Friday, November 27, 2009

Foodie Friday...A Bit Late

My computer crashed, and I'm just now getting back online. Sorry for the delay. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
If you are still participating in this week's FF, Mr. Linky awaits your entry:


  1. I just saw you pop up on Twitter. Glad you are okay and it was just the computer that was under the weather.
    I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and peaceful.

  2. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving, perfect day for foodie friday while we all enjoy leftovers we can check out the rest of the worlds kitchens~

  3. Was a bit worried, you're not one to be late. Glad to hear it was just your computer.

  4. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope everyone had a good holiday. We smoked a turkey and made oyster dressing.

    As to my computer crash, my manuscript was reduced to one word per line, everything squenched together. All those revisions, gone. And the book is due Monday. Talk about panic. Luckily, I'd emailed myself a copy. Bandwith fixed the computer, but I'm definitely in the market for a new laptop.
    My computer must still be messed up because Blogger won't let me leave a message.

  5. Gollum, so sorry to hear about your computer woes. Having been in the IT biz for so many years I've seen a lot of computer heartache. Get good backups and when you get your new laptop, get a macbook! My unasked for yet still expert advice :) If you want more unsolicited computer advice email me at - unsolicited advice is some times the best kind because it is free!

    Christi @ a Southern Life

  6. Glad your computer is better :) Thank you hosting Foodie Friday. It is always so much fun!
    I don't know what I did different or wrong today...I linked as I always have, but today it won't open when I click on it? Relatively Unique #19??
    Any thoughts??
    I did also notice that I have a spelling error too :( Sorry

  7. I thought you were just taking the holiday weekend off, which you deserve!

  8. As always-thanks for hosting Foodie Friday. Just wanted to let you know I also love your music selection. We share a love of music and food:)

  9. Glad to see you are back and the computer is functioning!
    Paula - Elizabeth Lane/Mrs. John Sloan

  10. The last few days have sort of blurred for me. We've been so busy, I missed it being Friday. I hope to be back on track by next week!


  11. Gollum, I dropped by to see all the Foodie Friday posts, and it looks like Mr. Linky has erased them!

    Then I looked down the page, and it appears he has done it to more than one! I hope this is some sort of goof up, and that the links will reappear.

    I'm sorry you've had computer woes. Thank GOODNESS you had a backup of the revisions. Something similar happened to my husband on a major project, and the IT guys at his office got it back. Needless to say, he was HUGELY relieved, too.

    Hope all is going well with the revisions...