Thursday, October 6, 2011

Foodie Friday: Pot Pie with Chicken & Dumplings

Welcome to the October 7th Foodie Friday.
I made chicken & dumplings one day and used the leftovers for a pot pie (I added peas and carrots, with a puff pastry crust). I don't have a recipe for either dish, just a by-the-seat-of the-pants procedure. :-)

Mlee's Easy Chicken & Dumplings
chicken breasts
2 cans chicken stock plus 1 "tub" chicken stock
chopped onions, parsley, and celery
3/4 c sliced carrots
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 store-bought pie crusts
all-purpose flour

Stew chicken breasts, onion, celery, carrots, and parsley in chicken stock (reserve 1 c. stock) about 40 minutes or until carrots or fork-tender. Remove chicken; cool and cut into chunks.

Roll out defrosted pie crust--sprinkle with flour. Cut crust into 1" strips.
Add soup to stock, using a whisk to knock out lumps. 
Add pie crust strips--layer, as if making a lattice pie crust.
Now add chicken. Stir (to "sink down" pie crust).
You will need to add stock to thin the mixture. Just eyeball it until the consistency seems right (this is where the NO-RECIPE comes in. Trust the Force, Luke Skywalker. It's hard to mess up this recipe).
Cook 5-10 more minutes (test dumplings).
Serve over rice.

Chicken & Dumplings Pot Pie
Leftover chicken 'n dumplings
1 box frozen green peas--microwave
1 box frozen, sliced carrots--microwave
1 can cream of chicken soup
2 sheets puff pastry (frozen)
egg wash; unsalted butter

Defrost puff pastry sheets. Sprinkle both sheets with flour and roll out. Place 1 "crust" in the bottom of a your favorite "pot pie" serving dish. In another bowl, mix chicken and dumplings, soup, carrots, and peas. Pour mixture into shell. Place second puff pastry sheet on top of filling. Using a knife, make slits over crust. Take the leftover pastry--add flour and roll out on floured surface. Use a cookie cutter to cut out dough. I used an autumn leaf cookie cutter.
Brush crust with egg wash.
Place pie in pre-heated 350 degree oven and bake 25-35 minutes (until crust is browned--you might have to place foil around the edges).

Today, I'm worried about Mister. My husband left a bag of trash on the floor--trash with leftover pork barbecue--for the 4th time this fall. The vet said to give Mister peroxide and bread--no luck. So I'm waiting. There's a worry that he could develop pancreatitis. So far, he's okay. But I'm worried.
And very, very upset with my husband. His Lordsh*t is in the dog house.
UPDATE: The vet says pancreatitis can strike up to one week after the ingestion of fatty products. But Mister seems okay tonight. He's drinking water and acting normal. I will keep you updated about his health. Thanks so much to everyone for caring about poor little Mister.

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  1. Oh dear...I'm surprised the peroxide hasn't worked. I'll keep my fingers crossed! Hope that dog house is climate controlled & comfy :)

  2. Oh no... I hope Mister is okay!! Keep us posted.

    I had a craving for Pot Pie the other day, but was lazy and made chicken soup instead. I was just starting to get over that craving, but no more now that I've seen your lovely photos, Michael!


  3. Oh NO! I hope your beloved Mister is okay and recovers completely very soon. Sending e-(((HUGS))) your way...

  4. Poor Mister! I sure hope he's going to be alright, my heart just goes out animals when they are sick or hurt. Please keep us updated. Our vet had us feed our dog (from a long time ago) boiled rice when he was sick, supposedly it's very easy to digest.
    Your pot pie looks delish, thanks for hosting.

  5. Poor Mister, our Jaque' went through a similar event, however the peroxide worked for him. I love taking the left overs and creating a special dish. Your Pot Pie looks delicious, those are the best kind. Hope Mister gets better soon! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week end.
    Miz Helen

  6. Mister had better get better or someone is going to be in big trouble! I hope the peroxide starts working soon. Poor thing.

    I love pot pies!

  7. Mister will get better.
    Love your pot pie;)

  8. I hope for all of your sake, Mister is okay. Love your pot pie, the perfect dish for fall. Joni

  9. Awww! Sorry about Mister. :( Sure hope he is ok.
    The pot pie looks yumy

  10. Well the pot pie sounds great Michael, but my thoughts are with Mister, hope he's ok:@)

  11. Oh this looks so good! Now if I ever have leftover chicken and dumplings I will have to try this. That could be the hardest part! Hope Mister is ok! Poor guy!

  12. Hello, Michael, it's so nice to meet you.
    I am in AWE of your blog! I'm so happy I
    found it, I was on Purple Chocolat Home and saw the Foodie Friday Link.
    There is nothing like a homemade chicken pot pie on an autumn afternoon or nite. And they are so easy to make. You reallly don't need a recipe. Oh, I know what I'm having for dinner on Friday night...
    I'm so sorry about your pet, Mister. I know how you feel. My Cairn Terrier ate my pincushion and swallowed 3 straight pins!
    They saved his life and I brought him right to the doggy hospital because I knew
    what he had done when I found my pincushion all wet and drooly. I had my back turned for a couple of minutes, who knew the poor thing would eat a pincushion
    I beat myself up for months over that one.
    Warm Regards,

  13. That looks delicious! Thanks for hosting.

  14. Oh, I hope Mister is OK. YOu made me LOL with Hid Lordsh*t!!!! I finally had a link to join in with you! Now that Fall is here I will get back to cooking and will be able to join the party more ofetn! XO, Pinky

  15. Thanks for hosting! I posted a profile about the antioxidant and mineral content of cumin seed.

  16. My heart is hurting for you right now.

    I hope your sweet Mister is well and feeling better very soon.

    I know you'll give him lots of TLC. xoxo

  17. My ex ran the rototiller with my old St Bernard in the garden, knowing full well his hatred of wheels. Myc attacked the rototiller and chipped off the tips of 2 canine teeth which meant special dentist visits every year (and thousands of dollars) but it could have been far far worse. I wanted to murder the ex.... so boy do I understand you!!!

    Hope Mister is unscathed... maybe your dearly beloved will be more careful after a scare!

  18. Our furbabies are like our children, and we worry about them. I know you're giving the Mister lots of loving!

    I'll swap you a piece of that delicious pot pie for an apple butter turnover :-)

  19. Looks absolutely mouth-watering delicious! Thanks for sharing and for hosting Foodie Friday!

  20. Poor little Mister. I'm so hoping he's ok!

    The chicken pot pie & dumplings recipe sounds wonderful...and easy. Thank you! And thanks for hosting.


  21. Poor little Mister. I'm so hoping he's ok!

    The chicken pot pie & dumplings recipe sounds wonderful...and easy. Thank you! And thanks for hosting.


  22. I hope Mister is in the clear and feeling fine. Your pot pie recipe looks delicious. I shared a hearty beef stew recipe today. Thank you for hosting us at your link party again this week!

  23. Hi Michael Lee, love these recipes, comfort food at its best, and perfect for fall! Love it. xo

  24. I've shared a recipe for no knead whole wheat bread with a surprise ingredient. Thanks for hosting!!

  25. Mister...get better soon!
    Michael Lee, I'm so glad you have continued with your Foodie Friday. It's my must go-to place and inspiration!

  26. Well, I cook this same recipe with for no knead whole wheat bread with a lots of ingredient. I forget to list out in my blog. I will share its photographs and details.