Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Decorations: Part II

I'm joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for
Outdoor Wednesday.
When the early morning air starts to carry a chill, that's my signal to look for the fattest pumpkin at the farmer's market.
It's as if the weather is saying, Put out the Fall stuff, Gollum. Time to shift your way of thinking. Gather nuts. Put blankets on the bed.

It's the orange season.

I've been working hard on the new book. Now, it's in the editing stage.

I was afraid I'd look up and it would be winter. As Mama always says, Enjoy the stillness of a moment. So I set out a pumpkin or two.
Mama was right.

Of course, at my house, mums don't stand a chance. I'd like to blame it on non-stop rain. But it's me. If anyone has any tips for potted mums, I sure need them.

Mr. Bunny embraces a few summer blooms.

The non-stop rain has done a number on the mums. I spent the morning deadheading them.
A lone pumpkin on a bench.
One healthy mum. Same amount of rain. Maybe it likes the pumpkin.

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Okay, Gollum, you've had enough fun.

Back to writing.




  1. Very pretty! I don't have any luck with mums. Bought a small pot few weeks ago and it has already fizzled out. Got another one at WM first of this week - we will see how it does.
    Loving this weather - we have had sunshine 5 days in a row now. Need to make a trip to Le Fleur to see their Fall decor, and get a couple of Fall scented candles.
    Have a great day.

  2. Looks like summer is still there by you too!

  3. Such beautiful pictures, most orange. I love that colour in the fall. Have a nice day

  4. It looks great! I don't have good luck with mums either.

  5. Crazy, I have no luck with mums in their pots, but last year I stuck them in the ground and they came back! Big, beautiful...?
    I love your mosaics of decorations.

  6. I love the visual appeal of your post. You've captured the feel of the season in a photographs. Amazing. As to the mums, there's not much you can do. They don't rebloom the way their summer cousins do. Buy them with tightly closed buds, don't overwater and most important of all find an inexpensive supplier - so you can replace them when they start looking spent :-). Have a great day.

  7. If you snip off the spent blooms, they will continue to is a pain, but just take a snips to the old buds, and new ones will continue to bloom...your fall decor is so pretty!!

  8. Very pretty decorations on your exterior. I just last week-end changed all the summer blankets to fall blankets on all the beds. It took 2 hours for me and hubby to clean the fireplace; this is a fireplace burned by propane. Had to clean all the gravel, inside the walls, the burner and I am so glad that was done; we had a nice warm fire last night. Look forward to your next post. Have a good evening.

  9. Hello ~
    That ol punkin on the bench looks lonesome....LOL ! I love your fall flowers !
    p.s. please come by for a visit - as I have my donkey is in my post today - I know you have a donkey too :o)

  10. Hey Golum, How's Mister? We're still battling the ear infections here. I have moved on to concealing Miles' pills in deli turkey meat and making a game out of it - Tricks for Turkey - lol. Since I have been unemployed I have become addicted to Yo'Ville on Facebook. You should give it a try - it's a decorating game. My Mom & Dad are staying with me now while my Mom has her leg issues resolved and both she and Jacob are caught up in it too. I'll be looking for you....Robyn

  11. A little pumpkin goes a long way. I don't know why some mums won't behave while others thrive. I had two years in a row where they failed and only bought one this year because I was at the growers (fellow blogger Tamara @ The Greenhouse Diaries) So far so good.

  12. I see you have Halloween costumes for everyone and great fall decor. Love the colorful mosaic, have a super Wednesday!

  13. looks refreshing~ fall is my favorite season. in ca the days just sparkle in the cooler temps and i love seeing the flame red, org and yellow on the warm brown earth. your pics are lovely, yes, enjoy the moments~

  14. Beautiful posts! Both I and II! the pumpkin on the bench is perfection, Michael.

  15. I love all your fall decorations. And your small curio is such a great place to display seasonal items.

    The only thing I can recommend regarding the mums is to deadhead them, but you said you've been doing that. I've been so disappointed with mums for the last couple of years that I've stopped buying them. I do love them, though, and when they're in full bloom there's nothing more gorgeous.

    Glad to hear Dr. G's finger is healing nicely. I hope your mom and Mister are continuing to improve, as well.

  16. Beautiful post today....can't wait for the next book.....thanks for sharing...Pat H

  17. Mama is one smart lady! As for advice on the mums--replace often :)

  18. Oh I love Mister in your cute! Mr. bunny embracing summer blooms (Lantana?) how cute....fall is in the air, orange not the "popular color" but it says fall the best in pumpkins. Can't wait for your new book! thoughts and happy writing! Luanne

  19. As summer comes to a close...there's one thought that can cheer me up and it's the anticipation of Fall with all the autumnal colors....providing creative inspiration.
    I bought a potted mum 5+years ago and it's still going strong. It's even had babies, despite the elements and my brown thumb!

    Sweet wishes,

  20. * What a lovely welcome to fall.... (and to think I'm just THRILLED that it was "only" in the mid 90's today!!!).... I sooo envy you cooler weather!!!

    Hugs (& licks to Mister from Belle!),
    Linda *

  21. How very pretty!!! We have rain here too.

  22. Oh... when will you be done with the writing for awhile?? I am sure I am not the only one who has been missing the mischevious Gollum! :)
    Jan aka jjlmnaz

  23. The pumpkin on the bench looks simply lovely, now can you call a pumpkin lovely? I think so for just one on your bench is! I always want to overdo it and and more. I simply love it! Your Mother is so right, I love her saying. Enjoy the still of the moment! I going to just do that! Tell Mother, Thanks so much for the advice!

  24. Fall is my favorite time of year - the crisp chill in the air, all the beautiful colors and textures. Gorgeous photos.

  25. What lovely pictures. I love the colors. I also love that bench!

    Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Tracy

  26. Hi Gollum, so pretty... but I'm in the same boat. My mum is so finicky! It looked great the first week, but now it's looking quite depressed. I pulled it out of the pot it came in and was amazed how dry the roots were, so I filled up a round tupperware container with water and set it inside. We'll see if it was too dry... funny though, because we have been flooding over here,but maybe the water never got to the roots.
    Glad to know everyone is on the mend. How did Mister get sick in the first place? I must have missed it.
    Come back to Atlanta!!!

  27. It really does all look wonderful. I love the brilliant colors of Autumn.

  28. Awesome photographs. Really puts you in the mood for fall.

    - The Tablescaper

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