Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Anniversary Potting Shed

Today, Will and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary.
We were married in my parents' living room on October 20, 1978. My sociology professor
conducted the ceremony, and a shaggy-haired musician played the guitar and sang "Annie's Song."
I borrowed a wedding gown, and Will rented a gray tuxedo.

Will is the gardener in the family. I have a black thumb. Opposites attract, right?
It took him thirty-five years to get me in the garden. This summer, he noticed that our Jeep had turned into a mobile potting shed, crammed with tools, fertilizer, gloves, Round-Up bottles,
and various types of deer-repellent.
And dirt.
Will likes those things, no matter where they're stored. However, the Jeep had shrunk. It held only two passengers and minimal groceries, requiring some creative shuffling when the family went to see Gravity.
Earlier this summer, I found plans for a whimsical shed.
Just what two gardeners need.

Of course, I imagined a cute shed, filled with clay pots, glove boxes, and whatnots.


Will envisioned a place where twisted bags of soil were lined up along the wall. A place filled with power tools and hose pipes.
After 35 years, we have adjusted to our different styles. Girly vs the rough 'n tumble Big Guy.
Speaking of tumbles...
One evening, Will went up to look at his garden and fell down the hill.
It wasn't a big hill, but the ground gets harder every year. 
A tricksy incline wasn't the only problem.
Chiggers and ticks lurked in the small patch of grass that lay between the driveway and garden.
Not a biggie.
Unless the tick gives you an icky case of Lyme Disease.
Or a night-time tumble down the hill results in a herniated disc.
Will and I kept gardening through rain, infirmities, bugs, bruises, and rabbit-attacks. We weren't giving up. Our harvest has been puny, but when we drive up and see a majestic deer on the hill, we don't chase it off, we take pictures.
"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better."
--Albert Einstein.

We decided to commemorate our anniversary (and my milestone birthday) with
garden steps and a potting shed.
The Steps:
Bluestone steps with a broad landing.

Construction on the shed starts tomorrow, weather permitting.
(Prompting me to check the 7-day forecast every hour.)


Gardening isn't for sissies (me) or weaklings (me again),
but it gives you back ten-fold, even if the deer eat your tomatoes and you must buy Romas at Publix.
Digging in the earth is life-affirming.
"God Almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures."
--Francis Bacon, "Of Gardens."

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Steps and a shed are perfect for your 35th!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Like the potting shed design and steps you have picked out.
    My daughter is planning for her garden for next Spring. I am not a gardener, but told her to plant things the deer did not like. :)

  3. A potting shed and grand steps to your garden are a perfect way to celebrate this milestone birthday and your 35 years of marriage. Congratulations! Beautiful design for both.

  4. That potting shed is fabulous and I like how you photoshopped it in so we can envision how it will look in your yard. Happy Anniversary to you both.

  5. Happy anniversary wishes and I hope the weather cooperates with the construction plans.

  6. you have no idea how BIG my grin is! i love love stories. i love gardens. i love seeing a convert... ok and i love the darn shed, SEE WHY I AM SMILING! what a touching post, such a happy month for you, bday and anni, congrats on both! scott asked me to marry him on my bday and we married on his, makes life easy not having to remember to many dates ;-)

    so excited for you, love your cut and paste, can't wait to see it all come together before you two run into any more collateral damages!

  7. Happy Anny Michael! The steps sound like a great idea and I can't wait to see the finished potting shed! Something fun and functional, the best kind of gift:@)

  8. What a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. Your garden shed and the garden around it will be gorgeous. Enjoy!

  9. Happy Anniversary! Wow, 35 years! That's wonderful.

  10. Happy Anniversary! Love the potting shed.

  11. Love your stories and what a great potting shed. Happy Anniversary to you both and I hope you had a very happy birthday. May you & Will have many, many more wonderful years together.

  12. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to you too! Sounds fabulous to have a potting shed, especially such a beautiful one in such a gorgeous space.


