Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bandwidth's Low-Carb, Low-Cal Portobello Burgers Plus the Versatility of White Dishes

Welcome to Foodie Friday.

If you are into cooking, you may own quite a few dishes. You may own several sets of white tableware. If not, never fear. It is the cook's destiny to own white dishes.

One day you will find yourself looking at a creamy white dish, and you'll fall in love. You may fall for many, many dishes in your life, but you will always remember your first white plate.

In a culinary way, it's like a first love.
A white plate is never boring, adapts to any color scheme, and best of all, food looks great on it. So do napkins.

I love mixing and matching, then building layers. Even though I adore patterned tableware (actually, I've never seen a dish I didn't like), my white plates are the most versatile. I've bought pieces at Big Lots, the Dollar Store, Horchow, Goodwill, consignment shops, garage sales, auctions.

White looks crisp and fresh with aqua.

You can't go wrong with a classic blue-and-white tablescape.

Get blingy with black and gold.

With Valentine's Day approaching, white pottery is my first choice to layer with whimsical red patterns.

Here, I've used checks and polka dots.

The possibilities are endless with floral napkins.

Green glassware with white pottery is an antidote for the dim days of winter.

Bandwidth's Low-Carb, Low-Cal Portobello Burger
2 lbs ground round
1/2 red onion, chopped
portobello mushrooms
1 T Worcestershire sauce
1T catsup (we used a low carb brand)
1 t grainy mustard
Salt & pepper to taste
1 egg, beaten
white American cheese
roasted tomatoes (see below)
low carb bread (grocery), 6 net carbs per slice

Mix beef with onion, egg, and seasonings. Shape into patties. Grease grill with Pam or oil to prevent sticking. Cook 3 minutes on each side (high heat). Brush olive oil over sliced mushrooms and grill till tender.
Build your burger, adding mayonnaise, sliced roasted tomatoes, bacon, mushrooms, and cheese.

Roasted Tomatoes


olive oil
salt and pepper
Place on baking pan and drizzle with oil. Dust with salt & pepper. Bake at 220 degrees for 30 minutes.

This burger really hit the spot. It was pure comfort food.

Why don't you join me while I visit some of the best cooks in blogland?
Grab a pencil because you'll want to take notes.

If you are participating in this week's Foodie Friday, Mr. Linky awaits your recipe and blog link:


  1. Those dishes are absolutely beautiful. I want more white dishes!!

    The burger looks pretty darn good, too!;-)

  2. Oh how funny, I just bought some white dishes at an estate sale. Have a variety of them. The burger looks incredibly delicious right now.
    Jane T.

  3. Your dishes are fabulous. I've never had a portabello burger, although I have heard that they are a great substitute for meat. Will definitely have to give it a try!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  4. Hi Michael,
    OMG, those pics are fabulous. That burger looks so good. I live in the middle of "hippy/vegan country" - around here Portabella burgers are on every menu! They are so delicious, but never look as pretty as the one you posted today! And, I adore the white plates (my favorite, too!) The polka-dot ones, and the little egg cup are divine. Have a great weekend!
    Heidi - Heart and Home
    PS Thanks for the blogging advice earlier, I appreciate it!

  5. Love that burger! Your pictures are so incredible! Thanks for hosting.


  6. All of your photos are just wonderful, dear one.
    I, too, love my whites! I just need some more...:)
    Can not WAIT to try this burger. We just started the South Beach Diet and no breads or grains or flour...for 2 weeks. After that, I think we can add a little bread....this will be one of the first things I make...thanks so much.
    xo bj

  7. The dishes are lovely, but that burger looks fabulously delicious!! Thanks for hosting.

  8. i should have had kids... if only knew they would cook!

    love the dots~

    thanks to you, going out to dinner this very minute, i can only live so long on sugar, no one else is cooking here for me... real food is looking to tempting~

  9. I find myself heading straight towards white dishes any where I am! I love them. Like you said, they go with everything! You can never go wrong if you get yourself a good set of white dishes. You then get to play with fun or pretty colored plates and not have to buy an entire set.

  10. How often have we seen those commercials with delectable sandwiches...and disappointed we are when the edible stack arrives.

    So to you I raise a glass and say cheers...for showing us that beauty can be created and served!

