Saturday, December 14, 2013

Renovation Diary

 On this cold, rainy evening, I'm drinking eggnog and looking at the latest
photos from the renovation.

The kitchen should be finished by the end of December.
In addition to the lanterns, I'd asked the electricians to give as much
light as they could, and they did an exceptional job.
The lanterns are by Currey & Company. I found them online.

I added a prep sink in the island and a disposal.

A peek at the granite (my GC covered it to prevent accidental
scratches). The tile sample was pretty but way too white for this room,
Since the kitchen is on the fast-track, and I'm having trouble
finding a backsplash, I've decided to just paint the walls for now and wait for
until I have time to visit a few tile stores.
For the paint, I'll pull a color from the granite.

The floors are in the process of being refinished. They were sanded
and sealed (clear). 

Below, the wallcolor is BM Ballet White, a soft gray-beige, which changes with the light.
The trim is BM Simply White. It has few tricky undertones.


 The Master Bath is coming along. We ordered two vanities from Restoration
Hardware (minus the marble tops). The large piece came with two undermount sinks, but I didn't need three sinks; the carpenter reworked the space. 
I'm looking for a chandelier.

Since I needed counter tops, I went shopping for scraps of marble and granite--I've found great buys in the past. I was intrigued by a marble-like slab of granite at the fabricator's shop. It was the only one, just enough to cover the vanities and tub surround. 


The walls were repainted BM Ballet White (25% darker). The ceiling is BM Ballet
White (25% lighter). Trim is BM Simply White.

The small vanity fit the wall perfectly.
Rather than ordering the RH faucets, I ordered Kohler (old fashioned type, polished nickel, but much less $$) from a local store.
 Moving on to the potting shed.
Here is the inspiration picture.
Need to decide on colors, windows, and walls.

The bluestone steps to Will's garden are coming along.

The copper squares are lights.

Time to pick a weathervane. Which one do you like?


 Thanks for taking the tour with me tonight.
Stay warm this weekend!

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  1. As I sit here with my space heater keeping my toes warm and a complete snowy world just outside my window, I am enjoying trying to catch up on some light blog reading. REALLY enjoyed seeing how things are moving along there, yay!

    That home, I swear once it is done and you are in it and all settled I am coming there to visit - seriously just WOW x a bajillion. What a home, holy smokes lady it is so awesome.

    As for my opinion, sure love to give it out haha - the first one, for sure, It's timeless and classic. You can't go wrong, and it will be perfect on the bell roof.


  2. Looks great! All of your selections are beautiful. I prefer the1st's classy.

  3. OMG Michael Lee, I could just faint dead away. Your kitchen is stunning! The huge moldings atop the cabinets are to dream of. . .and the granite in both rooms is stunning. You will have so much fun cooking in that wonderful kitchen.

    Did I miss your Christmas tree? I'll have to check back a few posts. Finally got a tutorial up sharing how I wrap my tree in ribbons.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  4. Wonderful to tour tonight. It's so cold here that this tour was heart warming.

  5. Everything looks lovely. My mom had an antique bronze weathervane with a horse and surrey. She bought it at an antique store on layaway for about $70. That thing sells for way more on sites like ebay nowadays. She had it in her garden until a hale storm put some dings in it. Now it rests inside her barn. :)

  6. Oh goodness pretty lady, this kitchen is going to be FABULOUS, just perfect to go with you!!! Love those weathervanes, specially the piggy one, lol!

  7. Looks like things are winding down and with beautiful results.
    Rain was out of this area before daylight, but damp cold all day - so ready for Winter to be over.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  8. It's looking gorgeous! I, of course, love the flying pigs! That's just my twisted sense of humor... :)

  9. Your house will be (almost there now), absolutely gorgeous! Love the huge window in the kitchen too!

  10. Hello Michael Lee! Your home is beautiful inside and out....just like you! :)
    I think it's wonderful that you share these photos with all of us. And for your weather vane, I like numbers three and four. Both for obvious reasons!

  11. that was delightfully fun, i needed the extra smiles, its all looking so wonderful, you are creating a perfect little estate inside and out~

  12. It's all coming together beautifully! That potting shed is terrific, along with the garden steps! You have such a lovely piece of property with a wonderful house on it!

  13. Oh my, is coming along so beautifully! *big sigh* I'm happy for you to be able to create such a lovely environment to live & work in. After all, you DO work at home, so this is your office, too.
    Those floors are GORGEOUS & so are the counters. I love all the soft, creamy wall colors you picked.

    I kinda like the weathervane with the hearts & scrolls, but that's because they remind me of quilting designs, I think.
    The pigs are cute, too, but I just prefer classic designs over whimsical...especially when you're going to have to live with it up there a long, long time. I never did get one put on our gazebo. :*-(

    I hope everyone at your house is healthy & healing & you're enjoying a lovely holiday season. We are & I'm so grateful for the *calm* at the moment.


  14. All so pretty! I'm sure you are so happy it's nearing completion!

  15. I can't even imagine being able to plan and create all that awesomeness! I like the fourth weather vane, a nice simple bit of whimsey.

  16. Wow! Wow! Wow! You did it and then some. Can you say FABULOUS??? I sure can!



  17. I am constantly amazed at your talent and energy to take on such a project. Your granite selection is gorgeous and so are those lanterns. I'm a big fan of lanterns and have a pin board dedicated to them :) I know you must be pleased that it's finally coming together and the carpenters and crew can go home and you can enjoy all of this beauty for yourselves

    I prefer the first weather vane. It's very classy and you will never tire of it. I like a bit of whimsy, but I like to be able to move my whimsy around from time to time and a weather van probably isn't easy to move.
    Happy holidays and stay warm.

  18. Oh, how exciting this must be for you - finally it is all coming together, quite beautifully, and you are almost at the finish line!!! This was such a major undertaking - don't think I could have managed as well as you have - I can barely handle one major project a year. Can't wait to see the completed spaces!!!! Happy Holidays!

  19. Everything is really looking great! You're doing a wonderful job. Just a quick thing to note when you choose your plumbing fixtures. Moen faucets have a lifetime guarantee. If one goes bad (and this has happened for a client of mine in the past) Moen will send a replacement at no cost.