Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If This Was Your Bathroom: Cast Your Vote

The Restoration Hardware mirror arrived.

I didn't see it until dusk, but even the poor lighting didn't deter me.
It was love at first sight.
The mirror works nicely in the space, and it blends with the granite counter--something I never would have guessed!
You can see part of the sconce. It was too dark for a close-up, and I couldn't find the shade, either. The walls look like they did before they were painted. Oh, lighting, you rascal!

Again, my inspiration picture from RH. My bath will never look this way, of course, but hopefully it will keep me on track.

Would you like to help by voting?
If this was your en suite, what would you do?
Please feel free to pick more than one answer. You don't have to worry about hurting my feelings. This bathroom needs help!
(The wall color on the left isn't a true color.)

1. Paint the vanity SW Thatch Brown. 
2. Get the Restoration Hardware vanity and call it a day.
3. Don't do anything until you settle on the wall color!
4. The wall color will work when you accessorize.
5. Raise those sconces, girl!

If you'd rather not vote, here's a preview of the powder room.


(Something NEW to worry about. I wonder if the painters mixed up the colors. Or if the disconnected lighting is making the paint so dark. The sample was so perfect.)

An exciting announcement:
In addition to the southern novels, I also write urban fantasy under the name Piper Maitland. Today was the launch for Hunting Daylight. It's an urban fantasy, and the core story is about a woman who loses her husband and finds the love of her life, only to be faced with an impossible dilemma. This is the second book in the series, but it's a "stand-alone" and you don't have to read the first one to know what's going on. And vice versa. I just heard that Library Journal selected it as a "Paperback of Note." I'm so thrilled and honored. 

For more info about the series, visit Piper.

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  1. Congratulations on the newest book!
    Now, to vote. I'll keep it simple. I think you should keep your vanity, paint it and buy a second mirror. The wall colour will start to look better as you accessorize. Even with one sink two mirrors are nice, and two make for a nice balance.
    Have fun!

  2. I was going to vote for getting the RH vanity and call it a day, but Pondside has a good solution with just adding another mirror. Then again, if two mirrors are nice, but two sinks would really be nice!
    Love to spend someone else's money! '-)

  3. Pondside, I love the look of two mirrors. I'll need to measure to see if the sconces will fit. My contractor said it's possible to put 2 sinks in that vanity, though I would lose some drawer space. I'm willing to do that!
    Sarah, I'm so symmetrical, I would prolly need 2 + 2.

  4. Congratulations on your book!!!

    The space you have for a master bath is so nice, tons of room and GREAT bones! I love your vanity and it is in such perfect condition so I would not spend the money on the RH vanity. Once you paint your room and actually finish installing sconces with the shades attached, I don't think you need two mirrors and personally think two mirrors with both sconces would be too much. Adding your finishing touches in some accessories, toppers for your windows or shutters and your bathroom will be beautiful! If my vanity was as nice as yours, I would save those funds and use them towards other needs/wants on my list. I've just never been a fan of buying a room...even if it is a RH room :)
    If you are possibly wanting to add a wall unit beside the window on the right of your vanity you could go with the RH hutch, but any antique hutch would look amazing, especially one with glass doors on the top so some pretties could be displayed. You would then have your own unique bathroom with touches of RH.
    You asked, so I hope you don't mind my opinions :)
    I'm sure whatever you choose will look amazing. :)

  5. Cindy, thanks so much! Such great ideas. This room has baffled me, and when I'm baffled, I stop looking at the big picture. I feel more hopeful about this bathroom.

  6. I would say just get the vanity from Restoration Hardware BUT I don't think you would have enough space for 2 mirrors and the sconces. I would definitely keep the sconces, which I would raise up a little by the way. If you paint your existing vanity the brown, I think it would be too much brown with your granite. The top of the RH piece is white, which in my opinion makes it a little more dramatic! Sorry for my rambling, I hope I made some sense here! Congratulations on your new book! Whatever you decide, I know your bathroom will be gorgeous!

  7. I agree with Cindy, just paint the cabinetry in the bathroom. Once the sconces are hung it will make a big difference. Also, the accessories will be the finishing touch and pull it all together.

    It is a gorgeous house and I wouldn't stress so much about the off center wall, you can balance that out with art or furniture.

    Mary L

  8. I have been following your renovation process with great interest. I love everything you have been doing. This bathroom dilemma has been something that I've thought about. First, I want to say what a GREAT space I think it is. My initial reaction when I saw the new RH mirror and sconces was I ADORE the mirror and would love the sconces too if they were moved up somewhat. They are too low. I think the finish of the mirror frame would be what I replicate on the vanity cabinet. Instead of spending the money to order the new vanity from RH and then tile underneath, I'd spend the money on a professional painter of cabinetry that can closely match the finish of the vanity to that of the mirror. That may require special paint techniques and not just a straight paint color. That way it would look custom and not like you just painted the cabinets to "try" to match the mirror frame. Once that is done, then an assessment will have to be made as to whether the countertop color works. It does now, but with the vanity finish being changed, it might need to be reassessed. Once these decisions are finalized, then the final decision on the wall color can be made. Of course, through the computer screen, the wall color looks fine, but you know best being there in person. I think using 2 mirrors over this vanity would look too crowded. I cannot wait to see this room finished. I have no doubt, it's going to be spectacular.

