Thursday, March 27, 2014

Foodie Friday -- March 28th

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What have you brought today?

It's been a while since I've given you a kitchen update. The backsplash 
has been installed.

I'm waiting for the beadboard panels to be installed. Below, you
can see where I tested various colors. (More later.)

And here is the good doctor, checking out the refrigerator. 

The beadboard panels have been painted BM Fieldstone. 

I'm inching forward, trying to decide about the kitchen's style direction.
I do like black and white, which will allow me to decorate with tartan reds and greens in Christmas
and pink in the springtime. It's safe, will work with just about all tablescapes, and I like that.

I like the Madeline counter stool from Restoration Hardware.

In the breakfast room, we're adding a bay window.
I am drawn to upholstered chairs (I know).

Love chairs from Ballard Designs, too. I could order several slips--and I can
choose the finish on the legs.

Adorable pleated slips.

And then I saw this photo on Pinterest. I tracked it down.
The furniture is made by Baker. The chairs are dark, but not black.
Love the shape. Wonder if they are comfortable?

I found another inspiration photo and tracked the source. The furniture is, or was, made by Lexington. I love the white slips and dark wood.

Here and HERE.

It just so happens that I have a roundish table, though it will need painting.
(Hello, Spring and fresh air for DIY projects!)

Below,  you can see a little bit of the breakfast room. Excuse the refrigerator. The room was been painted BM Simply White, and a bay window will be added.
Do you think it'll work?

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Until next time,

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  1. Oh my gosh your kitchen is gorgeous. Thank you for hosting.

  2. Great to see some more progress on your kitchen - it's looking fabulous. Thanks for hosting.
    Sue xo

  3. Oh your kitchen looks spectacular already! I adore the ceiling with the wonderful light and your tile with the counters look spectacular! I love the idea of slipcovers on chairs for the seasons. The Baker ones have great lines but the Lexington ones look more comfy to me. Keep Calm and Decorate On! :)

  4. Words can't describe how jealous I am of that gorgeous kitchen of yours :)
    Thank you for hosting another great party, Michael Lee!

  5. Ooh Michael Lee, the kitchen is looking so the backsplash! I'm loving the slips on the chairs, too. Oh, so many decisions. I can't wait to see it all finished in it's glory. xo

  6. Thank you so much beautiful lady for the great food party! Your back splash looks great and your entire kitchen is amazingly gorgeous! All the inages are so inspiring and beautiful too. Can't wait to see your breakfast área revealed!
    I'm so happy to be here with a carrot cake turned into an adorable home made baby cake. Have a lovely evening and a great weekend ahead. I hope your weather in your neck of the Woods is getting so like Spring.

  7. You are getting so close and it's too fabulous~wouldn't it be fun to have a wardrobe of chair slips :) I can't wait to see what you choose! Thanks for the delicious party,

  8. Your kitchen is just beautiful! I love the idea of black and white, the Lexington pic is my favorite.

  9. Great party and your kitchen is to die for - it's simply beautiful. What a treat to be able to cook in there.

  10. Wow, now that is some kitchen. Id find a job where I would have to stay at home and be in the kitchen all day! Gorgeous!

  11. Michael, it is a dream kitchen! Showstoppingly gorgeous! I am applauding loudly and doing a happy dance for you and the good doctor and Bandy!

    Those chairs from Baker are fabulous! The others are great choices, too. And I like the idea of black and white in there and the idea of slipcovers. Pat at Back Porch Musings has a great looking dining room set that came with the slipcovers. I am trying to remember if it was Lexington. It was on her previous blogspot blog if you want to search it. I don't have a link.

    I love where this is headed, and I almost forgot to say the barstools are great. I need some, too.

    Oh, and on a different note, I have come close to ripping out my hair with a meeting I am hosting. Have been getting eight different tablescapes together with tweaks to seven. It has been a logistical challenge as it is at our home. I will post some of it down the line, if I am not committed first! ;-) Notice the time.... I am wide awake after getting a drink with an extra shot of expresso. Argh!

    Keep up the good work!



    1. When I Googled the image, Pat's DR table came up. I knew I'd seen it before and loved it. (I love her wall color, too--such a gorgeous shade of blue.)

  12. I am back! There isn't a search on Pat's old blog so I googled it and found the post and the DR set! It was Lexington, and she gave us the info. It was the first time I commented on her blog before I had one, and you commented to her, too! Anyhow, she said, "The table is Lexington~Long Cove Collection. The style name is Fall River. The chairs are Lexington~Long Cove Collection in the Summerville style." There was another post with pictures on her new blog, but in the original, she said the table had several leaves and that she could add some chairs she painted black to the mix when they needed more than four. I think she has been very happy with her set. I love her dining room, and the slips are great. I mentioned earlier that she said they came with the set. Hope this helps! So if you go with a Lexington set, I think maybe you would be pleased with the quality. xo

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I love Pat's DR, too. I can't find Long Cove on the Lexington site, or the slipped chairs. It may have been discontinued. I told Bandy that I may paint our kitchen table--it's Lexington (and discontinued). The shape is very close to Pat's table. However, Bandy was horrified that I'd paint our table. I just need to ponder the positives (shape/style is perfect; will save $) and negatives (I could ruin the table). Thanks again!

  13. My goodness, Michael Lee....that is going to be one amazing kitchen. I redid mine two years back so I know the fun/insanity you're living with. I have a panorama shot of mine on my G+ if interested.
    As always... Thanks very much for hosting!
    May light, love and laughter fill your weekend :-)
    Blessed be,

    1. Michael, thanks for telling me about your kitchen. I'll look it up.

  14. I am so impressed with the progress in your kitchen. It is gorgeous already. Love the idea of different slip covers for different seasons. Thanks for hosting and have a lovely weekend.

  15. I LOVE your new kitchen!!!
    As always, thanks for the terrific party Michael!

  16. Quite a project you have going, and I'm sure when it's finished your kitchen will be the envy of many. Like you I love fabric on chairs . Slip s are great because they can be laundered.

  17. OMG! I have such kitchen envy. If I had that kitchen, I would probably need to install a little bed area, because I wouldn't ever want to leave it!

  18. Love your kitchen! Thanks for hosting!

  19. Hi Michael! I am new to your party, thank you for hosting! Wow, that is a wonderful kitchen! So much light and space! Will be looking forward to seeing your progress on it!

  20. Oh, I'm afraid I have kitchen envy! Gorgeous, Michael Lee! Love the idea of the slip covered chairs. Thought about doing that for ours. Delores at Vignette Design has wonderful covers with monogram on her host and hostess chairs.
    Enjoy the process. You are almost there! '-)

  21. You're kitchen is amazing! I love your taste in furniture as well. I've linked up my moist banana cupcakes.

    Have a great weekend!

    Melissa @ The Alchemist

  22. That will be one gorgeous kitchen, when completed! Thank you so much for hosting, it's my first time stopping in to share.

  23. OMG! the kitchen is just beautiful!!! You must have it featured in Traditional Home Magazine! As a matter of fact the whole house needs to be it!
    Happy Saturday!

  24. Your kitchen is gorgeous. Just when I thought I'd gotten over wanting to build a house (with a giant kitchen)! Linked up a Chicken Marsala--easy in any kitchen!

  25. OMGolly - your kitchen is coming so nicely. I am always so excited for an update. Wow, even have goosebumps for you.

    Yay oh yay, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Whoo hoo! : - )