Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sometimes A Girl Needs Carbs

My diet has gone out the window for the rest of the summer, but it's for the Book, so that's fine by me. Dr. Big says the brain is fueled by carbs. I need all the help I can get.
I've written with and without carbs, and I've got to admit, ketosis just doesn't have that little extra sugar whompum.

I love having a partner in carbohydrate crime, so I lovingly set the table for two, me and Big Guy.
Bandwidth can write and cook. Not me. It's fast food all the way until I finish the new book. However, I garnished the coffee cake with fruit, so it isn't totally wicked. Right?

Linens by April Cornell.
Dinner plates: Wedgwood

Salad plates: Desert Rose

Antique glassware

green leaf platter: majolica (reproduction)

coffee cake: Publix

I'm linking to Tablescape Thursday.

If you're participating in this week's Foodie Friday, Mr. Linky awaits your culinary creation.


  1. Beautiful photography! I love the camera focuses in on only certain things. Berries yum!

  2. Michael, I know you're writing, but you are missed :) I just love the feel of your room and setting- the light is gorgeous! And the Cornell linens are perfect
    xoxo Pattie
    By the way, you know I'm a trainer, right?? Carbs are fuel- your body and brain NEED them. And wine and chocolate provide antioxidants. (This is the speech I give clients- Ray says it's my "job security" speech! LOL)

  3. That looks delicious! I'm a total carboholic!!! And that's just how it is! I make no apologies! I love your setting. It looks so peaceful. I love that you design so beautifully, write and also have a farm with animals.

  4. Isn't it great having a partner in carb crime? Carbs are also good for your mental health! Beautiful light on your pics~ thanks for hosting :-)

  5. Lovely and delicious, as always! That tart looks really good, yum, yum! I'm so happy that watermelon is available again, those little mini ones are so sweet and tasty.
    My mouth is watering...
    Have a great weekend!
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  6. Oh what sacrifices you make for the sake of writing!! That looks delicious, and your dining room is gorgeous! laurie

  7. I love your books -- so I say "Bring on the carbs!" Can't wait to read your newest -- I've got one more to read in the meantime.

  8. This summer, Bandy and I are writing. He's in one room, I'm in the other, and in between, there's lots of carbs. We shan't go hungry!

  9. Your setting looks amazing as well as your food. I really look forward to your new postings! Thanks for the opportunity to participate in Foodie Friday!

  10. You need a good NY bagel! Carb heaven! Those words will come spilling out!
    What a beautiful setting, ML..just lovely! I hope you ate at least half of that looks small! Is the big guy feeling better?

  11. I agree, bring on the carbs...I mean brain food!

    Great post and stunning pictures... how are you manging to do all of this and write another book??? You are my hero, Michael Lee!

    Take care and best wishes,

  12. See, I really do need carbs..I can't even spell managing!!!

  13. Beautiful table! And that last shot is breathtaking. My brain does not function without carbs. Can't wait for the new book, I'll be happy to send you some bagels and cream cheese if it will help :) Kathy

  14. A wonderful post and gorgeous pictures. If you get a chance, take a peek at my baking blog. Thanks so much.

  15. Just consider it your sacifice for the literary world :) What is Bandwith working on??? As for me, self denial makes me cranky :) Have a good weekend and take some time off! Your photos are gorgeous as always!

  16. I remember when my girls were on the varsity tennis team they always had a pasta party before the big conference matches so I know carbs are needed to win ;) Your carbs are covered with beautiful fruit so they can't be all bad!

  17. What a wonderful presentation -- when I buy coffee cake from Publix it usually gets served in the tin pan!

    You are very good at "dolling up" store-bought food.


  18. That watermelon looks like I could reach in and grab it:) That picture is great:)

  19. Lovely tablesetting and the coffee cake is so, so pretty! You are very good at making ordinary things look downright decadent! And gorgeous!
    I was thinking you just finished a book - starting again already?
    I recently read "Consuming Passions, A Food-Obsessed Life." I thought it was written just like you write your blog. A little bit tongue in cheek, a little sarcasm, a little humor, lotsa good recipes! I need to get on to read your other books but it seems you can write faster than I can read!!!
    Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend - don't forget the sunscreen, and enjoy the pool!
    Hugs and blessings, Beth

  20. What a beautiful table setting! I love the April Cornell tablecloth!

  21. You are way too funny - making coffee cake healthy. We jsut need Woody Allen and his healthy potatoe chips!

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Looking forward to the new book, so keep the carbs handy. :-) Another clever and beautiful post, MLW. You take awesome photos, and as always your charming sense of humor makes every word sparkle.
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! ~ Sarah

  23. You have a way of making "fast food" look better than anyone I've ever seen. I hope the writing goes well.


  24. Thanks for hosting. Your tart looks heavenly.

  25. Your table looks lovely! That's a great idea to make a store bought cake special by adding fresh fruit!

  26. Hi Michael Lee! You set a lovely table for your carb and fruit fest! What are you writing?
    Thanks for hosting tonight!

