Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Sideboard With Five Personalities

Here's another decorating re-run from 2008. Hope you enjoy it!
I love playing house. Few things are more satisfying than ripping apart one tablescape and creating a new one.When we moved in, I made a silk arrangement for the sideboard. Then I called it a day.

Next, I made a fall arrangement--very traditional, and it worked with my Noah's Ark Syndrome--the uncontrollable urge to decorate in twos.

I don't have a hutch or china cabinet, and I missed seeing my dishes.[Note: Now I do! I just have to move it to my house!] So I used them in a vignette. This is my favorite. I love anything with dogs.

Here's an early spring look with Ironstone and white pottery:


I put together tulips and green apples when I posted the room on RMS.

Here are some Gollumy Bloopers:
I couldn't stop adding stuff. :-) Had a wonderful time, though.

Christmas 06

I tried everything on the wall beside the sideboard, and it only looked crowded. So Mr. Tom hung the art. I'm looking for a low chest to put under it.

I'm prowling for new ideas.I like the way this is slightly off center. It's fresh and striking. The parrot tulips are gorgeous.

Three vases on the dining table look great. This fall, I'm planting tulips in Mr. Gollum's garden.

inspiration photo credit: House Beautiful

A Note About Foodie Friday....it will go live Thursday, 8PM. See you there!


  1. Every one of the arrangements are gorgeous. I love the way you've changed things around. It all looks so pretty. You do have some really pretty things. Hugs, Marty
    P.S. This gave me a lot of ideas. Thanks

  2. Hi Michael, What beautiful decorations... I loved all of your sideboards many personalities... Great fun!


  3. I think it is almost as hard to decorate a sideboard as it is a mantle. So many ways to do it wrong.

  4. Love the one with the ironstone,they all look great.Hope this finds you well,Chrissy

  5. I've been playing 'catch-up' this afternoon and enjoying seeing all of those familiar names from RMS. Thanks for the memories.

  6. I do love tulips, but the last time I planted them, something ate the heads off as soon as they bloomed. I blamed it on the deer that pass through my yard every night, but it might have been rabbits.

  7. Each vignette is just wonderful. I love the three plates. Sometimes it is difficult to decide if pairs or odd numbers of items are the best. I really like to change it up and do one thing and then change it the next time.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Your sidebord is just beautiful. Do send it my way when you tire of it! Ha! It's just lovely!

  9. What a great idea to create vignettes - even if you have a china cabinet. Sometimes things look so static in a cabinet, right?
    Your blog is a continual inspiration.

    I hope you met your deadline!


  10. Great looking sideboard, and what fun to see what you came up with "playing" with the displays.

    You've inspired me -- to try different "sideboardscapes" and to plant tulips come fall.


  11. Great post and beautiful blog! Looking forward to reading more!

  12. * What a SITE for SORE EYES~~~ T*H*I*S was SUUUUCH F*U*N to SEE and REMEMBER, Michael!!!

    I'm S*T*I*L*L SMILIN'~~~ MANNNNY, MANNNNYTHANKS, dearest friend, for the sheer J*O*Y of it all!!!!!!

    Much love,
    Linda *

  13. Your vignettes are just perfect- I miss more than hitting on target with my tries at vignetting (if that is even a word!) - They seem to come so natural to you!


  14. Evening, Dear Gollum! I love all of your vignettes! I don't know how you do all you do but you surely do play house well! You got a new china cabinet? Woo Hooness! Can't wait to see it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Lovely Diningroom.
    So very pretty.

  16. I love the way you change things up! Where do you store things when you're not using them? This is my problem :(

  17. Gollum, Waiting to see the new china cabinet...just know it will be a great one.

    All of your "put togethers" are great and they completely change the look of the whole room.

    I am always anxious to come and see what you are sharing today.

    Happy Wednesday.

  18. All of your changes were fun -- I am not a furniture mover (usually) but I do love to change tabletops (and sideboards) -- a house that isn't changed is stagnant and boring. And the easiest change is the vignettes!

    Great looking all of them -- even your "bloopers"!

  19. Ooh, all so pretty, but I think the early spring one is my favorite!

    Justine :o )

  20. I have the same habit; I don't know when to stop adding. All of these are lovely. I love the white ironstone look.

  21. They are all fantastic! What fun you must have rearranging everything. Just beautiful.

  22. Gollum, these are gorgeous. Good job!


    Sheila... who accidentally hit some wrong button on Mr. Magpie's computer! So if you get some automatic post (whatever on earth that is), it's from me! ;-)

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