  13. Happy 35th Anniversary! Loved hearing about your 1978 wedding - ours was in 1974 and I did manage to save some money for my gown. Weddings weren't huge events like they are now...we didn't have much money back then and folks just didn't throw money away on a wedding. My college room mate married in a park the same year (1974). I'm looking forward to seeing your cute potting shed! I finally gave up most of the yard work. I just can't do it anymore either. Your yard and home are just beautiful - all the planning and hard work are paying off.

  14. Happy Anniversary to you both and happy birthday to you!!!! I love the idea of a potting shed, I would have one in a heartbeat IF we were allowed:( BOO! Hope the weather holds for construction!!!!!

  15. Happy Anniversary--this is a wonderful way to commemorate the event!
    Dee :)

  16. God bless you real good and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!
    We celebrated our 39th in August.

    Those were the days,

  17. Happy Anniversary and belated Birthday wishes! I love the story of how you were married (we celebrated our 35th this year too- we married in April of 1978). The potting shed sounds wonderful- I need one too. My version of a potting shed would be a mix of both your visions!

  18. Happy Anniversary. Weren't the '70s a great time for low-key weddings? My husband and I will celebrate 37 years in November. Love the potting shed!

  19. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! How wonderful that the two of you are enjoying this adventure together.

  20. Happy Anniversary! I married a gardener and I have a black thumb. We are celebrating our 30th anniversary this week...a couple of weeks early. Your dream potting shed is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve.

  21. What a wonderful way to commemorate your special day! Happy Anniversary to you both!

    The traditional gift for 35 yrs. is coral & the modern is jade. May I suggest you think about these colors for your shed?? Just kidding! It will be a great place to work from & decorate in & around.

    I'm sorry that the doc really hurt his back though in that fall. (I guessed it was Will & not Bandy) Yikes! Praying that non-invasive remedies bring him relief & that he won't need surgery.


    p.s. Your roses are thoughtful of him!!

  22. Congrats, what a journey you have been on together~ you guys have had a tough year, I just have a feeling your new potting shed is going to be a good luck charm :)

  23. Happy Anniversary to you both. A potting shed is the perfect way to celebrate such a special occasion.

  24. Happy Anniversary! What a great gift. I know y'all will enjoy using the cute little potting shed!

  25. What a delight and privilege to visit you today (I've nipped across from Sarah at Hyacinths for the Soul)
    I've just returned to the UK (Scotland) from Melbourne Australia and I'm trying to get familiar with our garden. We've plans for so much but a veggie plot is high on the list. We just need to have a word with the locals ie deer, rabbits and anything else that'll take a fancy to my produce!
    Like you though I love them all and just grab my camera.
    We've just demolished a shed that had rotted whilst we were globe trotting but I think I've found a new design to replace it. Your's is adorable.
    I'm going to be your latest follower because I want to make sure I don't miss any of your posts.
    Happy Belated Birthday and Anniversary ;D

  26. Found your blog through Two Birdies and a B. LOVE your potting shed photos. I will subscribe as next step.

  27. A perfect way to celebrate an enduring love by nurturing. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.♥

  28. Great post. Happy Anniversary. I still love Annie's Song. I sat at the pool while my daughter took swim lessons and they played, and played it.

  29. Oh Happy that whimsical shed....and cannot wait to see the building process of it!! I know it will be spectacular!

  30. Happy Anniversary. Your wedding sounds so sweet and romantic. Today's weddings are all for "show" and very little in the romance department. I am looking forward to watching your anniversary shed as it is being built.... Candy

  31. Happy Anniversary~ what a wonderful gift to celebrate it and your milestone birthday too! Can't wait to see all the details!

  32. Happy 35th Anniversary to you lovebirds! I loved hearing about your wedding and can just picture it in my mind. The potting she'd is going to be beautiful and functional. Hope everyone is feeling well. xo

  33. Happy Anniversary, what a great gift! I wish you many more happy, healthy years with God's blessings.
    All the best!

  34. What a wonderful each other! I can't wait to see the finished product.

  35. Kudos to you for being thoughtful about the ecological footprint while constructing a Shed and a rain garden. Hope your blog inspires other people out there too. Cheers!