Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tablescape Thursday: Breakfast for One

I rarely eat alone. Usually I've got a plate balanced on my knees while I'm watching a movie with Dr. Gollum and Bandwith. We go all out for these meals--paper plates and paper napkins, bought in bulk, and put to good use.

One morning I awoke early and invited Dr. G and Bandy to eat breakfast on the porch. But they weren't in the mood. I decided that I wasn't, either. Then I thought, Oh, yes, you are.

I set the table with Ironstone, twig flatware, a cloth napkin, whimsical napkin ring, and flowers.

Special K with blueberries (and Splenda)

2% milk

blueberry muffin


The background music was birdsong, crowing roosters, and bleating goats--an odd combination that was oddly soothing.

Dr. Gollum always says not to worry about trivial matters, and he's right...but sometimes little things DO matter.
When the well is dry, a little self-pampering goes a long way.
It's important to feed the spirit as well as the body.
A balanced diet should include flowers and beautiful dishes.
"What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be."

--Ellen Burstyn, American actress
The Ironstone pattern is "Singapore Bird."
I forgot to take close-up pictures, but I found some from Mother's Day.
Same dishes, flatware, and napkins. Different setting.

Other tablescapes await you at Susan's beautiful and inspiring blog

Tablescaping Notes:

Dishes -- "Singapore Bird" by Adams

Twig flatware
Napkins by
Napkin rings (bought many years ago in Orange Beach, Ala)
Aqua tablecloth -- Big Lots, $2.99


  1. Beautiful! It looks like the perfect breakfast!

  2. What a lovely breakfast! I would be more than happy to join you and listen to your country chorus!

  3. I love your solitary and soothing breakfast for 1. I saw that pattern somewhere and loved it and had forgotten about it until I saw this post. :D Jewel

  4. Just beautiful Mrs. G...another great table...and girl you should have called me I would have came and kept you company ha ha!! loved it and the flowers are beautiful my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Beautiful, Gollum! I can almost feel being transported to your beautiful surroundings, imagining the sounds you feel and the smell of your outdoor setting, taking in the incredible scenery that you show us in small glimpses. I love this porch of yours. It brings back fond memories of you decorating it for us long ago. Yes, when the well is dry, self pampering and feeding our spirit is the thing to do. So important these days! I feel like it was light years ago that I used to indulge in daily immersions of those 'certain blogs' and RMS. Don't know what happened, but I wish I could have some time back to do that again. Could you share any 'new' decor with us? Hope all is well! Jan (jjlmnaz)

  6. Aaahhh, Gollum, we share the same philosophy about a well balanced diet! And, we share a common theme for our TT today...although your porch looks a bit more elegant than my deck, the overall feeling is the same!
    This is lovely and peaceful and so inviting!
    Happy TT!

  7. A wonderful idea and a beautiful tablescape Michael! I tried sitting outside this morning but the sun was so bright I could barely open my squinting eyes. I gave up and ate my oatmeal inside, on the sofa, with 5 dogs urging me to finish, so they can have the rest. At least Steve was sitting nearby, but just had his coffee...
    Oh yeah, we were watching a very old episode of Nash Bridges on TV.
    Great company, yummy breakfast & entertainment - what more could I want in the morning! ☺ Diane

  8. Okay all you bloggers out there start petitioning Big Lots to come to the Vancouver Canada area. The stuff you guys get there is crazy good.
    Now back to the pretty table setting for one. I can just picture sitting there with my eyes closed and the sun on my face. Mmmm. Peaceful.

  9. I love it! It's gorgeous and I think it's wonderful you sat at this beautiful table for breakfast,even though you were the only one to do so!

  10. Beautiful breakfast post full of pretty treasurers and great ideas to make a single meal feel ever so special. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  11. Yes, sometimes you just need some time alone. Very pretty and I'm so glad you had the blueberries. I got some from the farmers market today and they are fabulous!

    I love the twig flatware. With the pretty china, flatware and flowers (not to mention the blueberries) I imagine it was a lovely breakfast with the birds and the rest of nature.


