Monday, November 4, 2013

Dog People

This morning, my niece, Brittany, asked me about paint colors. While I was looking at Houzz for a few inspiration photos, I kept finding photos of dogs. Naturally I got sidetracked.

And I couldn't stop smiling.

Many thousands of years from now, anthropologists will look at Houzz and realize that 20th century humans were homemakers at heart. But the very heart of their homes belonged to four-legged critters.

Which one is your favorite? 

An adorable Shih Tzu takes a bubble bath in a Mediterranean tub.

A regal Cavalier looks perfectly at home in a red toile laundry room.

The dog--and the décor--are in perfect harmony.

An oil painting of a Yorkie and a real life terrier mix.

 JRTs romping on the lawn.

 All-white décor reaches new heights with a creamy staircase and a Westie.

 A bulldog in a blue bedroom.

 Homeowners made a comfortable niche for their toy poodle and Golden.

A pretty beige room with a fluffy beige dog.

 This dog found a secret passage.

Actress Denise Richards' residence is dog friendly and posh.

 A Golden Lab contemplates the new dog bath.

 Ah, a Yorkie!

 Yorkies shopping for patio furniture.

Dr. Will and I are Dog People, owned by our three remarkable Yorkies: Mister, Zap, and Murphy. The boys are foot-warmers, face-lickers, comediennes, nursemaids, and faithful companions.  
As Mister always says, "Dog people are GOOD people."

Do you share your world with a furball?

 Hope you are having a sunny, happy day.

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  1. yes, I share my home with three dogs too and I cant Imagine life without them. I try to get one of them pictured in each post but they don't always cooperate.
    Great post.

  2. I love all the photos and everyone of the little furry friends. We have a precious friend that is the head our house, Max. He fills our days with joy. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Miz Helen

  3. LOVE!!! Yes!! We are dog people. We've been owned by many four legged fubabies over the years, but our Bichon Keeper is the one who will always have our hearts. She fills our lives with such joy, funny moments, warm snuggles, bed hogging and love. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos.

  4. What would life be like without all of my furballs? Certainly less interesting. When I come home, they start happy barking. Where else can you go and find a being that is ready to jump and down and yell just because you came home. Never mind that you weren't gone long, you are there and that is reason enough to jump up and down and shout. We are owned by 3 dogs. 2 are rescues.

  5. Are there any other kind of people?? We have two Westies and a Yorkie who really thinks he is a lion......My house revolves around our Boyz.....They sleep with us, eat with us and hang out on the couch.......I can't imagine my life without furbabies....especially our Yorkie - Elvis - he is so special......I can't get enough of him!

  6. My shih tzu is reading this with me, so how can I not choose her bathing cousin!

  7. I just saw your post. We are animal lovers also. We were resuced by a 10 year old all black border collie named Molly. 4 years ago when we thought we were rescuing her from the local shelter, it turned out she really rescued us. She has each of us wrapped around her paw. Can't imagine life without her! (I love the red toile wallpaper in the laundry room pic)

  8. I couldn't image life with out my dogs. I have two - Waldo, Border Collie and Lili, Lab Dalmatian. Both are rescued dogs and are the love of my life/ Waldo is ALWAYS so busy doing things and making walk the way he wants to go and will stay with me in the garden until I come in. Lili is a diva and the sweetest dog you will ever want to meet. She never barks - someone was very mean to her. Where ever I am they are right beside me.