Wednesday, May 1, 2013

8 Random Facts

I'd meant to post about biscuits, but Bandwidth and I are still having cook-offs--one of those self-rising vs all purpose flour and butter vs Crisco events.

Instead, I'm posing "8 Favorite Facts."

1. My favorite photo is titled "Odd-Ball," and it's one of the early pictures that appeared on Foodgawker.
Oddball (awe'd*ball). Noun. 1. Eccentric; 2. Unusual & probably not edible;
3. Geek food; 4. Out of the ordinary.
2. My favorite tablescape was lunch for two on the patio, a real tablescape for me and Will, nothing matchy, just good food and a good time.

3. My favorite salad. A darling friend had suggested a
beach-themed meal, and I made an endive salad, based on a Martha Stewart recipe.

4. I love Yorkies, of course.

5. Little-known fact: I renovated, and lived in, a 100 year old ex-funeral home.
Back in the day, it had bottle green shutters and overgrown shrubs.

6. October 31, 2000 was my favorite Halloween because actress Laura Dern spent the day with me at the aforementioned house to discuss a book project. 

 7. My garden path at Rattlebridge is a hot mess.

8. I'm cowardly with color, especially for exteriors. Since we are in the process of choosing a shutter color, I am wanting to go absolutely wild and re-paint the door Wythe Blue and the shutters, too.

 But I prolly won't. Instead of going to the paint store, I dug out my sample tubs. Here's SW Intellectual. Safe and matchy.

Though it will be darker with 2 coats. Looks different in this light, doesn't it?

I found a tub of SW Underseas, and it looked promising at my house. I was so excited.

But it looked too harsh at Rattlebridge. The gray looks okay, though.

A 9th, unspoken fact is, I will spend the rest of the day writing and trying not to eat biscuits. Hope you are having a wonderful day, wherever you are.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Oh, girl... I love that Wyeth Blue. I was just looking at a post about it last night. But the grew is nice, too. Decisions. Decisions.

    I was up all night with a sick husband. As a consequence, I feel a bit slap happy today. At least he went to work for which we are both grateful. Maybe I can go back to bed. One can only hope!



    1. I've tried Palladian (indoors), and it looked baby blue, not a hint of green. I tested it in bright and dim places (a bit greener in the dim). Will be interested to see how Wythe behaves at Rattlebridge. Hope Mr. Magpie is better and you get some rest!

  2. It's always nice getting to know bloggy friends a little more. I'll make you a deal - you stay away from the biscuits and I'll stay away from the second batch of creme brulee ice cream I've made this week (even though it's just about the best thing I've ever eaten - will blog about it soon!).

    1. That sounds delicious, Patricia. Looking forward to your post!

  3. THAT was delightful, i am lucky i knew about 7 of them, tell me the book with dern project please! i am still so smitten with your endive, i have that pic in my beach folder, i have always wanted to do the exact same thing, but i forget to buy endive at the beach... it think its stunning STILL!

    i too love that blue, its a wee bit off, look for a little bit muddier version i bet it would be stunning.

    been out all day at the beach and in the garden, its not to hot, its not to cold, its not to foggy, OH JOY! just wanted to empty my camera, another minus tide i have been exploring ;-)

    thanks for the refreshing break~

  4. Yes, you must do the endive! I am going to try Wythe Blue and Stratton...but the light is quirky over at Rattlebridge. Lots of trees, and yet it's open. I also painted a crisp white sample (saw an exterior photo in Veranda--the house had white shutters). Can't wait to see your photos.

  5. Never could make a decent biscuit - gave up trying many years ago. Now I am very picky about them - I don't need them to eat anyway. :-D What a beautiful view you had while enjoying your lunch.

  6. I love the Wyeth Blue and your view is absolutely gorgeous. I am going to try and join Foodie Friday but not sure how to go about it. I hope I can figure it out.

  7. I love the color. Wyeth blue is my favorite. Biscuit makes me hungry. I want to eat now :)

  8. I'm with you on trying not to eat the biscuits. Tough job when you're making decisions. I like the Wythe Blue. It reminds me of my MIL's summer house on Shelter Island. But I never do blue though. And now we have a new house with a very blue door that I don't like. I feel your frustration.

  9. Love the endive salad pic! Gorgeous...I licked my computer screen....that foyer pic has to be the MOST PERFECT foyer I have ever seen....seriously perfect.

  10. I know designers say it's just paint, but I find it to be a big deal. I find it difficult, but I have thoroughly enjoyed your journey.

  11. Wouldn't it be cool if you could have the blue for spring and summer and blink, snap, wink, click, you have the gray for fall and winter?! love the odd ball place setting and your starfish endive salad, so inventive! Can't wait for the biscuit winner!