  12. I am not a breakfast person, but I could easily sit down at that pretty table for good company, a cup of coffee and few bites of something like fruit or a good muffin (No cereal or milk):(.

  13. That porch of yours is beautiful in itself! Then you add all that beauty to it!
    I like your music too.

  14. HI Gollum! I, most days, weather my breakfast on my deck and my "music" is birds chirping, and frogs croaking! This morning I was awakened by a piliated woodpecker pecking on my sliding glass door! He was HUGE!!! I got 2 pictures of him but one is very blurry....I was so excited! I hope I can find out where to get napkins like yours....I LOOOVE them! AND the shell napkin rings! Self-pampering is VERY nice, we don't do it enough! Hugs, Pinky

  15. Aw how nice for you! It's totally true about pampering yourself. Very cute!

    All the best,

  16. I love it!!!! Your dishes are beautiful:)

  17. G, did you mean Danica napkins? I googled Dacia napkins and they keep saying "do you mean Danica napkins"... Please advise!!!:):)

  18. Sometimes breakfast for one is just perfect! Love the background noise. The dishes are beautiful. - The Tablescaper

  19. Such a gorgeous setting and such a lovely tablescape. Your breakfast treat is the perfect way to start a day with all the sweet sounds and smells of nature around you and the solitude to embrace the day. Your dishes and linens are both beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  20. You are so right! We need to treat ourselves special sonetimes even when we are dining alone. But then, I for one, need "my" alone time.
    You pictures seem even more beautiful than they have been all along. New camera?
    You are such an inspiration to so many of us. Thank you for sharing so much.
    Carolyn Ericson

  21. How sweet! I've never seen cereal look so beautiful!!

  22. Absolutley it.

    Love it when I have time to do blog hopping...
    I always enjoy finding new blogs!
    This month I am posting on our Disney trip.

  23. I love your breakfast for one. It's nice to splurge just for yourself sometimes. I've got some teacups and bread and butter plates in that pattern. Lately, I'm loving things with birds, bugs, butterflies, etc.

  24. so beautiful. i like the idea of fresh flowers being part of a balanced meal! and i LOVE the chairs. ooh la la!

    this is my very first tablescape thursday and i am completely enjoying it!


  25. Evening, Dear Gollum! Oh, what a lovely setting! The perfect table for one with the perfect dishes, flowers, breakfast and sounds! I love it all!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Nothing like a breakfast for one -- but you don't need to make it ordinary -- it's nice to treat yourself nice -- even if it is just cereal. Love your dishes!

  27. I love the idea of a "unlonely" breakfast for one. I enjoyed the visit as well.

  28. beautiful breakfast for one, love it and the china

    happy tablescaping


  29. WOW! Gollum, I love that twig flatware. GORGEOUS! Beautiful - as always!

  30. In life...the greatest of joys always start with One first step!

  31. I'm so glad you spoiled yourself! Love that twig flatware. I can smell the sweet summer breeze. Thanks for this delightful end to my day!

  32. How could anybody say no to this beautiful food and tablescape? It looks so inviting!...Christine

  33. You are so right, feeding the spirit is just as important. Beautiful!

  34. That is beautiful Michael... I agree, sometimes, we just need our own special time even if family's around. Beautiful table for one!

  35. A perfect way to start the day. Your flatware is wonderful. I just love the serenity of this table.

  36. So pretty and a great philosophy. Thank you for inspiring!

  37. I'm going to try & set the table for a meal by myself. It sounds lovely! Love the tablescape.

  38. Oh what a lovely setting! And yes, we all need to feed the soul sometimes... And I'm seriously coveting your flatware! lol

  39. This is the oddest thing...I looked through your photos and got teary...I think I'm in need of a little pampering today...
    The twig flatware is simply's 6 am and I'm going to have my coffee on the back deck with my pups...hugs Michael, you made my day better.
    All Things Heart and Home

  40. Dear Gollum, You make it almost impossible for me to post a tablescape ever! You continue to outdo yourself each and every time.


