Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Writing on Deadline, Tweeting, & Endless Decorating Projects

With the book deadline heating up, I'll be Tweeting to myself. Random pep-talks help a little, but for the most part, it's me and my laptop, music on the iPod, phone off the hook, and a pot of coffee. It's Sisyphus pushing that rock up the mountain.
That said, before the chaos hit, I was "tweaking" the master bedroom.
Here's the "before"

And an "in progress" picture.
I don't know what hit me, but all of a sudden, I just needed a lighter, summery look.
I "borrowed" furniture, art, and accessories from other rooms, lots of scraping and shoving--great exercise, right? The white chair was in the living room, and the ottoman was in the bath. The little French chest needs a top, maybe a remnant from the stone/marble place, but it'll have to go topless this summer.

I'm wild about the drapery rods ($8 and $6, Big Lots). The draperies are linen, straight and simple. I'm waiting on 5 panels. I'm waiting for strong men to move the furniture that's not pictured. I'm waiting for time, inspiration, and $$, the holy trio of design projects.

I hung a humongous resin mirror over the bed, and it freaked out Dr. G. He took it down but wouldn't rehang it, as he has a mortal fear of nail holes, and he well knows how I am in that department.

Well, it did look unstable on those two puny nails.

He urged me to call Mr. Tom. Then Dr. G scanned the curtains (he likes them poofier) and said not to worry, by the time they arrive and the book is finished, summer will be over, and you'll switch back to blue and beige.
Or not.

Maybe I'll go peach and green for fall.
That's the way it goes around here.
I don't know if my blogger friends ever get blocked, or hit the word wall, but it can be miserable. It's like being hungry, you're craving something...you just don't know what. So you eat everything, and nothing satisfies. Sometimes puttering around the house, making a tablescape (or eating something carby), will break up the logjam. Bigger projects, like the one in the MBR, demand a lot more--a bad mix when I'm on Deadline.

Thanks to Bandwith's ability to plan road trips, we did manage to see Bill Mayer at the Ryman last Saturday night. And this Thursday, Mr. Tom will be hanging the old shelf (still up in the air about painting it--I'm 90% sure I will leave it alone)

in the laundry room
A closer look at the wallpaper.
See you on Foodie Friday. I will definitely be doing something storebought and high-carb.


  1. What a beautiful transformation. I am doing the same to my house.

    Good luck with the writing.

  2. I love your bed, I love your chandy, oh heck, I just love it all! Have you tried the Hercules Hooks? They are supposed to hold up to 70 lbs. each. But they still leave holes so not sure if your hubs would go along with those either.

    I've had computer issues for over a week but I'm trying to get back up to speed with my blogging. I hope to have a Foodie Friday post soon....


  3. You have froggy wallpaper in your laundry room! OMG, I'm in love!

    Girl, your bedroom is huge and looks soooooooo beautiful with those light and airy colors. I laughed though, really I did. Your pictures are always so perfect, but you left one thing in one of them that had me giggling. I think I see one of Mister's toys on the floor!

    Now hurry up and come back to the land of the living!

    Justine :o )

  4. What a great job you did on your bedroom. It looks so fresh and relaxing. It was lovely before, but I understand wanting a change. I'm there now too! :)

  5. I can just picture the drapes blowing in the breeze. Very summery.
    When I get a writers block I start by leaving even more comments on other peoples blogs. This often leads me to a story or an idea that flows naturally out of my comment.

  6. Surely you can work death (or murder?) by resin mirror into a book :)!The light look is great, but I am IN LOVE with wallpaper! Gotta head to Big Lots for some of those rods for the newlyweds' house. Good luck with the deadline--don't fry your brain :)

  7. Room is looking great. I use allot of white in all my bedrooms. I just think it makes the room look peaceful,and in my mind at least I think people may rest better when sleeping. Great job!!!

  8. Love your summer look. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I absolutely love this beautiful summertime makeover. It also makes me happy to see someone else who switches and changes.:-)

  10. I am having writer's block right now and I have a newspaper column due Thursday.
    So what am I doing blogging about?

