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Foodie Friday -- May 31, 2013

It's time for another Foodie Friday, where great food is always on the menu.
My husband had major dental surgery today, and I'm running a little behind.
It's been one of those weeks. First, Bandy and I discovered a problem with the kitchen design (the oven/microwave/warming drawer wall didn't have a "landing pad" for hot food, which
meant we would be traveling to the island with scorching pans). Bandy, my contractor, and I
came up with a solution after we looked at inspiration photos on Houzz--we could add
a counter/butler's pantry near the ovens.  

 However, I'm losing a small pantry and will need to find a creative, space-saving
way to store staples.
Next, we solved design problems with the fireplace and master bath. That bath
is giving me gray hairs! Tonight, as I mentioned, I'm taking good care of
Dr. Will.
Last weekend, I was stuck on a book project, so I cooked and cooked and cooked.
And then I cooked a bit more. I ruined the potato salad, which is extremely hard to do,
but the experiment with Boston Baked beans was a success. Too bad I didn't write down the recipe. I "eyeballed" everything and tinkered relentlessly.

For me, cooking is all about love, sustenance, and stress relief. Like my mother
says, cooking is also a blessing and a privilege.

You can find recipes for healthy dog treats HERE.
 I was inspired to make fruit pies by a quiet life's gorgeous triple berry threat. These little pies are works of art, filled with sweet, healthy berries and adorned with darling pastry garnishes. They are a must see (you'll love her whole blog). The filling is a mixture of fresh strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries, with a bit of cornstarch, sugar, and lemon juice. You can use store-bought (refrigerated) pie crust dough or make your own.
I doubled Jain's RECIPE. But, I was so excited about cooking (and eating),  and I  had not bought extra Pillsbury pie crusts. So I used the leftover fruit mixture to make a mascarpone-filled cake. Bandy called it the "ugly dessert," and it did look odd...but the ambrosial flavor made him eat his words. It was delicious. Between the hand pies and the mascarpone dessert, I must have gained five pounds.

This isn't a true recipe. I didn't want to go to the grocery, so I gathered items from my pantry and fridge. I used a streusel mix and baked it 15 minutes. Next, I added a mascarpone layer: 1/2 cup mascarpone, 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, 3 tablespoons white sugar, and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla. Mix well and spread over the cake. Bake until filling has "set," about 20 minutes. Add a layer of cooked berries and streusel crumbs. Continue to bake another 15 to 20 minutes, or until the filling bubbles and thickens. Be sure to place a cookie sheet beneath the cake pan (I used a tart pan) to keep your oven tidy. If you don't want to use a streusel mix, a nut or graham cracker crust would be delicious, too. Serve with whipped cream.

Foodie Friday's "Picks of the Week."

fine-looking sweet rolls. Can't you just imagine the beguiling aroma?

The Parisian adventure continues as Wives with Knives bakes Vanilla Bean Madeleines.

My Cozy Corner's roses and sautéed pea tendrils capture the essence
of early summer.

Nothing says "summer is here" like Pine Cones and Acorns'  homemade ice cream--you'll want to save the recipe for Trader Joe's Chocolate-Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Purple Chocolate Home made a beautiful bridal shower cake--it's so pretty, it
should be on the cover of a magazine!

 Now it's time to share our latest recipes. What did you bring to the potluck?
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Thanks so much for visiting  today. I am always inspired by your recipes--and by you. Food blogging is more difficult than any kind because of the sheer work that goes on behind the scenes--planning, shopping, prep work, cooking, taking photographs, culling those photos, and cleaning.  I am amazed by your ideas and creativity. .
I hope to see you again soon! Have a great, food-filled weekend.

Mlee  & Bandy

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  1. i hope your husband feels better and you get your kitchen figured out! and i love those little hand pies! happy almost friday!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! I'm jealous of your kitchen :) I cool in a tiny apartment kitchen where two people won't fit :) I'm jealous of any kitchen these days!
    Thank you so much for hosting!

  3. We must have similar taste - I had already pinned several of your features this week. Happy FF.

  4. Beautiful kitchen images from Houzz and great features too. Thank you for hosting. I'm sharing a banana birthday cake.
    Big hugs,

  5. Great features this week! Really like the cupcake dress. Thanks for hosting!

  6. I hope your husband recovers quickly! Nothing's worse than dental surgery. :( Fabulous features! Thank you so much for letting me party with you!