  9. I told you I had been thinking about this..... :-) so I have another quick suggestion. I think a combination of Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Coco, French Linen, and Old White might help to achieve the look of the RH vanity. Not seeing it in person, it's difficult to tell, but this might help somewhat. I love using Annie Sloan chalk paint, and it gives such a wonderful finish and the techniques in using it gives a very professional custom look. You can control the look more, so that it's not just a painted glazed vanity. Gives it more of a French Country look. Hope this helps!

  10. Ok Sweetie, First of all I can't wait to read your new book. Congrats.
    I was all for ditching the old vanity and going for the RH one because you loved it so but I have changed my mind. I wouldn't stay so connected to the color on the walls it is probably the least expensive change you have made if you need to do it again in another color . . .so be it.

    I really like the mirror and sconces with the vanity. Very nice. The height of the sconces may be OK once you install the shades.

    In the RH pics the vanity color does not match the mirror but they do compliment. The vanity looks to have a bit of a silvery sheen to it. Have a chat with Amy @ Mason Decor and she can advise you on how to get the same finish on your vanity if you like that. An alternative to your choice of paint color for the vanity. I have great faith in Amy's skills.

    How about another RH mirror and sconces for your vanity on the opposite wall?

    Just my 2 cents. Yours is what really counts. Excited to see the end result.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  11. Congratulations on your newest book ! First of all - DO NOT LOSE HOPE - you are working with a marvelous space, and it does have really good 'bones' - you are getting exasperated, which is understandable...BUT - stick with the vanity you have - it's beautiful. Paint it the color you chose - your bathroom is big enough to take it. I LOVE the RH mirror, and sconces - but I would stick with the 1. I think 2 side by side would be too much - even though you have such a large lovely space. Dont' forget - we are in the darkest part of the year right now - winter is dark and depressing...Your room is going to look different with the spring, summer and fall light - our whole world is brighter then - figuratively and literally !! Your space is just beautiful - it's frustrating when things go this way - but take a few days off and tackle it with fresh perspective...

  12. Oh ! One more thing ! I just finished reading "Country Lady" first comment - excellent advice. Save the money on buying a new vanity,and put it towards a painter that can use special painting techniques - maybe some glazes or 'washes' over the paint to get the look you are hoping for....

  13. I would either buy the RH vanity and call it a day or buy another mirror. The scale of the single panel you have is too long and narrow for the existing vanity and height of your walls. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will be fab.

  14. Keep the vanity and have a pro come in and do some magic.I don't think you want to tackle this task on your own. I feel your pain.

    As I see it, the mirror and sconces are perfect, hgt and style for the look you are going for. They are really making a statement above the vanity.

    I like the idea of an antique piece rather than the RH cabinet. But either will be wonderful.

    I believe the powder room paint will "straighten out" when the lighting is in.

    Ordered my copy of Hunting Daylight yesterday. Can't wait to dive in.:-)

    1. Looking forward to seeing your new project! I hope you enjoy HD!

  15. Congrats on your new book...I love the mirror and sconces...and yes the sconce probably needs to be a bit higher to be centered on the micro...I think I would try and paint your vanity...It seems to work well in the space...and you probably do not need that extra sink...and would that gorgeous chaise fit in that corner with the window?...The RH bathroom is so gorgeous...

  16. I vote for 2 mirrors and painting the vanity. Yes, raise the sconces!

  17. I envy you this bath re-do! I am in desperate need of the same! Your soaking tub already looks like heaven on earth!

    Not quite sure about the single slender mirror over a single bowl though... I love everything Restoration Hardware; however, through much trial and error over the years I've learned that a lot of the pieces must be in the right setting to work as well as we imagine. Their pieces don't always convert from catalog page to real life. Don't know if that means my real life needs a total upgrade or not. Ha ha!

  18. Congratulations on the new book! I think your writing is fantastic so to see new installments makes me VERY happy!

  19. I vote to paint the vanity. If you don't like it, you can then buy the RH one. I like the two mirror idea and raising the sconces. Congrats on the book, ML!!

  20. I just love the color of both bathrooms! I commented on the other post, but I am SO excited for you. Do not buy another vanity. That is not necessary. I even like this one the way it is, but I think you might be happier if you have the painter come in and play with it. Glaze it or whatever. I liked what Cindy said, and I echo her sentiments. Can you see a glass fronted large cabinet in there with towels and other things... maybe large pieces of coral and shells and some white porcelain pieces??? I can.

    I'm all in favor of you doing this look on the opposite wall. Could you do two mirrors, the sconces and the prints over there?

    Oh, and I want to tell you this. I saw a less expensive version of that oak barrel lamp in the photo. Are you interested? If so, holler at me, and I will try and send you a link.

    And I'm so excited about your new book! WAY TO GO! I hope you can hear the applause all the way to Tennessee.

    Love the progress, Michael. GREAT job!