Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lavender Week: The Novel Bakers

 Lavender Week
Presented by The Novel Bakers

My mother doesn't grow lavender, but she loves the color purple.
She wears purple eyeglasses, clothing, and sweaters.
Her wedding china was strewn with dainty violets. In the 1960s, she
added purple Fostoria goblets.
"Look around a garden, and you'll see purple," she always says.
This is true.
Mother Nature loves purple.

When I was planning lavender week, I went straight to my stash of Portmeirion, pulling together the purple Sophie Conran and exotic Botanic Garden dishes.  Sophie is a British food
writer and baker, and she understands the art and function of the table.

The Rosanna Parisian glasses were topped with organdy "bug" hats--always
a good idea at a humid picnic. (They're actually wedding favor thingies.)
I bought mine HERE.

The floral tablecloth is by ShalinIndia.

If you've been following lavender week, then you know about the
"lavender virgins" in my household--two burly guys who keep raising
their eyebrows when they see me holding a fragrant tin.
Picky eaters have always interested me, because I eat everything.
I like a culinary challenge.
What about a cake?
Sanding sugar  and sprinkles are irresistible and provide camouflage for ground up lavender.

It was just too muggy to have an outdoor dessert party,
so we headed inside.

Lilac flatware and sweet lavender plates were added to the dessert table.


A recap of the first three days of Lavender Week
and a hint of things to come.
Lavender Garden
Baby  Spinach/Peach/Berry salad with a lavender vinaigrette.

Lavender Granola

Lavender Honey Crab Cakes


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  1. I am a Lavender freak!!! I love everything lavender! That tablecloth is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely post:)

    1. Thank you! This is my first year to work with lavender (and I'll soon be 60!).
      I've enjoyed it tremendously.

  2. Stunning post. I recently just started cooking with lavender a few years ago when I bought my first lavender bush. It was so much fun. Your tablescape is just beautiful! Blessings, Catherine

  3. Thanks for including Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday's posts...I had missed them and will now go to find them.

    I love lavender and would have tons of it growing in the yard, but it will just not grow for me...[sigh]...we get too much rain and there is absolutely no place to sit large pots of it under cover...I just met someone on the other (drier) side of our island who is growing it successfully and can't wait to visit their place!

    1. We've had so much rain, my lavender plants spread out like spiders. I've got so much to learn about this herb. Hope you have a great time visiting the other side of your island!

  4. Wow, EVERYTHING is so beautiful! You have styled everything so artfully. Your cake looks delicious and if I don't get busy trying some of these recipes my curiosity is going to kill me.

  5. BEAUTIFUL post! I ADORE your dishes, all of them. And the purple glasses and flatware are SO pretty!!! Love the tablecloth too. The cake looks DELISH. XO

  6. PS, the lights flanking your door are DTF!!!!!!!

  7. love lavender.. thanks for sharing this gorgeous table.. yes, it's gotten too hot to be outside!! xo marlis

  8. its been a rough 24 hours for me, the purple is a welcome sight, sure to put a smile on anyone's weary face. the boots stuffed to the knees is adorable, with such a pretty backdrop to your hydrangeas. love the place setting, and how clever to have such a pretty bug deterrent!

    my heart just smiles at the shot of the pretty table with your barn and sheep in the distant corner, such a charmed life... (yeah we know its all work, but the play part looks fabulous!)

    oh how i would love a slice of cake... desperately! to have the crunchy sweet crust. the cake plate surrounded by lavender is a true thing of beauty~

    and then the plates the forks... oh so charming... how did everyone find such prefect lavender plates when i have looked for 20 years? its all just picture perfect, a lavender dream meal, yes i said meal, cake for dinner works just fine for me!

    love love love every bit of this post and the collages are fantastic to whet my appetite over and over! i am so glad we picked the soothing herb lavender for the week, i could not handle chili peppers on a week like this, i need the calming effects of lavender to waft over me, shanti!

  9. Just beautiful. I particularly love the shot in front of your new home and have enjoyed seeing it come together. Great lavender flatware.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  10. I love the bug hats and all of the purple Jennifer

  11. This is so dreamy! Just look at all that lavender goodness - the Laura Ashley wellies, that lovely table cloth, and all the pretty flowers and dishes. You girls have me craving lavender goodies. I think I need to make a cake! Oh, and I absolutely love the woven cake stand. How perfect! Thanks for sharing Lavender Week. I look forward to each new post! ~ sarah

  12. Absolutely beautiful!!! What are those plants that are in pots on the table with the cake? They are so pretty!

    1. Silk lavender. :-) My real plants are all bloomed out (and growing long, curly tendrils. I have no idea WHAT).

  13. Michael Lee, your photos are exquisite and how your style your food and accessories is stunning! I cam almost get a whiff of that wonderful aroma coming from your post... ahhhhhhh!!!

  14. Such beautiful tablescapes! I love lavender and purple is my favourite colour (next to blue...) I adore those pretty foks, and your cake - oh my it looks gorgeous!

  15. WOW! This was such a beautiful post! I looked & looked. I just love the outdoor setting, your beautiful tablecloth, plates, utensils and all the flowers! I don't own a thing that is lavender but I may be on a hunt soon.
    Blessings My Friend,

  16. the lavender plates are too perfect! I always love how you use blooms on your cakes and this mum topped lavender cake is no exception, proudly perched on the rattan pedestal, it makes a simple but dramatic statement...fully in charge of this lavender occasion!