  27. That looks so good!
    Have a safe and fun weekend.

  28. Your pictures, food and table are incredibly beautiful...thanks for hosting a fun party!

  29. Oh my Dearest Michael Lee... Wow, your photos are better than ever!


  30. Love your photography, as always! I love your post title, too, and I agree with it. My problem is, I seem to need carbs daiy! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for the party.

  31. It is all so lovely! And you are right; sometimes a girl does need carbs!

  32. Thanks for sharing the love and the drool worthy pictures of berry tarts! Cant wait for my wild raspberries to ripen now! My article this week is about nutty apple salad for the warm weather and sharing my new web address at so come over and see my new digs!

  33. Oh berry tarts! They are brain food? I'm IN. Bring on the carbs ... my brain needs all the help it can get!

  34. As always your photographs are gorgeous. And I agree, fruit on coffee cake has to make it healthy! Thanks for hosting.

  35. What a way to dress up a coffee tempting. I think I can see sugar crystals in that melon. It's such an awesome photo! Happy writing!!

  36. Yes, go ahead and give yourself a break. :-) It looks very healthy and yummy.

  37. Wonderful pictures. The watermelon looks like I could just reach in and grab a bite. A lovely setting for a lovely table.

    First time linker and I don't know what I did :( Please delete the double post!

  38. Love those glasses and the photos are really wonderful. those colors just pop off the screen!

  39. Everyone needs carbs and yours looks delicious-- as does your table -- Thanks too for the link -- You're a "peach"

  40. Maybe that's why I haven't been writing! I'm going to go eat.


  41. Ahh, let summer cooking begin....corn on the cob, bbq everything and ice cream everyday! My diet is out the window too!

  42. I want to eat what you have on your table today. That looks delicious. I, too, am a carb lover. I couldn't live without my bread products! To heck with diets.

  43. I just love Publix! I also love the Desert Rose pattern. When I was married a million years ago, my Maid-of-Honor's mother worked for Franciscan and was one of the painter's of these lovely dishes. I registered for their earthenware pattern Sundance which was more my style in those days.

  44. What a perfectly lovely scene.

    I hope you'll stop by view our newest fun food Friday video and also enter the giveaway for a French Basketeer tote.

  45. Well, I surely need carbs - no doubt about it. LOL.
    LOVE those pics.

  46. i adore the lighthing... the watermelon made my heart skip, you could get lost in dreams, better then a calgon take me away moment~

    happy holiday...

  47. Your table is so lovely! I love the April Cornell table linens, and everything looks so yummy!

    Thanks for hosting Foodie Friday.


  48. May I please join in your Carbohydrate Crime Club? :-) Beautiful table setting! Love your AC linens and your healthy dessert!

  49. I could not enjoy life without my carbs! What can I say...Keep your flag-a-wavin' this Memorial Day! Joan

  50. First time posting, although I have looked around in the past. Thanks for hosting!

    Have a beautiful day!

  51. Very beautiful and the food looks delicious! Good luck with the book!!

  52. Michael Lee, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Thanks for hosting Foodie Friday even if I am very late with my post. I have service for 12 in the Desert Rose pattern and don't use them very often. They were given to me by my mother but I do love them. I don't have the teapot and after seeing your post have decided that a teapot is a "MUST HAVE". In one of Mary Carol Garrity's books she shows a tablesetting using the Desert Rose pattern that is just gorgeous. I think she used some dark green majolica chargers with them.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  53. I loveloveLOVE your salad plates! Well, the entire table you set, really!

  54. I tried "carb" free and just hated So if you can't beat them...join them, right? Anyhow, Have a safe and great Memorial Day Weekend, Fondly, Roberta

  55. Yeah, I'm pretty much dying for carbs right now, but I've lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks and that's exactly how long it's been since I've had dessert. :(

  56. If the table had been set for 3 I would ahve been right over:) Love the dishes and lineens and WANT some of that coffee cake with berries! I just bought a watermelon yesterday too! I LOOOOVE it ! Have a great weekend. Can't wait to hear what Bandy is writing about!!! XO, Pinky

  57. You're right you know - bring on the carbs. Your photography is lovely.
    Happy writing with all that brain food!

  58. Love carbs! Love your blog! So glad I found you today...

    Have a beachy weekend.

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea
    "Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle"

  59. What a lovely interlude...the perfect spot for a spot of tea & some yummy dessert! You've created another special little table scene so beautifully, Michael.
    Gorgeous table linens & that antique glassware...Oh My!!

    The soft green basket you used for your centerpiece is especially soothing. I received a hostess gift recently in a beautiful basket & I just loved the presentation. I'll have to capture pictures to share.
    Thanks for allowing us all to join in your FF each week.


  60. wow, your pictures and displays are great! I'm writing this comment for the kitchenaid giveaway, but I'm so glad I had to go looking for a place to leave a comment. WOW!

  61. Thank you so much for hosting! I simply love your photography. That is something I have been working on and I absolutely love talking pictures of food!

  62. Your photography is fantastic! Carbs look delish too... But I think I'm gonna go for the summertime watermelon - can't be 'too' bad, right??? lol

    Hope you enJOYed a blessed Memorial weekend!

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