  11. Wow, what a transformation! It was pretty before, but now it looks so light and airy for summer!

    My husband would have freaked about the mirror, too. Try using a toggle bolt to hang it. You can find them at Home Depot or any hardware store. They're good for hanging heavy stuff, even if there isn't a stud where you want to hang it.


  12. Beautiful...but to be honest...I was impressed with the green boo-boo on the carpet...we have one in every color....this week, it is the pink one that is the favorite of choice....

    Your home is simply beautiful.

  13. It was so nice to see a decorating project from you. Always a fun and inspiring post. Eat your carbs and get back to work, so we can see more fun food and decorating in the future. Sally

  14. Oh your bedroom looks dreamy with all of the whites! I love it. Don't pay any attention to Dr. G! (What do men know about decor?) So sorry you are working against a deadline. It's gotta be soooo hard to be creative when you feel like there's an axe over your head! Hang in there. I know you can do it! laurie Oooops! Forgot to say that I love the old book with your blog name on it.

  15. Everything looks so fresh and comfy. I've been working on my room too. I just can't post the pix yet, I have boxes stacked on high for the Goodwill. Your new header is neat-o! ~ Robyn

  16. fantastic transformation. I love the lighter look for the summer. I love using white linen, everything just looks so clean. I do this all the time. My husband says he never knows what he'll walk into when he comes home from work. Recently I changed my family room around to make it look roomier for the sale of the house - they say it's good to show off the space. It's so fun. As for the word block - oh my that is so frustrating but it will come to you in your sleep. See you on Foodie Friday - I have a deliciously high carb recipe for you to try!!

  17. The new look is is very similar to my color scheme in my MBR. Is your bedding white or ivory? It's beautiful! I just got a new King size bed and I've been looking everywhere for ivory bedding - any suggestions? Bright white is just too much for my room. Thanks!

  18. Oh Lordy, I want that wallpaper!!!Even though I ahve SWORN I will never hang wallpaper again in my LIFE:):) YOur bedroom transformation is SO realxing looking. The curtians blowing in the breeze and a good book (along with something 'carby"), AHHHHHH! You are the master! I want so much to redo my bedroom for summer but am lacking the $$$$$$$$$ right now:(. May just see what I can do with what I have in other rooms..........HMMMM. Ya got me thinkin, GF! Now go finish the book!!!!!! Hugs, Pinky

  19. I change mine too, but sometimes I get behind on the seasons!
    I have someone who hates to put holes in the wall too! Even the new outdoor shower and dressing room he is resisting..I will keep at him though!
    It looks lovely!

  20. I've never changed my house for the seasons -- but perhaps that is why we live in the garden in summer.

    It's really pretty and I agree with Dr. G -- puny nails are not the thing to hold mirrors!

  21. Woweewow! I love your bedroom! I love the colors! Ok, i'm going to go look at your colors again. Love it!

  22. Evening, Dear Gollum! Oh, you've been so busy! Your bedroom looks gorgeous - as always! Love all your whiteness! You have the most beautiful things! Good luck with your deadlines!
    Oh, you've made me hungry now!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  23. LOve, love, love it! You just know how to turn it all into a marvelous treat for the senses. I can almost smell how nice this room is. Love the headboard. Is that new?
    How'd you do that page in the book? You have lots of tricks up your sleeve.
    Get back to work. I'm having withdrawl from YOUR books. I won't even tell you who I've been reading this summer. You'll lose all respect for me! We're cheering you on. You can make that deadline.
    hugs~ C

  24. Love the lighter look of the bedroom. It is just gorgeous. All the white just looks so fresh. Hope you get a break through soon. See you Friday. Hugs, Marty

  25. Oh, that furniture moving virus! You caught it too? It must be more contagious than H1N1. I've had a BAD case lately. My moving man feet are smoking from overuse! I vote to keep the antique cabinet as is; it looks like it will go perfectly over the Victorian piece with a sink. While your handyman is there, he can find a stud in the wall and hang the mirror over your bed; I think it will be the perfect finishing touch.

