Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grilling with Bandwidth: Turf 'n Surf

When our old gas grilled finally died, Bandwidth went shopping. Armed with his iPhone and Consumer Reports, he went from store to store, admiring fancy stainless models, each one offering culinary whistles and bells. He came home with an inexpensive, portable grill. It's been a while since we've used charcoal, and we'd forgotten how it infuses meat with a rich, inimitable smoky flavor.

First, Bandy grilled hamburgers (and made homemade buns).

Then he tried Grilled Cedar-Planked Salmon, which was, hand's down, the best salmon we've ever eaten.

Next, he cooked Surf 'n Turf.

Dr. Will and I are watching calories, so we shared a steak.

Bandy seasoned the steaks and seafood with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, and Homemade Worcestershire Sauce. He brushed a small amount of olive oil over the shrimp, too.
What's your preference--grilling with gas or charcoal?


  1. That all looks wonderful! We use charcoal and love it that way. :) We have two grills right now, a small one (Weber) for quick meals and a smoker/grill that makes great smoked salmon and other yummy stuff!

  2. Oh you take the most amazing foodie pics I swear - just yummilicious!!!!

    That grill looks like the one I grew up Pop using - only ours was round and we called it The Tomato, haha. We won it from a local grocery raffle. You know my sister still has that grill up at the lake's STILL in use after 40 years!

    How do we grill here? Gas. We got one of those fancy schmancy stainless grills that hubs loves to use. I find it difficult to keep clean, but it has a side burner which is nice for frying - do not like to fry much and hate frying in the house.....also nice for keeping things warm.

    I just remember that our cedar plank for grilling fish caught fire, haha, guess we let it dry out too much, so dumb, and they can get pricey. How is THAT for a nice run-on sentence for you? LOL.

    I think I will get him another for Father's Day around the corner, now that you mention it.

    You always inspire me, Michael! Thank you!

  3. love the action shots, and especially with the barn in the backdrop, great shots! the food looks delish too, and i just ate so stuffed to the gills, yes my reference to surf and god knows i cover the turf!

    we use gas, easy peasy, but you are right charcoal makes a diff, but if you never clean your grill you get more bbq flavor too :-)

    dang now i want us to bbq tonight... i love the fun feelings of bbq, it screams summer even if in northern ca summer at the beach means 30 degrees, pure fog, wind and down parkas...

    the sun is just now peeking out after 7 days, quick fire up the barbie!

  4. I just finished lunch - totally ready for dinner after seeing all these wonderful grilled foods. Love the salmon.

  5. Wish I could talk my family into a real charcoal grill! They are too impatient to wait for the coals to get they just fire up the gas grill!

  6. Mmm, I love your grill recipes, I'm collecting them for The Geologist! We like gas for convenience, but charcoal for flavor. Someday we'll get a decent one again, we make do with a tiny little gas camping grill. Sometimes we even take it on road trips and cook meals at rest stops! So much better than fast food :)

  7. To me, gas grills add no flavor, just allows you to cook outside. Why deal with schlepping things out and mosquitoes, etc. for no extra flavor? I have a small kettle style and use charcoal. Love the flavor of real barbecued food. You can add wood chips, herbs, etc. I try not to think of it as a carcinogen, I do it so rarely. Always something to burst the balloon :( xo

  8. I only use charcoal.... with presoaked woodchips. I use hickory, cherry or apple wood chips.... the flavor is unlike any other. Just a big handful of presoaked wood chips gets the job done for the size grill you have.

    Now im hungry.... everytime i pay a visit to your blog, my stomach growls.


  9. Everything looks great. When we grill, we use a gas grill. It's easy. Have a great week.

  10. We use a gas grill, mainly for the ease. I like the taste of charcoal but haven't had it in years. All our friends use gas too. ALL the foood looks delicious!! XO, Pinky

  11. I love the flavor that charcoal brings to grilled food but we are too impatient to wait for the coals to be ready so we always grill with gas. We had a gas line brought up to our back yard many years ago so there aren't any propane tanks to go empty in the middle of grilling either.

    That salmon looks wonderful! It's my favorite fish.

  12. All I want to know is - can you clone that son of yours ?? What a great guy - and he cooks too !!

  13. We use gas for the convenience but nothing beats charcoal for the flavor~ just smelling charcoal makes me giddy! I've been craving your cedar plank salmon since you posted it :)

  14. I prefer charcoal. Our gas grill just cannot produce the wonderful flavors. Marilyn from Mt. Vernon, VA. (Prefer using our wood-burning fireplace over our gas one too.)