Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Just ask my friend Kathy at http://www.casa-dolce-casa.blogspot.com/ about the British and Christmas "crackers." These little foil-wrapped wonders are a tradition in the UK. When Kathy was in London last spring, she sent me Easter "crackers," which I love dearly.
I've just about let the holidays slip up on me this year (but I have been writing, right?), so I decided to attempt homemade "crackers."
I saved paper towel rolls, bought wrapping paper, glue, ribbon, and candy. I even found lumps of coal, but they're candy.
Here's a tutorial:

Basically, cut the paper to fit the roll and leave a few inches on both sides. Tie one end, fill with trinkets and candy, and tie.

That's it!

Here's a peek at the edible centerpiece (more tomorrow):


  1. Oh, I am going to HAVE to make those! What fun!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I just bought some crackers today -- didn't even think about making them! Yours are very nice! Love the coal!

  3. These are so pretty! I always buy mine, but I would love to attempt this next year. Thanks for this tutorial! Don't you love Kathy? She's so neat!

    Merry Christmas, Gollum to you and your family!


    Sheila :-)

  4. A Christmas tradition in Canada too. Yours are so very pretty!

    (Never had made them myself but know 'snaps' for them can often be purchased at most Party or Bakery supply stores.)


  5. Those are so pretty......and I love that 'lump of coal'. usually I buy mine every year but next year for sure I'm going to make them myself.

    Thank you for sharing that....and I have to say again I just love your home and things in it.

    .....have a Merry Christmas!

  6. Those look like fun to make. I am going to try them for Valentine's Day.

  7. Perfect timing, I was going to make these today and thought I would have to google the instructions.

    btw, yours are much prettier than the ones in the video!

    Merry Christmas Michael! Thank you for always hosting Foodie Friday. I have met so many new friends and found so many fabulous blogs through this effort. Thank you!

  8. These look like they where so much fun to make and they look better than the ones I bought at Sonoma.

  9. what a fab idea! i have never even thought to make my own... so much more fun, the goodies will outshine anything store bot! i have been doing this since i was a little girl, it is an english tradition~

    in case i miss get back on time i am wishing you a very merry christmas and thanks for sharing your pics at fws~

  10. I almost bought some "crackers" last week, hadn't thought about making them. This is a wonderful idea.. Wish I had saved a few of those paper towel rolls. Thanks for sharing a "great" idea. From our home to yours A Very Merry Christmas.. hugs ~lynne~

  11. What a neat idea! I wish I had found this a few days ago....the kids in my daughter's PreK class would have LOVED these. Oh well, maybe next year? Merry Christmas!

  12. This is such a GREAT idea!!!!! And so easy that even I can do it!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas!

  13. That's so neat! I love crackers but never would have thought of making them. Making them yourself is great because you could customize them for any holiday or event.

    What I can see of your edible centerpiece looks very tempting.

  14. Great idea! Everybody would get a cool prize and have great fun!

  15. What a great idea! Perhaps next year as this year is too rushed. Merry, merry Christmas!

  16. I love crackers, and this makes them look so easy. Yours looks so pretty and festive.

    I think I'll try it next year.

  17. You have treated us all to so much beauty this year and inspired us with so many decorating idea's that I want to thank you so much and wish you the Merriest of Christmas's.

  18. I am so proud of you Michael, your crackers are so beautiful. I am going to try making some (we always get them from M&S or John Lewis) or over here Wm Sonoma or Costco. I love the ribbon you used and they look perfect with your beautiful table and dishes, it's been a crazy year for us and yes I did go to London (for a big family wedding). I have missed you A LOT and am thrilled you have finished your books and hope the editing all goes well and I cannot wait to read them, hopefully 2010 will let me have more blogging time. Wishing you and your family a safe and enjoyable time and a perfect New Year, big xmas hugs, Kathy and family xx

  19. These are great. I might have to give them a try.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Michael!

  20. You are a tease with the centerpiece!! Love the crackers...maybe next year. I am in full blown cooking mode now! I am off to make your Tobasco pecans for Christmas eve. Merry Christmas to the whole crew...including Moma and Mister :)

  21. HI Michael,
    Everything looks so pretty, the crackers are great, how fun to make your own! Maybe I can squeeze this project in tomorrow...oh, who am I kidding?!!!
    Anyway, I love your new site design, very nice and loads right away now, for some reason!Thanks for the inspiration over these past few months. It's been fun joining in on Foodie Fridays, I look forward to many more to come.

    Have a very lovely Christmas, and I wish you only good things in the coming year: health, happiness, love, peace and much success.
    with love,
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  22. Wonderful idea!!! I will have to file it away for next year...
    Thanks for the tutorial.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  23. Very, very clever idea & the little surprises could be so amazing! I'll have to keep this in mind for later! ♥

  24. Love the idea of making these instead of buying (they will be filled with much better stuff:):):) Thanks for the info, yours turned out beautifully (is there ANYTHING you don't do well???????????????????? MERRY CHRISTMAS, Michael Lee! XO, Pinky

  25. I am making these! Thanks for sharing the tutorial.