Thursday, July 12, 2012

Foodie Friday

"Never miss an opportunity to add flavor."
                               --a quote by Mlee's mom

Thyme butter is one of the easiest ways to add a punch of flavor to
summer food.

I love easy "recipes."
Room temperature butter + chopped herbs + refrigeration
= herbed butter.

It's been a crazy week. More sickness, and our clothes dryer caught on fire.
No damage, thankfully.
We're looking for an exterior trim color. Has anyone used Benjamin Moore's "White Dove" as an exterior trim color? If so, was it too creamy? What about SW's Shoji White? Or SW Dover White?
I'm looking for a trim color that will work with the brick's white-grayish tones.
The exterior color is SW's Tennessee Limestone, a warm gray-beige.

Any ideas?

(Note: The weird mullions in the center window aren't staying--luckily they're the "pop out" type. The painters are putting SW's Urbane Bronze on the door, probably today.)
To add your recipe to this week's Foodie Friday, find the blue Inlinkz frog logo (look below), and follow the directions. A link to FF instructions can be found on the sidebar. As always, thank you for participating and reading the blog. Have a great week!

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  1. The chopped herbs would be great in my homemade butter! I will definitely try that!

  2. I love the idea of herb butter. Your home is looking pretty! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Our home's exterior and interior trim color is BM white dove. It is creamy, but I have enjoyed it for over 18 years and keep choosing it every time we repaint.

  4. I love herb butter, especially basil butter :)
    Thanks so much for hosting this party :)

  5. I love flavoring butters with herbs and also with honey!
    I learned a long time ago to get samples of the paint I am interested in and give them a try to see them in all light. We painted our house a few years back - I chose a lovely green. I have never seen painters paint so fast! I kept asking - will it dry darker? Yes, of course...nope. When my husband got home he was astounded - our neighbor commented, 'you've really stepped out there' I think God could've seen our house from Heaven! So we chose three options - painted a strip and chose our color from that. Trim paint may not be as drastic, but shades of white against a grey background - you'll be able to detect subtle differences.
    Thanks so much for being a gracious hostess,

  6. Thanks, Kathy--a great story and a great idea. I'm painting samples of SW Dover White and BM White Dove (when it stops raining).

  7. Your dryer catching on fire sure sounds scary. Wow.

    Through it all, we thank you for hosting Foodie Friday. I've figured out a way to make great crab cakes and I've shared my ideas.

  8. I hope everyone will be feeling better soon! The dryer catching on fire, just tops it all, doesn't it?? Your herbed butter sure sounds delicious and your dainty sandwiches are so pretty. I think paint is sooo hard to choose. I use a board, paint samples on it, and move it around. Good luck!

  9. Thanks for hosting Michael Lee!

    Anne xx

  10. I love herbed butter...thanks for hosting Foodie Fridays and I love your photo's.
    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  11. I always used to link up as EKat's Kitchen, but my blogging has undergone a rebirth and emerged as Salmon At Seven! Hope you'll swing by, enter my giveaway, and say hi!

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. I hope everyone's health improves soon, Michael, and good fortune comes your way to make you smile! Thanks for hosting so faithfully --I alwasy love when I can link up!

  13. No advice on you paint color, but thankfully you dryer fire was not a big deal!!

  14. Your house looks beautiful! I hope everyone feels better soon, and also that your tumble drier is easily replaced! I love herb butters; they add such wonderful flavours. I often keep them frozen ready to use as well. This week I've shared a Chinese Style Beef recipe made in the slow cooker. Thank you for hosting.

  15. Your tea sandwiches look great Michael:@)

  16. I'm sharing my Italian Pasta Salad. It's perfect for a summer gathering! Thank you so much for hosting!

  17. Thanks for hosting! I linked up my Sweet Potato Hash

    Check out all my healthy recipes, product reviews and giveaways @!

  18. I'm sharing some delicious Apricot Bars (GF, DF, Sugar Free), and The Secret To Cooking Perfect Quinoa - Every Time.

    Have a great day!

  19. Beautiful food photography! Your thyme butter looks and sounds delicious!

    Believe it or not, we just had our kitchen cabinets painted SW Dover White. We REALLY LOVE the color. I actually found the color through Google online, and once we selected it for our cabinets, I heard from several people that they had used the same color in their homes. One person used it as a trim color (interior). We think it's a lovely shade of white.

    Thanks for hosting Foodie Fridays and have a great weekend!


  20. Michaele,
    Hellow, I have a recipe for Deluxe Coleslaw. Thank you for hosting.

  21. Thank you for hosting. I do enjoy the links I find here.

    This week I've linked Neptune's Pasta. This quick and simple pasta dish will work with any seafood you happen to have. It makes a few simple ingredients into something truly special.

  22. Not crazy about thyme, but your pictures are GORGEOUS!

  23. I know I've been missing from the food and Tablescapes. Been busy writing and getting books online. Hope all is well.