Sunday, June 30, 2013

Against the Wind: A Farm Picnic

Summer seems to pick up speed after July 4th,
almost as if the days are skidding down a rain-damp hillside.
Today, we slowed down.


It was a breezy day,
one of those afternoons when I took time to watch the world.
When I was a small child, I loved watching my mama pin damp sheets
to the clothes line. She would bite down on wooden pins, as if she were preparing to wage war against the wind.  With each gust, the towels snapped and snapped.
And a clean, fresh smell filled the air.
Finally, calmness.

I'll use the tablecloth weights for another picnic,
when I'm not wind-watching.


The wind roared over the farm as I was cleaning up.
With my arms loaded, I fell down and dropped those pretty polka dotted bowls.
Smashed them to pieces.
My mother would say, "Better to use your dishes and risk breakage than to keep them on a shelf."

Tomorrow please join us for a Halcyon Sky Cook-out

A Metamorphosis Monday contribution.

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  1. Such a peaceful and relaxing setting. I love it. Hugs, Marty

  2. I always feel like I'm there when I see your photos Michael Lee.

    Anne xx

  3. oh was so enchanted until you fell... first let me saw sorry for your loss, they were adorable, and been there done that more times then i can remember... i would like to say fortunately not with dishes, but i always fell with my camera, like every 2 years you can count on me needing another 500 bucks post fall... hope you were ok and the only injury was to your sanity :-)

    ok, back to this gorgeous picnic! the flapping of the breeze, words and shot are my favorite, it is like halcyon days indeed. every detail is wonderful, never seen 4th of july crackers, how perfect! i am so partial to metal, i am always adding pieces, scott said we need a new house when he saw my car yesterday after a much needed homegoods run.

    such a pretty setting, a LEVEL picnic, only in my dreams, or at sea dream, and then honey let me tell you you have no idea what wind is! that house is IN the jet stream... can't wait to see the cook out, but you tiers are all loaded with all the sugary goodies i am happy to nibble on endlessly.

    so i gotta ask, did you buy fake ducks to sit in the background ;-) happy days to you, while you enjoy the fresh air i am parked on an a/c vent, 110 degrees yesterday, all the way through friday...

    1. The ducks are real, for sure. :-) The land looks level, but I had to prop paper beneath the legs of every table, chair, and even the umbrella (I should use my broken crockery next time--I saved it to repurpose). This little spot is the only true "level" place. As for the wind, I read about it on the magazine photo shoot at SeaBreeze -- lordy, the wind you must endure! I thought about you when my tablecloth was levitating. Have your plants survived? I'm sad to say that the deer ate every one of Will's tomatoes. He's not giving up, though.

  4. Absolutely stunning photography.

    You have sooooooooooooo much more patience than I!

    I am SO SORRY your cute bowls broke. Hate that. But especially hate you fell- are YOU okay?

    I lost footing on an old winding brick path on a hill once and by the time my momentum wound up and I fell at the bottom of said "hill" I had broken 3 ribs, shattered an elbow and broke a wrist. Both arms. I was a mess, so take falling very seriously now. Pretty humbling to not be able to even scratch ones nose w/o help. Two arms in casts? Hell.

    Love your picnic, you nailed it dead-on perfect.


    1. Oh, Michele, you really took a bad tumble! I'm so glad you recovered! I fell while going up the front steps and somehow I didn't get hurt. Tablescaping can be dangerous!

  5. ML, sorry to hear you fell and those sweet polka dot bowls suffered a fatal fate. I had that happen while staging a post. The cutest cat teapot lost its head.....shattered into tens of pieces. Wanted to rewind the moment and go out that door with one piece at a time. '-)
    Your table setting makes me long for my own picnic. That perfect patriotic cloth flapping in the breeze make not be good for photos, but it sure is authentic. With all this heat here in TX a breeze is always welcome for a picnic. Not that any of us are dining alfresco when it's 108!
    Loving the flag plates, the textiles, and the watermelon shots. Where did you find the crackers? I'd love to find some of those.
    Happy 4th of July! ~ Sarah

    1. Sara, I can sure relate to the broken cat teapot. :-( Hope a cooling breeze comes your way soon. I found the crackers here:

  6. So sorry you broke the pretty dishes and even more sorry that you fell. I love the way your Mother thinks, better to use our pretties than to let them collect dust.
    Your farm is beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us.

    Mary L

  7. I'm so sorry you fell and broke the pretty little bowls, but I must agree with your mother's wisdom! Lovely Independence Day vignette and picnic.


  8. This is my first visit to your site. My, but what glorious photographs, and your writing is utterly enchanting and so evocative -I can just hear the "snap" of the sheets in the wind. Thank you for a truly enjoyable Sunday morning read. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

  9. YOur photos are lovely. thank you for sharing your farm and all your pretties, I am sorry you broke your bowls. I am clumsy and sometimes break things as well but I continue to use them, like your mom I use my good stuff. We use sliver plate and good china everyday. I think we should not save our good stuff for company. Have a wonderful weekend

  10. ooooooooo, everything looks so nice. And the watermelon looks delectable. Loved your description of summer going fast down the rain-soaked hillside. I want to STOP it from speeding by. Susan

  11. You always take us to a wonderful place with each glorious post. How wonderful that you are able to enjoy the breeze and the fresh air of the country!!

  12. It looks wonderful! I love how the breeze is hitting the fringed cloth/picnic throw. I have that same throw and use it as a cloth, also.

    Your red, white, and blue table is fabulous.

  13. So sorry you took a tumble and to add insult to injury, broke dishes! Glad you didn't break any bones though! Love your patriotic alfresco-if-windy dining and I'm always happy to see ducks in your photos :) My MIL keeps threatening to get us a pair but I think I'll just feed and be entertained by the wild ones that swim up. I'd be a nervous wreck if they swam off and that they met some horrible fate with a hunter behind a duck blind on the lake.

  14. new here...I just loved this post : )

  15. I've just recently come across your blog (I'm a new blogger). Everything is just beautiful. We moved to the area a few months ago from Dallas and while it has been adjustment, we are constantly amazed at how beautiful everything is. I've been to Lebanon several times and have enjoyed each of my visits to that area! A lovely place!