  41. You are Barb and Susan are such talented tablescapers, my hat is off to the 3 of you! Beautiful job!
    My family and I just got back from a vaca at orange beach, AL, we Loved it!!
    Have a great weekend, Sue

  42. How pretty !
    I love your pictures...
    I love how you write...
    Always fun to visit you and your
    sweet family !
    Hugs ~ KAMMY

  43. Isn't it great to treat just ourselves for a change?!?
    In so doing, you treated us to a nice little scenario. Thanks it all.

  44. I have one word to describe your table: Stunning!!


  45. Your right ... a balanced meal does include flowers and some great dishes...I'm off to get some bluberries after looking at those floating in your special-K... Have a great breakfast,xoxo~Kathy@ Sweet up-north Mornings...

  46. I am now on a quest to find Singapore Bird. I love the pattern!


  47. Hi Miss "G" I had a meal alone too... And its actually kids of nice when you treat yourself special! I really love that Aqua vase... your table scape is very pretty!
    Have a great Thursday!
    ~Really Rainey

  48. Self-pampering is always a perfect fit. After all, we know what we like better than anyone else.

    Your table and breakfast are lovely.

    We miss you on Pink Saturday. I hope you be able to pop in some time.

  49. The quintessential breakfast of 'champion!!!!'

  50. What a lovely and peaceful setting, everything looks so beautiful and I can almost hear the nature sounds in the back round......:O)Mary @Boogieboard Cottage

  51. LOVE your table... I hope you don't mind that I have sketched it to be painted!!! I will email you a photo or link to it on my site :)

  52. I adore your napkin rings and silverware!

    Juicy blueberries for breakfast...oh my what a treat!

  53. Hi
    I love your idea of a well balanced meal ;) What a soothing breakfast venue. Breakfast for one with bells and whistles, thanks for the inspiration. Your dishes and linens are so pretty and that vase is gorgeous.
    PS - I am still dreaming about those blueberries.

  54. That white flower at the end is especially gorgeous. And of course, as always, your table settings and display. I agree fully with Ellen Burstyn. When I was young, I didn't think I'd ever want to be alone with my own thoughts. Now, I relish it.

  55. I couldn't agree more with your philosophy!! Sometimes it can just be wonderful to have some quiet time alone to reflect, and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you... especially that gorgeous floral bouquet and incredible vase at your table!

    Thanks for sharing it!

  56. Perfect. . .Sometimes alone is just right! Pampering ourselves is so good for the soul~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  57. What a great idea! So glad you didn't let those ole fuddy duddies keep you from a wonderful start to your day! :-) I'm crazy about your twig flatware! See you this eve for FF! Susan

  58. Oh My Goodness! I love this china, but that aqua vase is so stunning! This tablescape is elegant but inviting, especially with the pretty berries! laurie

  59. I agree, everything tastes better served on a lovely plate! And yes, we do deserve to pamper ourselves.. And it was free, you had everything already!
    Very pretty table..
    Don't forget the Let there be White on the 23rd...:)

  60. Fabulous as usual! Thanks for inspiring!

  61. Such a lovely Breakfast, I just knew it was going to include grits! lol Love the shell napkin ring. Adore the music, it is so good for the sole. I getting a little back porch soon, I can't wait to sit out back and listen to the birds, sheep and goats! I love the saying, Yes! Alone sometimes is so Good! Your setting is wonderful, hope you are feeling pampered with the lovely setting you have created, Just For You!

  62. This lovely table just blew me away, dear one. are so good at this kind of thing..
    See you in the morning for FF...:)

  63. I love the flowers and table ware
    the dishes are beautiful.

  64. I think your next books should be a coffee table book! Gorgeous photos on each new post.

  65. It's OFFICIAL... you photo is a painting by moi...

  66. Just had to pop over from the sidebar to view this one again. I was first introduced to the pattern Singapore Bird when dining at a friend's home. I was immediately smitten. It's one of my favorite patterns. Wish I had it in my own cupboards. ;-)
    ~ Sarah