  26. Love the summer re-do look! Dr G sounds like my son - they still don't have pictures on the wall. OMG - a nail would leave a hole & what if it's in the wrong place!

    Your mirror is gorgeous, but I'd worry about it being over the bed. Of course I'm in California & with earthquakes, you think about what's hanging over the bed cuz it could end up in the bed on top of you!

    ☺♥☺ Diane

  27. Love, love, love the book with your name in it.. incredible. The summery tranformation looks wonderful. I've been feeling the same thing.. but no inspiration has hit. Sure hope it hits before the snow starts flying,cause darling by that time it's too late and I might as well leave the dark colors huh?? Good luck with the deadline...hugs ~lynne~

  28. I love the room both ways. It just shows how many options a room can have with a little switching around. Looks great!

  29. Gollum, I love the transformation. Your bedroom is beautiful both ways, but I like this lighter look for summer. And I'm laughing about Dr. Gollum fearing for his life with the mirror. I do things like that, too, and then I wonder if we're going to be crushed in our sleep. As to the laundry room, I'm just crazy about that little frog in your laundry room paper and can't wait to see the shelf there.

    You are a fabulous writer (I so enjoyed the book I read and am ordering others). I think everyone goes through a dry spell, but you will pull it off with great flair!


    Sheila :-)

  30. G:
    Please do share where you found your bedding, the rug and the killer mirror! I love it all! You are a fabulous designer!!!

  31. So summer! and I love the look of the softness of the curtains. I know about wall holes; I drive Mr. blossom nuts and then I go back and putty over them. See good as new! I am working on the chair rail and trim in the floyer and down the wall into the master bedroom. I go from one thing to the next but we have been traveling a lot which doesn't allow for much decorating. I am laughing my butt off at your comments; so funny. I hope your block comes unblock soon. Have a great week-end. Hey, get a float and float around in the pool and sky look and maybe something will come to you.

  32. Just beautiful my friend...hope all goes well with the book...I see Mister toy on the floor ha ha!! does he go every where you do...May you have a great fourth my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  33. Your bedroom is lovely...so romantically charming. Love the frog wallpaper...your home is so pretty. thank you for sharing the pictures.
    Nice to be able to arrange and rearrange...it makes it so exciting to spend time at home doesn't it?
    hope you day is going just great

  34. I just love the tree frog wallpaper! A couple of summers ago tree frogs got into my screened front porch and laid eggs in a 70-gallon pond. We had hundreds of babies running around for months before they made their way to the yard. We had to enter the side door of the house so they wouldn't get in. Your wallpaper reminds me of them — they were all over the walls.

    Your bedroom transformation is simple beautiful!

  35. I am crazy about the new MBR...Light, airy,romantic and definately summer. Forget sleeping...I could just live in there...Read, relax, blog, whatever.... You could just do it all in that beautiful room. I am so partial to white sheers during the summer months...I love how they billow into the room with a breeze, a cool freshness. I have been know to just sit in a chair and watch them billow!... What does that say about me?, Yikes, Well, great fun you must have had rearranging the house to accomplish your new MBR., xoxo~Kathy@
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  36. love the summer re-do!
    So love to hear about your writing process...looking forward to your tweets! Prayers for the next 60 days and I'm eating carbs too in honor of your deadline... :)
    All Things Heart and Home
    ps just ordered Mermids in the Basement from Amazon...can't wait!

  37. Your bedroom is beautiful and I love your transformation for summer...I like to make some seasonal changes, too!
    Good luck with your book deadline...I'll bet you do some of your best work when you get down to the wire! You'll get it done!
    Have a great weekend!

  38. So pretty, so refreshing, love the new color palette and additions for the BDrm. Just perfect for summer!

  39. Wow!!! Your bedroom look GORGEOUS with all that white!!! I think I want to make my room more elegant after seeing this! I really LOVE it!!!!

  40. The colors and furniture are perfect.....I have two of the three Holy Trios of Design....In time I would luv to come a little closer to a bedroom setting such as your dreamy hideaway! Thanks for sharing.