Monday, September 2, 2013

The Novel Bakers Present "Gathering in the Garden"

 The Novel Bakers Present
Three Days of 
Gathering in the Garden:
Recipes and Ideas for Garden Parties
Shelley Snow and Elaine Husband.
When Jain, our organizer, suggested this book, I knew it would be a winner--Jain has a way of finding memorable books. But I had no idea how much I would adore Gathering in the Garden. Creativity abounds in this gem. The pages are adorned with
original art, fresh party ideas, and delicious menus, including recipes.
Right off the bat, I was entranced with the idea of making a scarecrow.
She is the grand dame, the perfect party organizer!

"Hello, there. I'm Minnie Pause."

Gathering in the Garden is filled with whimsical, fresh ideas
for year-round entertaining, such as a "tomato taste-off," sunrise breakfast,
angel luncheon, country covered dish supper, and so much more.

Today's post celebrates Chapter 12: "Top of the Hill Birthday:
Celebrating the Best That Is Yet to Be."

I loved the instructions: gild a bakery cake with flowers.

I added cupcakes and meringues.

Minnie Pause and I will return with the Novel Bakers on Wednesday, September 4th
for more garden adventures.
Please join the Novel Bakers this week ...
Three days of
Gathering in the Garden.
Monday, September 2nd
Wednesday, September 4th
Friday, September 6th
 Thanks for visiting!

A Metamorphosis Monday contribution.

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  1. Oh Minnie Pause is such a fashion plate! I love her flowered dress, hat, pearls and flattering shade of lipstick :) I always love when you gild cakes! What a beautiful way to start my morning... Your flower adorned table and patio are blooming in profusion and ready for fall with your mums and pansies! Everything here is wilted and ready for a fall transformation while I'm ready for lower humidity! Wishing you a Happy Labor Day at the farm!

  2. It's so nice to meet Minnie Pause, Michael Lee. She makes a cute addition to your yard. I consider you the Queen of Gilding, for no one can turn ordinary food into works of art like you can. This sounds like a great book to enjoy and savor. xo

  3. I am so enjoying the Novel Bakers and cannot wait for the rest of this week. What a great idea to adorn a bakery cake...a wonderful time saver when you're planning a party...and yours is just gorgeous!

  4. Mini Pause is the hostess extraordinaire! I love that she dressed to match her lovely desserts table full of sweets, treats and blooms! Her makeup is perfect for her garden party and the scene is utterly charming! I'm off to look for the delightful book, I love the Novel Bakers adventures~

  5. I love Minnie Pause!! And I love those blue glasses!!!

  6. OH MY! I read yours on my tiny cell this morn and cracked up at minnie, HYSTERICAL! i couldn't wait to get back to my big screen computer. that cake is gorgeous, but of course i am just to pleased with minnie to get past her pics! i wanted to do one too, but i wasn't able to find stuff on hand, and thank heavens i didn't try because you and mary have made my day, i would have had the ugly step sister and your beauties bring nothing by smiles for me!

    it must be the lips ;-) i imagine she is wearing channel #5 for her party too~

    a real looker!

    and she serves CAKE! with my favorite beachy colored glasses! and cookies too... oh my, this is totally my kind of afternoon.

    as usual you are fun fun fun with your presentation, i can't wait for MORE! thanks so much for playing, i will hold minnie near and dear to my heart forever~

  7. Garden Parties! I absolutely adore this theme and have ordered a book for myself and some for gifts. Minnie Pause is too cute in her string of pearls and bright red lips! She certainly knows how to through a garden party. Her flower gilded cake and cupcakes are too pretty to eat, so I'll have a double helping of the meringues. They are perfect for my summer diet. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing your "Top of the Hill" party. Look forward to the next party. ~ Sarah

  8. Wonderful post - whimsical, colourful and intriguing.

    That book sounds like a must have - my bday is next month, need to add that to my Wish List!

    Love your Minne. She's cute as ever.

  9. Both you and Mary have created such adorable ladies:) I love Minnie, her dress and hat are SO sophisticated especially with her PEARLS! You are the queen of adorning a store bought cake. Your yard still looks wonderful. Beautiful and fun post, ML.

  10. Minnie is so darn cute. Love the post and all the beautiful items you have in the post. Cake looks so yummmy....
    I am going right over to Barnes and Noble and get me the book.'Have a great week.

  11. I just love this post! Such whimsy! I am so motivated, I have ordered the book and can't wait for it to arrive. Thank you for this smile!

  12. Thank you for this wonderful and whimsical post! I was so motivated, I have ordered the book. I cannot wait for it to arrive. Thank you for the smile you put on my face!

  13. What a FUN take on the book! Minnie Pause is a hoot ~ and I love the bright, vibrant colors of Minnie's outfit, and how the goodies and table are so well coordinated with her ensemble. You've left me with a big grin on my face ~ thank you for that (on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday....

  14. Love your take on the book, so whimsical and light hearted, the way it should be!
    Only you can make a store bought cake look gorgeous!

  15. Oh what a fashionista that Minnie Pause....I so love this series you all have...your table is so beautiful...Looking forward to it!

  16. "Minnie Pause" LOL LOL LOL!
    I love how your mind works, ML...too funny! Her hat is ADORABLE & the lipstick was just the perfect shade.

    This whole scene makes me want to start summer all over again. We didn't get to entertain outdoors as much as I like, due to all the rain. Garden Parties are my most favorite & our season is so short.
    I'm off to check out the book right this minute.
    Thanks for sharing all the pretty ideas.
    (MUST. NOT. COVET. those hobnail glasses)