Monday, May 13, 2013

Master Bath Update: Black or Cream Counters

 If you've renovated a home, then you may keep score on certain rooms. Some spaces are
hard to decorate--the minuses might outweigh the plus signs. When that score dips into negative
numbers, it might be a signal to take another path.

Our master bath is one of those rooms. It began well enough. My goal was a quasi-Renovation Hardware style.

 I painted the walls, bought sconces and mirrors, and hired painters to work on the vanities.
Nice paint job. Wrong color.

So we've decided to order cabinets. Mike has measured, and two vanities will fit, though
we'll have to do some fancy footwork, as one vanity has a double sink. This will involve
moving the mirrors. The good news is, we have an extra.
I have a sample of the weathered gray finish, and it works with the mirrors and sconces.

However, Dr. Will has instructed me to find a chandelier. I'm looking for one that has a rusty
finish. I think this is a Savoy House fixture. It's blingy, but ... suffice it to say that I'm still looking.
The orb chandelier that's shown in the RH images is a bit pricey for me and not blingy enough for Will.

Most of the vanities are available in natural wood, grayish wood, black, etc.
They come with and without counter tops.

We could order black vanities, but then I'd have to paint the mirrors and faux paint the sconces.
RH shows a black vanity with the metal sconces. A pretty look, to be sure, but it's not the look for me.

So I'm sticking with the weathered gray, reclaimed wood.
I just need to decide about the counters.
This is the original inspiration photo. The vanity is cream marble.

 In the above photo, I don't see any black accents. So the neutral colors work, and the overall imagery is sustained.

Our bathroom floor has black tile inserts.

So, I must decide if I want RH cream marble counter tops or if I want to order the base cabinets and select my own granite/marble. In that case, I would get black granite.

Here's the Italian marble (different, more rustic vanity):

And black granite.

Another look at the inspiration picture.

Which would you choose?
A. Order the vanities and cream marble counters from RH.
B. Order the vanities and find your own black granite counters.
Thanks for following me along on this adventure.


  1. if it were me i'd stay with my original inspiration....that being the cream marble counter. while i love black i think it might be a little harder to keep clean and also you start getting away from your original vision...whenever i stray from my original design ideas, i end up with a totally different look and while that's okay in some instances, i believe you'll be happier with the cream marble counter...just my 2 cents!

  2. For this bathroom, I think A. Your original inspiration is light, and I think that's what you really want for this room, Michael.

    You can pick up the black from the tile inserts in your towels. Get light towels and monogram them in black, or get towels that have a black Greek key or chain stitch as a border. If that's not enough black, then think about eventually finding a black baker's rack and filling it with light towels and bath salts, etc.

    There's more than one way to skin a cat, and I like that this is headed in a direction that you liked and wanted from the beginning. You were making do. This is making it right. Does that make sense?



  3. I am voting for cream... keep black as an accent with maybe another fun piece (but something small)... that is my 2 cents... :-)

  4. It would be a whole lot easier if one of those options were ugly!!!! They both look stunning. So not I'm forced to get practical. White is timeless and will not look tired or out of date. White looks gorgeous in bathrooms and is soooo classic and black will be hard too keep free of water spots and soap film. I just hate when it comes down to being practical!!!!

  5. I would order the vanities and pick your own black granite for the counter tops. I believe it will bring it all together and it will be lovely.

    Mary L

  6. 6 cream (blog) 1 cream (Facebook) = 7 cream
    1 black

  7. I vote for cream, the first thing I thought of with the black was that it would be hard to keep clean looking. Also, I really like the idea of small black accents on towels etc. XO, pinky

  8. I vote for cream. Have a great week.

  9. a Cream, timeless, always clean looking, no water spots etc.... fondly ~lynne~

  10. 10 cream
    1 black

    Y'all are the greatest for voting. xxoo

  11. Update from Facebook
    11 cream
    1 black

  12. I vote for cream and have a suggestion. In the pic of the marble counter with the very rustic cabinet....they show an iron finish about an iron finish on the faucets? It would give a bit of black and stay with the gently rustic theme. I also agree with the other comment about adding some black in other, small areas. You can also use some flower containers that are iron finished, or towel rings. It's going to be gorgeous!

  13. I would go for the cream too. What gorgeous inspiration, wow. I would *love* to have marble counters, and I just painted my bathroom cabinets a distressed grey. What a gorgeous and glamourous bath you have and I cannot wait to see it finished!!

  14. I would go with the gives a more dramatic pop and looks richer...

  15. Ohhh can I still get in with the cream? Darn that tile floor and get a lovely rug. I had a huge bathroom/exercise room once in another life and put down an oriental rug and really glammed it up. Turned out really nice.

  16. Cream. Unless you want to dust a black countertop. Not me! Judy M.

  17. I am voting for cream ! I have black granite in my kitchen, and while I do love it I have to tell you that around water (such as around my kitchen sink) it shows the water spots A LOT ! In order to make it look good around the sink, I am CONSTANTLY wiping and spraying it with granite cleaner. It does not stay shiny and clean looking around the sink at all - water spots show so easily on black...

  18. Hand's down, cream was the first choice. That's what I'm ordering. Thanks, ladies! You all are the best.

  19. I'm voting with the cream crowd. I've heard black counters show everything. Cream won't go out of style either. I just noticed in the above comment that you've chosen cream. Good going.

  20. I've enjoyed following your bathroom remodel, and though I see you've decided on cream, I'd still like to toss my two cents in. I have black granite in both my kitchen and master bath. Love the kitchen, hate the bathroom. It shows every water spot, every hair, (we're a blonde family)and a weird amount of dust. Hate it. I'm looking forward to seeing your updates-good luck!

  21. I'd go with would show every itty bitty thing, which would drive me crazy!!