Thursday, March 22, 2012

Springtime at the Farm

When I'm building a tablescape, the process reminds me of an archaeological dig. I'm looking for treasure without a map or hints, mainly because I tuck items all over the house. Sometimes I forget where I put stuff. So I start excavating.
Today, I set up a breakfast table for two.

The bunny was a gift from my friend and book publicist, Julie Schoerke,

The brown eggs are fake, but the little white ones were laid by our guineas.

Etched glassware and eggs go together like

cotton and organdy

While I was looking for stuff, the kitchen phone rang, and while I was talking to my mom, I rooted around in the cabinets above the phone. I found vintage 50s glasses (antique mall purchase).
The illustrations depict U.S. regions: North, South, East, West.

I added hinged egg cups that I bought (in 2010) at Big Lots for $2 each.

The egg cups will make darling gifts.

I made a centerpiece in a small wire basket, another Goodwill find.
I added pansies and tucked moss  around them .

It's a small world inside this centerpiece.

I set the larger kitchen table with two more stoneware plates--I found these at Goodwill for 25 cents each. The stainless is an old favorite (the pattern is "Avalon").

A Tablescape Thursday contribution.

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  1. LOL, that's what I do too! If every drawer and cupboard is open then the family knows a new table is happening! It makes it fun, you never know what you will find.
    Wonderful table you have created!
    XO Cindy

  2. Lovely!! I soooo wish I had time to make pretty tablescapes!

  3. Lovely table, as always! The dishes are beautiful, I have a large collection of bunnies so the bunnies caught my eye immediately. You really have a knack for putting together beautiful tablescapes.


  4. Beautiful inviting setting. I love how you mixed things. Happy Spring to you...

  5. Beautiful, and I know what you mean about "excavating" when you are setting up. Your etched glasses are lovely and the plates are beautiful. xo

  6. Beautiful! I can relate to your excavating!!!

  7. I have the same approach to tablescaping Michael.

    Your table is beautiful!

  8. What a sweet table. I love the bunnies and the hinged cute!

  9. You have given me the nerve to look in some of my cabinets and drawers! There is no telling what I might find... Thanks! Beautiful photographs, by the way.

  10. Oh such a beautiful bunny and tablescape! Love your spring creation and those dishes are lovely!
    Miss Bloomers

  11. Magazine worthy.... as USUAL! What a charming table full of Spring promise! I love everything you do, Michael. Isn't it thrilling to get a fabulous bargain... and such a pretty one at that!

  12. I make myself insane stashing things, my kids and hubs have called me Momma Stasher as long as I can remember - I wish I had inherited my mother's wonderful organized sense. SHE never had to look for ANYTHING, always knew exactly where it was, where it should be.

    As for your delightful tablescape -wow - it is gorgeous. And your etched glasses, honestly TO DIE FOR.

    Very well done, ma'am!

  13. Your photographs are always so beautifully done. I love the table ~ especially the glassware and the napkins. The bunny and the daisies are wonderful too!


  14. Love your Spring time table setting.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Another beautiful post, thank you! If you don't mind...what are your chargers? My monitor isn't all that large and they look like silk leaves from this end. In another tablescape you had a biiiig silk leaf charger but this isn't the same is it? (I wondered if it were a reflection from the glass table?) Thank you again!

  16. Hi Michael Lee! Oh, I just love your pretty tablescape. Hmmm... I'll bet most of us have things poked all over the place that we can't find. My hubby says I should have a place for everything together. I say, build me a big ole room! :)
    Your your centerpiece and your little eggs cups!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. Your tables make me smile...they are always beautiful. Love your bunny!