Thursday, March 20, 2014

Foodie Friday -- March 21st Recipe Linky Party

 Welcome to Foodie Friday, where great food is always on the menu.
I'm happy to see you this week. Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, and a
huge helping of Emergency Dessert.
No calories, of course.
Have you ever been in a situation where company is coming, and you
have a choice: clean the house or bake a cake?
If you have time to bake, stop reading and skip to the bottom of this post.
But if you choose to tidy your house, I've got the perfect cake for you.
 My family calls it ...
The Emergency Dessert.

Simple, stunning, and sublime--in five minutes.

How to Make an Emergency Dessert

Start with a grocery-store lemon pound cake and two fresh lemons.
Take the cake out of the plastic container and set on a rack.
Using a fork, poke holes all over the top of the cake.
Make a simple confectioner's sugar icing--powdered sugar and lemon juice.
You can tint it with food coloring or add a fruit puree (if you have time).
Spoon the icing over the cake and wait until it has "set."
Transfer the cake to a platter or pedestal.
If you have a fresh raspberries (or any type of fruit), pile them
in the center of the cake, reserving a few for garnish.
Edible flowers add a romantic touch. Just snip off the stems
and tuck the flowers on the top of the cake.
I added a few candy sprinkles, too.
That's it.
A super fast, fool-proof dessert.


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  1. What a beautiful cake and yummy too...I think I would even eat the gorgeous roses, lol! Thank you for sharing the tip on how to créate this beauty. I'm very happy to be at your great food party with a homemade Brioche bread. Thank you for hosting. HAPPY SPRING TO YOU, SWEET LADY!!!

  2. Swooning over your cake and those flowers and raspberries! What a BEAUTIFUL emergency dessert,...much better than opening a package of fig newtons, simple yes, but stunning & sublime they are not :)

  3. What a great idea and a beautiful cake, I love your Emergency Dessert. Hope you have a great weekend, enjoy the sunshine! Thanks so much for the party!
    Miz Helen

  4. Thanks for hosting and your emergency cake is fantastic!!

  5. Ever a feast or a famine with me ... despite having been a bit of a stranger the last few weeks, I have managed to link up three posts this week. Thanks you so much for hosting and for sharing this amazing emergency dessert - that is truly stunning and definitely an idea I will be borrowing. I may not even wait for an emergency!

  6. Ooh la la, Michael Lee, you're the best store-bought food stylist ever and the dessert looks stunning! Thanks for the impressive idea and thanks for hosting! xo

  7. Well this is one amazing emergency cake! Gorgeous, Michael Lee!

  8. Beautiful cake! Would love a slice about now, but not sure about eating the roses.

  9. I think flower topped cakes are your signature Michael Lee, but I must say that adding the tinted lemon glaze is genius! Wowza, what a show stopper! This is going in my file emergency or not, brilliant!

  10. That certainly looks gorgeous! I keep a container of crumb mixture in the frig and some sliced apples in the freezer. Throw the apples in a pretty baking dish and top with the crumbs. Bake and the company will think you have been slaving all day when they get the aroma of the apple crisp baking.
    I posted that shrimp you were interested in, and made arancini for the first time, Italian rice balls.
    Thanks for hosting, ML!

  11. Thanks so much for hosting, Michael Lee! It's always a pleasure to browse your party:-) And that cake....... Y.U.M.!!!
    May light, love and laughter fill your weekend!
    Blessed be,

  12. What a beautiful cake and such a great idea too. I've saved it because I know I will need it sooner or later. Maybe as soon as this weekend with people that "may be" coming to lunch, or maybe not. Why can't you just say yes or no :)

    Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  13. This is the perfect trick to have up your chef's sleeve.

  14. Love this cake!! What a great idea when you're short on time. We actually had the same thing on top of our wedding cake- real pink roses and they were beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Katie @ Katie's Farm

  15. The cake looks absolutely beautiful - I can just imagine how fragrant it is with the fresh lemons and raspberries. So delighted to join your party -

  16. What a beautiful cake (almost to pretty to eat)! Thanks for hosting:)

  17. What a beautiful cake. Almost too pretty to eat! Thanks for hosting:)

  18. What a beautiful dessert. Thank you for sharing it.

  19. What a gorgeous cake! Great idea and lovely presentation!

  20. That's a beautiful sight -- it must taste wonderful, too!

  21. Dear Michael, your cake is simple and just absolutely stunning. It's a perfect center piece for the Easter and Spring gatherings. Thank you for hosting another lovely week of Foodie Fridays. Blessings, Catherine


  22. My goodness, your so called "Emergency Cake" is beautiful!! It needs a gorgeous name. Your photos are so lovely too!

    I am pinning this recipe. Thank you for hosting.

  23. If that's an emergency cake I'd like to see something you've made when you go all out!
    Thank you for hosting!

  24. If that's what you call an emergency cake I'd like to see one when you go all out!
    Thanks for hosting!

  25. That cake is beautiful! What a great idea!

  26. Oh, that cake is gorgeous! I love this idea!!! Thank you!



  27. Your cake is gorgeous!!! I don't have much experience with edible flowers but you made me want to go out and get some now! Perfect cake for Easter!