  11. Your pictures are amazing and GORGEOUS! I love all your dishes and the way you put things together. I wish I had your knack. AND, I am so glad you are back to tablescaping!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCH eye candy!!!! XO, Pinky

  12. Now that's my kind of sandwich...with or without the burger! (Can Bandwith come and live with us for just a bit???) And the white dishes look so lovely with the accessories you've chosen! I've strayed from 'whites' a bit the past few years, but I find myself being drawn back back into the fold...

  13. I love, love your pictures of the white dishes! How true that they are so versatile. The sandwich is my favorite kind of meal. That is usually all I ever order if I go out.

  14. When my daughter was a vegetarian, I always ate vegetarian also when she visited. Grilled portabello mushrooms were meaty enough for me not to miss the meat when we grilled burgers. Bandwidth's look wonderful!! Love the sauteed tomatoes, too.

    As far as dishes, I had enough of an addiction until I 'met' you, Michael!! I'm now officially out of control (and proud of it!) ;D

  15. Hi Michael,
    I agree with you, if you cook, you need white dishes. I must have 15 to 20 different patterned plates, but my kids are cooks and insist I buy white plates! So off to Pottery Barn I go for white plates. And I love them! Your stack of different plates looks lovely.
    Love portobello mushrooms and that burger looks delicious! --Delores

  16. I only have one set of white dishes and they are from Wal-Mart! But, I find I'm mixing them with all sorts of things. Tablescaping has changed the way I look at everything I have!

    The burger looks so good. I really wish I'd waited until morning to read this:)


  17. * Wow, "in the beginning" we were all playing w/ sooo many different kinds of colored & pattered dishes, etc., remember??? That was soooo much fun, wasn't it Michael?!~~~

    And NOW I have hundreds of FAB dishes that AREN'T white, & of course I STILL use & adore them........ have been having SUCH FUN tho, for quite a while now, accepting & loving this new-found love & appreciation for the whites again/still, annnnnd adding to my NAPKIN, FLATWARE & CHARGERS COLLECTIONS ("unable to even GUESS how many at this point!... I love it!)...

    Am sooo glad to see you getting a little back into your fab tablesetting again~~~ I always enjoyed it sooo much AND it's "calorie-free", too!!!

    Big hugs to all,
    Linda in AZ *

  18. That burger looks amazing!

    And I too am a white plate lover . . . I have several varieties in my kitchen. I completely relate and love your post!


  19. Now that is my kind of burger!
    When I replaced some of my odd & ends of dishes, I bought all white @ Old Time Pottery.

  20. Your layers of dishes and your ways of changing the settings are just wonderful. You are so smart to make a setting look completely different with a change of napkin and/or top plate. Have you told Bandwith he can come live at my house? Those burgers look sooooo good! laurie

  21. I can't seem to find pretty white dishes. I don't want plain white but I live the ones you have with the scalloped edges. But my favs are the white ones with Polka Dots, so pretty.

  22. Michael Lee, Your commentary on white plates is pure truth and beauty. I can't agree more. White plates are like owning the perfect little black dress. You can't live without either!
    Beautiful pairing of pieces and textiles!
    Love the recipes and thank you as always for hosting foodie friday.
    Bon Appetit and Merci!
    (I just watched Julie/Julia)

  23. Oh My Goodness! The white dishes are so elegant. And the burgers are making my mouth water!

  24. Sounds wonderful and the pictures are especially beautiful this week! Thank you for hosting and for sharing!

  25. Amazing dishes. When I saw your post, I thought I met my match with regard to dishes.

  26. I have a huge collection of plates (mostly thanks to my Mom who left hers to me) but I've just realised I don't have any pure white ones! Looking at your beautiful pictures definitely makes me want to add some to my collection! Thanks for hosting - and for the inspiration!!

  27. Hi Michael Lee! What lovely white dishes! And you NEED lots of them. After all, there are so many shades of white! And that's a yummy looking burger, too! Have a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  28. I've only recently realized just how beautiful a white plate can be! And then, I had to have a whole set! (Beautiful delicious...also a "must-have"!)

  29. All of your place settings are gorgeous! The plates are so pretty! But I have come to the conclusion, that I am more of a textile girl, than plate gal. Your pretty linens and napkins just make my heart skip a beat! Especially the plaid ones with the sheath, in the post below! Thanks so much, for the inspiration! :) ~Rhonda

  30. I HAVE to show this post to my sister! She doesn't understand my obsession with white dishes, no matter how many times I explain how versatile they are. A few years ago I passed my plain white set from Pier One on to my daughter and replaced it with a white set with an embossed seashell border. My sister was dumb-founded that I bought all white — again. My other dishes and serving pieces are mostly of a tropical design and I love playing around with different looks like you have in this week's pics. When I see a new serving bowl, platter, etc. with anything tropical, I know I can make it work. Thanks Michael, for sharing the versatility of white!

