Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sugar Free Cheesecake (the Easy Way)

Once in a while a girl just needs something sweet, even if the sweetness is faux.

I have baked sugar free cheesecakes in the past, but sometimes I need faux sugar this instant

So I bought a tiny sugar free cheesecake at Publix:

and a box of blackberries.
Each gilded slice has 4 net carbs. Naturally you will add carbs for the berries. I never do.

What You Need:
  • store bought sugar free/low carb cheesecake
  • blackberries
  • Crust -- Make your own low-carb crust by chopping (very fine) walnuts, pecans, macadamias and mixing them with Splenda and melted butter; press the nut mix around the chilled, firm cake.
  • Heavy whipping cream--whipped with Splenda--is a low carb indulgence--or Sugar Free Cool Whip.

  • Enjoy!

    (Reprinted from Designs by Gollum, 2009)


    1. I just brought blackberries home from the farmers' market. Is there anything any better??--Now I'm going to the kitchen to look for dessert :)

    2. This looks so delicious! We don't have Publix stores here, but last summer while vacationing in Destin, FL, I needed a small cake for a birthday celebration. Publix supplied the perfect little delight. I was impressed with the quality and the flavor.
      Hope you and your family are enjoying a restful summer. I suspect you are still busy writing something new for all of us to enjoy. :-)
      Looking forward to your next book.
      Hugs ~ Sarah

    3. This looks delicious, Michael Lee! I'd like to have some right now. We do have a few blackberries (very few, unfortunately)...the raspberries do much better in our location for some reason. Hope all is well with you and the family.

    4. I did a blackberry post yesterday! Great minds think alike!

    5. and...'a girls gotta to do, what a girls gotta do'! :) I'm sure it was just as delish as it sounds 'n looks.

      A tad off subject, I want to thank you Michael for your inspiration of a Table Scape you did last Christmas season as ....

      I finally got around to ordering several pieces of the Portmeiron dinnerware 'A Christmas Story' as a gift for my recently born Grand Daughter. (Our $ was up, and since I cud not get them here in Canada had to order them online from, whom I highly recommend.)
      Upon receipt, my daughter was soooooo delighted!

      Trusting you are having a good summer and the writing is progressing on schedule.
      With appreciation .... -Brenda-

    6. I lıke blackberries cheescake !!
      very very nice.
      happy weekends.

    7. The easy way is the only way for me. Looks great!


    8. I have a friend that lives in Atlanta and shops at Publix a lot. She's remarked about the quality of baked goods and has never had a complaint. This cheesecake and blackberries are 2 of my favorite things! Oh, I am starving now...

    9. I did not know you could buy it, lol! I have made it before, because I am a low-carb fanatic. I have not tried nuts for the crust, though, and that sounds great!

    10. It looks totally amazing! Beautiful photography too. ~Kelly

    11. Yummy! I could eat this for breakfast! Your photography is, as usual, inspiring! Beautiful and delicious!

    12. OMGosh, woman...this looks DELICIOUS..
      excuse me...gotta go to the store..