Saturday, October 12, 2013

Renovation Diary

 It's been a while since I've given a renovation update.

We're ready for fall.

The 8 foot doors have arrived.
I decided not to paint them black.

 Still love the "melon shaped" crystal knobs. 
This style is pretty, too.
Switching gears...
here's the inspiration photo for the kitchen. We've decided to try a clock and see how it looks in my kitchen.
I found a 22" distressed white clock at Amazon.
(Note: the white-white paint is only the primer. More later.)

The carpenter built a rough prototype, but we decided to leave off the intricate trim, as the clock idea might have to be scrapped. (Along with the corbels.)
The white clock is 22" in diameter.
My contractor, Mike, suggested that we find a smaller clock.

 A black clock probably won't work in my kitchen, as I don't have a black hood or range, and the eye would go straight to the black clock. However, I couldn't find a smaller white clock.
As Mike said, if we find the right clock, we can always paint it.
The carpenter is building another prototype for this clock. It's 20 1/2" high x 26" wide.
 The clock's housing is being built, and I'll have an update next week.

Meanwhile, I need to choose a finish for the kitchen cabinets.
BM Simply White is the color.
Must decide on semi gloss or satin.

Honestly, they look the same.
But the semi gloss has a slicker finish than the satin. It seems like it would be easy to wipe clean; but it reflects the light a bit more. That said, my kitchen can be a sizzling place, full of spatters. Just the other day, I had a doozy of a time removing dried pancake batter from a lower cabinet door.
Though I loved SW's Creamy, the color lives up to its name in real life. For the kitchen, I selected BM's Simply White because it doesn't have overpowering undertones. The colors in this room will be on the cool side.
Bandwidth held up a cabinet door against the white primer, and we were relieved
that the painted door wasn't stark white, but creamy (no yellow undertones).

The door on the left (below) is semi-gloss.

Satin is just a little more subdued. Bandwidth thought it was creamier.
Semi-gloss might reflect light in photographs...but this will be a working kitchen, only photographed for my blog.
If you've painted kitchen cabinets,
which finish did you choose?
Satin or semi-gloss?
Update on Zap: He's doing fine! His blood glucose is more stable than it has been in a week. He's holding down his food (special diabetic diet) and even took a walk with me yesterday.
Thank you SO MUCH for your kind comments and well wishes. xxoo

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  1. Dear God in HEAVEN! It's beautiful!



  2. Semi-gloss it is more durable for a working kit hen. It is looking good!

    1. Durability means everything to a messy cook. LOL Thanks, Mrs. Magpie.

  3. We were covering oak, so we used an oil based eggshell finish. Which I guess equates to a satin.

  4. Oh how lovely, no matter what you choose. It will be gorgeous! :)

  5. OMG that first picture knocked my socks off. The floor all the white wood, the chandy the windows it's stunning! Your kitchen is lovely too. What I wouldn't do for a kitchen that size and that beautiful!
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  6. Your kitchen is drop dead beautiful! Love everything and I really love the clock. If I remember correctly I used semi-gloss paint on the kitchen and it's about time to sand and repaint again. You have wonderful taste and everything you have completed is stunning. Hope your feeling better after the tick bites.

  7. You certainly are lucky to have a talented carpenter with a good eye that you can turn to for advice. The prototype for the clock is very attractive. Looks like you've gotten good advice about paint finishes above. I would chose the one that is easiest to clean and take care of.

    So relieved to hear that Zap is doing better and that you are having a nice weekend. Your renevations are really coming along well.

  8. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I would go with the semi gloss. The higher the gloss is the easier it is to clean and with white cabinets there is more cleaning. I have to clean mine regularly but it's worth it in my book. A white kitchen is so classic!

  9. We painted our kitchen cabs in semi-gloss - truly does make clean-up easier. I did a hallway in the same color as the kitchen cabs, but in satin finish and really don't like the way it looks. Just my opinion though!

  10. My cabinets are BM Simply White semi gloss and I've no complaint about them reflecting light. The semi gloss definitely wipes clean easier than the satin, important in a kitchen. Everything is looking good.

  11. Gorgeous......absolutely stunning...SWOONnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great week,

  12. It is incredible, Michael. Gorgeous!

  13. As for the paint, I had my kitchen cabinets painted w/a satin finish here in California. The carpenter and painter told me that satin and semi-gloss are equally durable and that it is purely a personal preference for one over the other. The painter told me that he prefers the satin finish on cabinets and furniture. My painted furniture is more of a satin so I went with that and have not regretted it, Satin cleans up extremely easily and absorbs light rather than reflecting it. Best wishes. All your projects are gorgeous!

  14. I had this same satin versus semi-gloss back and forth when we had our kitchen cabinets painted. I was totally leaning toward semi-gloss, but he finally convinced me to go with satin. And, I have loved it every day. We used BM, also. It has been very durable and easy to clean.

    Your kitchen design is stunning. I am so excited for you.

  15. Amazing home and kitchen is gorgeous!

  16. Hi Michale Lee! I love your new kitchen! It's going to be the most gorgeous and you'll be whipping up tasty food for us all. What do I know, but I love the semi gloss finish for kitchen cabinets. I have the most tiny and most humble kitchen in blogland but when we resurfaced our cabinet doors we used the semi gloss. Love it. But I don't get lots of natural light which I hate. Anyway, I scrolled down and read about your little Zap. Bless his little heart and I'm so glad he's doing better. How we love our little fuzzy faces. Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. So glad to know that Zap is doing better, Michael Lee! Your kitchen is going to be gorgeous! I'd go with the semi-gloss...less stress in clean up. You have wonderful taste! xo

  18. Gorgeous kitchen Michael. IMHO re paint finish for the cupboards; if you are using an Alkyd-based product I would opt for the Satin finish rather than the Semi-Gloss which I personally feel will have a higher sheen as opposed to an Acrylic (water) based paint. (Hope that makes sense.) With that said, visually it all comes down to personal taste re sheen/finish however for durability you cannot beat Alkyd (oil) based products and no one will convince me otherwise unless it (the acrylic) is formulated for exterior use. -Brenda-
    P.S: Looking forward to seeing the completed clock as I'm sure it will be amazing.

  19. Wow !!!! What a beautiful home and the kitchen is stunning. I love the clock idea. I had never thought of that before but it is a decorative and very practical addition. I have seen secretaries with Mora clocks and love them. I would definitely go with the satin paint finish. I think it just adds a more refined finish. I can't wait to see it complete. Thanks for sharing and I so enjoy all your marvelous recipes.