    Jen @ Yummy Healthy Easy

  7. I think you did a fabulous job creating a dessert from what you had on hand based on the inspiration recipe, it looks very delicious! I'm sure your kitchen will be heaven, I can't wait for the final result. Thanks for hosting,

  8. What beautiful foodie features, Michael Lee! I hope your hubby is feeling better after dental surgery. Thanks for hosting and happy weekend.

  9. Michael and Bandy,

    I simply love these Foodie Fridays! I learn so much from all the different recipes. They are so varied and so interesting. Thank you for hosting!


  10. Thanks so much for hosting. I find that sometimes the one recipe that is not the most beautiful has the best flavor. If your cake was on a buffet it is the one I would have chosen. Now off to visit all the cookie submissions to spread some cookie love. I hope you will try my cookies. They are the best cookie I ever ate, and that is saying something.

  11. Wonderful features~ What a Beautiful Cake~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  12. Hi Michael, I'm loving those doggie treats! How about kitty treats next time for my kitties, you are so creative, I'm sure you will come up with something fantastic. Thank You for hosting! Have a great weekend! Lizy

  13. Hi Michael, thanks for hosting! I just found your blog and am a new follower via GFC, I look forward to contributing every week :)

  14. Hi Michael,
    I just started following you on Pinterest and I commented on three wonderful foodies like ourselves. I love your blog and thank you for featuring my roses and sauteed pea tendrils. I love your beautiful kitchen. Some wonderful, beautiful food will be photographed when you have completed your amazing kitchen.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  15. I love how you improvised with leftover berry filling for a mascarpone-filled cake! Hope your hubby is recovers quickly from dental surgery! Thanks for the delicious fun this week :)

  16. What beautiful foodie features, Michael Lee and Bandy! Your kitchen is going to be very functional. Thanks for hosting, and I'm hoping your hubby feels better very soon.

  17. Love how you kitchen is coming along and the new "landing pad." I've just returned from the 4th annual blogger get-together at the lake in east Tennessee where we celebrated Memorial Day with a luau.

    Thanks for hosting and take good care of Dr. Will.

  18. ummm, every thing looks sooo delicious here.
    Thanks much for are such a good, faithful host.:)

  19. Hi Michael,
    Kind regards to your husband I had oral surgery last month and it was not fun. I did use it as an excuse to eat lots of ice cream and drink Black Cows. The kitchen looks terrific I did bring an asparagus soup that might be good for your husband. Thanks again see you next week.

  20. Hi Michael, I'm new FF and am thrilled to find this link party! Just followed you via Google+ and FB. :) Thanks for hosting!

  21. I adore reading about your life!! I also cook when I am stressed... finally I have learned not to eat it when I am stressed!!! Thanks for hosting!!! Isn't that wedding dress cupcake cake fabulous!!!! xo

  22. Cooking is my favorite form of stress relief, baking in particular. I just couldn't figure out how to bake without eating the result and the pounds started coming on. I've gotten rid of the added pounds, and I so want to start cooking good, gooey things again! I love the little pie/tarts! So cute!

  23. oh, first your sunshine pie just grabbed me... then "cooking is also a blessing and a privilege." so true, we are so lucky to live in the good ole us of a with your red white and blue cheesecake~

    oh your creation has me craving even more sugar now... what a gorgeous post with all your delish food from top to bottom, i can tell where i am heading after this, back to the kitchen to make MORE! love love love the sunshine, such a cute idea! thanks for sharing my pie, even if yours looks more fun!

  24. opps, i forgot to mention i hope he is feeling better soon to enjoy all your down home cooking~

  25. I so want some peach sticky buns! Happy Weekend Michael-enjoy:@)

  26. I hope that your husband is feeling better, it is no fun to be sick. I am sure that you will take great care of him.

    Thank you for featuring my ice cream!

    Looking forward to more of your renovations.

    Enjoy the weekend, Elizabeth

  27. Oh, those berry pies are so delicious. Love the idea of individual pies for parties. '-)
    Hope the DR is on the mend. Enjoy your weekend.......Sarah

  28. Late to the party, but I linked up my Tender Corny Almond Muffins ... so good with the bursts of sweetness from the corn kernels! :-) Love your featured posts, especially that bridal shower cake-WOWWWW!

    Happy Saturday!