Sunday, February 19, 2012

Foodie Friday Cafe

Welcome to the first Foodie Friday Cafe, where a spectacular sampling of last week's dishes await you.   Grab a latte or a cup of tea, tuck a tartan blanket around you, and get ready to be inspired.
Shall we go inside the cafe?

Would you like a culinary sampling of the French countryside? Grilled Zucchini filled with Garlic Boursin Cheese, Parsley, and Red Peppers is just one of many outstanding dishes at Romancing the Home.

No trip to a cafe would be complete without Peanut Butter Chocolate Biscotti. You'll find the recipe and more at Tales of the Ts.

Herb vinegars are a staple at our house, but I'd never thought of using roses until I read the fascinating article at The Thrifty Groove.  You'll love this recipe.

Sweet on You has a great recipe for tortilla pinwheels.

A Spoonful of Thyme explains how to make pickled bar eggs.

Beyond the Peel offers the ultimate burger--the secret is grass-fed beef and friulano cheese. They're also gluten and filler free.

Learn how to peel a garlic clove in 30 seconds at Gluten Free with Judee.

You'll smell the beguiling scent of rosemary potato bread when you visit
In and Out of the House. This new blogger, Shirley Hailstock, is also a bestselling author and a past president of Romance Writers of America.

I'd love to visit Butter Yum's kitchen. This week, Patricia has been testing biscuit recipes, including the free form biscuit.

When the weather is gloomy or you're feeling blue, you need comfort food. I wish I had a plateful of easy Bombay spuds. You'll want to race over to Lins Food for the recipe and tutorial.

A Southerner's Notebook shows us how to make Capellini al Forno, a layered pasta pie.

My Carolina Kitchen offers a warm, witty guide to this classic French dessert.
I grew up in Louisiana, and in our family, creme brulee is comfort food.

What's better than fudge? Layered fudge. 
You'll love this recipe at  What's Cooking, Love?.

Do you love chocolate? What if you added an artisian edge, combining chocolate with the gentle flavor of white jasmine? Can you imagine biting into a delicacy called "cosmic love potion" or "earl grey" chocolate?  For a primer on Southern Artisanal chocolatiers, check out A Delightsome Life.

What happens when you combine peanut butter, jelly, and cupcakes?
Get the recipe from Lady Behind the Curtain.

Imagine a sunny morning, a cup of tea at your elbow, and your fork sinking into a nectarine-and-plum sponge cake. Couscous Consciousness gives us a humorous look at stone fruits, along with a memorable recipe.

These adorable "pie crust heart promises" will be on my list for almost every holiday. I'll have an excuse to buy more cookie cutters: Shamrocks for St. Pat's, flowers and chicks for spring, Jack O' lanterns for Halloween. Find the recipe and a step-by-step at Home is Where the Boat Is.

My Yorkies insisted that I include dog biscuits by Home is Where the Boat Is.

I hope you've enjoyed this week's sampling from the 2/18/12 contributions to Foodie Friday. Wouldnt you like to see what else is on the menu? Check out last week's Foodie Friday.

See you next Sunday at the Foodie Friday Cafe.
The link for Foodie Friday will be available around 7 p.m. Thursday,
February 23rd. Until then, Happy Recipe Hunting.

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  1. I'm smelling my laptop's screen (what's wrong with me? Haha). This post made me hungry. I want to try everything tonight for dinner. :)

  2. What a feast. I stopped at the pasta pie for a good long look with hunger in my eyes, and then scrolled below to find my creme brulee. I'm honored and so appreciate being included in your Foodie Friday Cafe.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Michael Lee and many "merci beaucoups."

  3. I'll try everything but the dog biscuits! :)

  4. Didn't know you were from too!! I, too, am going after that layered pasta and loving your showcase of "the best of". I don't always have time to go thru every entry into Foodie Friday, so this is great! As much as I love the food, I really inhale the photography. I'm freelance...learn alot from examining these shots!!

  5. I'll have one of everything! What a great idea to offer up a Foodie Friday Cafe. ~ Sarah

  6. What a feast for the eyes on a dreary rainy Sunday~ so many temptations from appetizers, carbs & plenty for my sweet tooth! Thank you for the features~ I'm honored to be included in your FFC :)

  7. Not only are the recipes wonderful, but the photography and presentation are spectacular...

    Love your Foodie Friday!

  8. Great selection of recipes this week! I'm with you, creme brulee is comfort food..

  9. Gorgeous tablescape and love the sugar idea..

  10. Oh, I would love to stay and chat but I've got to FLY to some other blogs and get those recipes!

  11. I was scrolling through all of the wonderful dishes looking for something to make for dinner next week and found my Pickled Bar Eggs! Thank you so much for including me in the Foodie Friday Cafe. I am truly honored.