  31. Oh man, that burger has my tummy grumbling! And yes, white dishes can be very boring. The white ones I have? 16 years old and CORELLE for goodness sakes.

    Justine :o )

  32. Tha burger looks mouth watering!

  33. Bandy's burger looks amazing! My hubby and son (and me!) love mushrooms, so this would be great for us.

    I love all your white dishes. Really, the only ones I've got are the "Gollum" ones from Big Lots. Don't know why I never got any before, as they are so versatile.

  34. I love white dishes too! They are always my favorite. Happy Foodie Friday. Denise

  35. Beautiful piece on the white plates. Those always look right and can go in so many directions, as you've shown.

    Now, for that burger...great to have the recipe as I've been buying those and boy are they good.

    Thanks for stopping by to see us and for continuing to host this amazing link up.

    Jane F.

  36. I"m gonna try those burgers this week-end. Love all the different designs of plates and amazing linens and flatware.

  37. A love a good burger every now and then! These look delicious with the roasted tomatoes.

    What a pretty collection of plates! Our first set when we were married was white.

  38. Photos and recipe are wonderful. If you come to Atlanta you must eat a burger at FLIP. It is the most happening burger place in Atlanta. Make sure you eat the PoBoy Burger if you like shrimp as it is amazing. They have lamb burgers, chirizo burgers and a whole assortment of burgers. I think they could add your burger to their list!

  39. I have been looking at buying new dishes and now I know exactly what color I want. The dishes are beautiful. The burger looks delicious also.

  40. Yummy on the burger...looks so delicious. I adore plates, every shape and size but I am partial to white. Love the white chargers, they are absolutely gorgeous. White rules!!

  41. My very first everyday china, given by my siblings for our wedding, was pure white Johnson Bros Colonial -- a beautifully simple pattern that sadly had a tendency to craze like, well, crazy.

    I have some of it left, but just a few of the BIG dinner plates. Love white, love patterned -- just love china.

    That burger looks scrumptious. I like the tomato roasting method, nice!

  42. That looks so delicious..I love a good burger..
    Saw your tomatoes on FG or TS..I forget which one! :)

  43. Gorgeous plates and pictures. I fell in love with some mismatched brown and white dishes that I bought a few months ago, but it turned out they looked better in the store than on my table. Oh well.

  44. Can you say dishes are yummy?, if yes, then your dishes are YUMMY. Bandy's burger looks YUMMY too. of all our dishes, the white ones are the most used and most loved. I am also a napkin addict and your collections always have me drooling and planning my next trip into town :-). We have a curry evening tomorrow for ten all brits, so today I am happily playing with dishes and napkins and thinking of England!. Hugs, Kathy.

  45. Oh Michael Lee you know I love all your white dishes. Really I only have 2 sets. I think I need more white dishes. How many do you have!
    I know it's hard to get around to everyone who joins you every week but if you have a chance get over to Julie at #46. This girl is havin' too much fun in the kitchen. What Joy! I'm still smiling.

  46. Michael your photos are wonderful. Bandwidth makes a great burger. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  47. A, I can't wait to see Julie's recipe. An earache slowed me down today, but I'm up and running this afternoon.

  48. White dishes are so lovely! I enjoyed seeing so many different designs...and the burger, well, it looks so tasty.

    Doesn't food look great on white? I learned that after living with my persimmon plates for years...what was I thinking? Plates with a large orange circle in the middle. One must laugh about it! :)

  49. Perfecto! Just finishing up phase 2 of South Beach, and this sounds wonderful!!!! Thank you!

  50. My first time here, and the burger looks lovely. Going to try it. I do have a request though. The brownish color of your links - and therefore to Mr. Linky as well is SO difficult to see on the black background. Could you maybee consider to change it??

    I have a blog as well and love food, so I might join, but I'd like if it's not a struggle to read :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  51. Mmmm...that burger looks delicious! Your dishes are gorgeous, too!


  52. Thanks for the comment Michael! That burger looks like it came right out of Tyler Florence's Ultimate kitchen!
    I will keep the Foodie Friday "Trainwreck" post in mind.
    Suzanne :)