy

  29. I love your April in Paris! every detail is amazing...I do so wish I could have you as my personal chef...I would never eat out again! of course I would never fit in my clothes again,!
    I love how you embellished the Napoleons...that is right up my alley, since I don't really bake...but I DO really embellish!
    Thnk you for the treat!
    Happy Easter!

  30. I didn't do a Foodie Friday post, this week. Yours looks wonderful, as usual.

    Thanks so much for the calendar of events. They all sound like fun. I'm looking forward to them.

  31. The tart looks delicious! I am having an episode of what I call "Provence sickness". It is the opposite of home sickness because I was born in the USA! We Bloom Girls spent 10 days in Europe the end of last year, 5 of which we spent driving around Provence. We did not want to leave! This tart looks like something we had while we were there! I want to go back!!!

    Thanks for sharing! Have a blessed Easter!


  32. These are too pretty, I like how you served them with flowers, perfect for spring!

  33. The parmesan treats look interesting. I like a fun, quick and easy idea! Lovely luncheon you prepared, I enjoyed viewing it. ~Cathy

  34. Designs by Gollum,

    I just love the French themes in your menu presentation.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a tasty Easter.


  35. It is lovely as usual. Paris is gorgeous this time of year and so is your Luncheon. YUm
    I could very easily eat you Napoleon for brakfast...I would want that when I just decided to lose some weight:)
    Very elegant and appealing!

    Happy Easter Michael to you and Dr. Gollum!

  36. They all just look wonderful, and made me so hungry. What a gorgeous presentation. I will definitely try the puff pastry with the mushrooms. It looks so easy and so elegant, plus it sounds so good. Thanks for the great recipes. May the Lord bless you and your family with a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

  37. I am always delighted to view all your beautiful pictures and yummy recipes. Do I see a food and entertaining book in your future? Have a blessed Easter.

  38. Michael, that tart and crisp look so pretty and with your instructions they seem be easy enough to make. I love the FDL pattern in and on anything!

    Thanks so much for hosting this event, I have recieved so many delicious recipes I otherwise would have missed out on completely!!

  39. Oooo la la this all looks beautiful and so delicious! I can see eating it at a quaint little cafe table in Paris. Just lovely!

    I wanted to tell you that I thorougly enjoyed reading Mister's interview over at Artie's. Mister is one cutie patootie!

    Themeless April 17th happens to be my birthday :) ... my 40th birthday! Oy.

    Happy Weekend Sweet Gollum
    xo Isa

  40. The tart looks delicious, and I'm definitely going to have to give it a try. The cut-out puff pastry animals and Parisian parmesan crisps are so cute!

  41. you know i love so much of this... and have the stolen pics to prove it!

  42. That mushroom tart looks so good!!! I can almost taste it!!!

  43. You had me at Fleur-de-lis!!!!!! AMAZING... I must know where you found it, it's my all time favorite design symbol, so much so that if I were brave enough to get a tattoo, that would be it! lol You are a culinary genius! Great foodie Friday, can't wait to try the crisps, and thanks in advance for sharing your cookie cutter source... baking will never be the same!!! Happy Easter! Jules :)

  44. Oh my dear, Gollm Girl!!!~~~ MY JIM is FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOU, dearest friend!!!... YES he IS!!!~~~~~~ Everytime I visit here I get "speechless", as I am in such "AWE"... and I guess HE SURE LIKES THAT!!!! ~~~~~~ This is MORE fantastic today than words can say!!! (Actually, "BOOK-WORTHY" is what comes to mind!!!)... W*O*W~~~ Talk about an "EASTER TREAT"!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOX, Linda

  45. Lunch at your home looks so inviting and delicious! Thank you for hosting yet another fun Friday event.

  46. How clever ... these wonderful Parisian touches. AND, I must tell you how much I enjoyed reading Mister's interview over at Artie's place ... I haven't laughed so hard over a post in some time. Mister also has the sweetest little smile/smirk on his adorable face.
    Happy Easter, Michael, to you and family.

  47. Michael, when I grow up, I want to be an over-achiever like you!! How do you do it all?? Your Foodie Friday post is amazing. The mushroom tart looks delicious, and I am totally loving the Parmesan crisps. Wow!

  48. That tart looks so good!
    A blessed Easter to you and your family,,thank you for hosting!

  49. Hey, I'm still checking in daily to see what you're up to. Beautiful pictures, as always.

    I wanted to see if you had posted this afternoon. Did you get the storm? Hope all in the barnyard and house are okay.


  50. Find more Mushroom Tart in my recipe blog search:

  51. This, dear one, is pure perfection. It all is not only just stunning to look sounds so delicious. I am pretty sure we will have the mushroom tart at our Easter table this year...
    And, my thanks for lining out the different themes for Foodie Fridays coming up. That helps so so much!
    Happy Easter and love, bj

  52. Everything looks fabulous, and I enjoyed your April in Paris theme. Wishing you and your family a Blessed Easter. Debbie

  53. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Pink Saturday and a blessed and wonderful Easter...
    See you next week..

  54. Ultra delicious! Bon appetit!

  55. Hi, Gollum, I want you to know that I'm a fan of your blog! I have the Fan Award waiting for you in my blog...

  56. Good morning Gollum :)

    You DO like to eat carbs when you're writing! LOL I've been catching up with you and now I'm so hungry I wish I could jump into the computer to eat all those wonderful treats!!

    Happy Easter... now I'm going to go look for something to eat ;)


  57. You are just about the most creative person I know! Who else could make food that looks this pretty. You have such an artistic flair in the kitchen! This also sounds delicious. I'm blown away by all of your creativity. I'm saving a link to this post, so I can have a Paris party some time. Thanks for all of the inspiration. laurie

  58. HI G, I have decided NOT to show my Joe all your fabulous foodie things...too much would be expected of me:):) Seriously, you are the QUEEN! I sure hope Dr. is appreciative of all this splendor! My mouth waters EVERY time you have FF. Where do you get your cookie cutters? You have wonderful shapes!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful eye candy on this dreary day! Hugs, Pinky PS, the sconce arrived yesterday, thank you again!

  59. Absolutely fabulous! You are a marvel, Gollum! Parmesan crisps are one of my favorite foods, and the shapes on these are so cool. I always order the Caesar salad at 95 Cordova in St. Augustine because they serve it with crisps.

    Your posts are like a wonderful mini book unto themselves. Thanks for puttting so much thought and effort into each. :-)

    Happy Easter!



  60. OH so many ideas ---- I can not wait to try them all out!!!!!!!!!