Thursday, March 15, 2012

Foodie Friday

Some people kiss the Blarney Stone.
Others serve this cake.
It's cute, easy, and a great conversation starter.

Rattlebridge Farm's Blarney Cake
What You Need:
1 angel food cake
icing (your choice)
1 small juice glass

1. Place cake on a plate. Slip sheets of waxed paper beneath the cake.
2. Ice the top of the cake (this is a great time to add sprinkles or colored coconut).
3. Set the juice glass in the cake's center hole.
4. Pour water into the glass and add flowers.
5. Ice the rest of the cake.
6. Remove waxed paper.
7. Serve the cake (and don't forget to kiss the cook).
Variations: Before icing the cake, cut it in half with dental floss. Spread pudding or jam--or a layer of icing--on the layers. Reassemble the cake and apply icing.

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A note to the handful of bakers who visited the Foodie Friday Cafe on Sundays. I'm sorry to say it has closed. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support, ladies! I deeply appreciate it.

                 This Sunday, I'll post pictures of the renovation at Rattlebridge Farm.

Until then...

Happy Recipe Hunting!


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  1. What a great way to add flowers to the cake without sticking them in the icing. I love how much whipped cream you put on - yummmmm...

  2. I've so enjoyed all your tables & Irish meals the past couple of weeks! Looking forward to seeing your renovation!
    Happy St. Paddy's Day :)

  3. Oh my...I think I could eat the whole thing and I'm not a big sweet eater. That looks like the best frosting ever! Angel food cake is one of my favorites, so YUM. I just may have to make this. :)

  4. I've done that with daffodils in angel cake :) It's such a beautiful way to make a cake gorgeous in any season! I love those big, gorgeous green mum. Beautiful!

    Kissing the cook is always a good thing ;)

  5. What a pretty cake and so simple! Well you make it look simple. My icing would look ick.LOL Thanks for hosting!

  6. What a pretty cake. Love this idea, Michael Lee. I'll be making one of these soon. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    ~ Sarah

  7. The cake is so pretty! Thanks so much for hosting :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  8. This is a WOW FACTOR dessert! So pretty, yummy and easy! This is how I love to bake!!!! I'm sure to make this impressive cake.
    Thanks for hosting FF... I look forward to it every week. And thanks for joining me for ON THE MENU MONDAY. I was thrilled to see you there!!!!
    xo Yvonne

  9. Love the pretty cake !!

    Looking fwd to the pics on Sunday :)

  10. Mercy, child....what DID you frost this with? Looks luscious..:)

  11. It looks "INCREDIBLE"! I love the GREEN and WHITE! WOW, what is your frosting??? It's SO YUMMY looking!
    Have a wonderful weeks end,

  12. Great idea and beautiful presentation!

    Thank you for hosting this party and I hope you have a wonderful weekend

  13. Best of Irish luck to you Michael Lee! Thanks for hosting.

    Anne @ Domesblissity xx

  14. That might be the prettiest cake I've ever seen for Saint Patty's day. My waistband expanded just looking at that creamy frosting.

    I've brought Monkfish a la Americaine from Jacques Pepin's newest cookbook, Essential Pepin. French cooking has never been easier or tasted so good.

  15. I have kissed the Blarney Stone - and I have to say I would much rather have a piece of your cake than do it again! Kissing the Blarney Stone is a really scary thing to do, leaning back over a bit of an abyss, and the stone itself actually in the wall of a castle high above ground. Your cake on the other hand looks absolutely wonderful - love the photographs as always! Thank you so much for hosting :)

  16. So cute!! I love those vintage napkins. I got a huge box of them at an estate sale and sold them on Ebay. I want them back now!

  17. Your photography is always wonderful.

    This looks like it would be great for kids. Thank you!

  18. I love Foodie Friday! I'm looking at all of the these wonderful photos of foods that look so delicious.
    And speaking of delicious... your cake looks fabulous! I've never heard of this before.
    Thanks so much for hosting this fun event!
    Ladybug Creek

  19. You do have a way with cakes... lovely thing to do to a simple cake and make it look like a million. Can't wait to see the renovations!!

  20. Your cake is so pretty I love how the icing (frosting) looks :)

  21. Michael Lee, what a great Blarney Stone cake you created! Of course, this would be a fun idea to change out for any it!!

  22. Love your Blarney Cake...very festive!

  23. So Wow and yet so easy! I shall have to wow some guests with this on Sunday! xx

  24. This could be put together in a matter of minutes. I love that. Thank you for hosting.

  25. How pretty this looks, ML...very festive & very simple, too! I remember when you did something similar with cool whip on a cake & put the flowers down inside a juice glass. I need to go find out which glass I have that will fit inside my bundt cake pan!

    Thank you for hosting FF again & again. I'm sorry to see the cafe close on Sundays but I'll be thrilled to see your renovations to Rattlebridge Farm. How exciting for you!!


    p.s. ♥♥♥ those vintage looking napkins!!!!

  26. I made this after seeing it in one of your Valentine's posts. I used the strawberries, strawberry jam, etc. Put flowers in the glass. It was truly a hit. I am NOT a baker, and this allowed me to FINALLY provide dessert! Thank you!

  27. I love how you did this cake, I remember you doing something similiar in the past. I am excited that I will be able to join the party next week! LOTS of contributions this week. Happy St. Patty's day to you and your family. XO, Pinky

  28. Beautiful cake! I would never dream it could be that simple. You are a master at presentation!

    Lots of great posts to go and check out. Hopefully, I will be back next week with a contribution.

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  29. Thanks for hosting and sharing..Im happy to be here. Wanna try my Delicious Cereal Prawn?..Have a happy weekend to everyone.

  30. Love the green flowers! Happy St. Patty's Day Michael-enjoy:@)

  31. Michael, So happy to be back to your wonderful blog...I am way behing in the new techniques, and I added someto your blog I don't understand, so please feel free if you find it to delete it. Thanks for checking out my boards, I am just getting started.