Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kitchen Details for the Home Chef

Late at night when I'm trying to sleep, I plan kitchen storage. 

My pantry (above and below) is narrow but wonderfully functional. White dishes and Ironstone are stored on bookshelves. Canned items and staples are hidden behind doors. A counter holds my KitchenAid and breadbox. On the opposite wall, a tiny sampling of cookbooks are stuffed into a small library stand. Vintage draperies make me smile.

Square islands are great for two cooks. This one has plenty of drawers and prep space. 

This kitchen belongs to a talented chef.

I'm entranced by this kitchen. It has two handsome pot racks and plenty of work space--plus a TV.
When you're alone in the kitchen, making a roux, the time flies by when you're listening to a cooking show or catching up on the news.

Speaking of pot racks, Martha Stewart has a fine one.
Other: Martha Stewart's kitchen on Houzz

A studio vibe sets the tone in this industrial style kitchen. It's unfitted and customized for someone who loves to cook.

Sleek and modern, this kitchen has plenty of elbow room--and a separate baking/prep area.

A calming contemporary L-shaped kitchen has storage galore.

Do you recognize this famous kitchen?
It's Barefoot Contessa's studio kitchen, equipped with twin Sub-Zeros, a pro range, a cooktop on the island, and generous counter space.
Other Barefoot Contessa's kitchen on Houzz

Here, the footprint dictated the layout, but the owner chose to use vertical space to
store essentials. The reclaimed wood counters are a showstopper.

Serious cooking goes on here, with Sub-zero refrigerator drawers, a KitchenAid, and knife set. 

Open shelves add charm and function to a coffee station. 

Instead of building a pull-out spice drawer, this homeowner opted for utensil storage--a great idea.
I don't know about you, but my spatulas are always buried in a drawer.

A pull-out knife rack is tucked away, leaving the counters open for prep work.

A deep, divided drawer is an ingenious use of space to store pans.

A wide utensil drawer: the stuff of dreams.

A cabinet holds spices, oils, canned goods, dishes, and staples. Below,
you'll find storage for serving pieces.
Traditional Kitchen by New Rochelle Closet & Home Storage Designers transFORM | The Art of Custom Storage

In this home bar, the dust-catching bottles are tucked away in pull-out drawers.

This walk-in pantry added lazy Susans in the corner. 
Tablecloths hang on a rack.

Wooden pegs keep dishes from sliding around in deep drawers.

If you don't have a walk-in pantry, you can find storage in lower cabinets:
Double doors hide a small gourmet store in this cook's kitchen.

A white galley pantry keeps a chef's tools handy.

Whoever planned this storage took time to measure platters, bowls, and small appliances.
The result is a well crafted kitchen.

A built-in cabinet hides spices, condiments, bottles, and jars.

Bandwidth's perfect kitchen would include heavy duty metal racks.
I like them, too. 

Today's kitchen gawking has put me in the mood to cook. 
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  1. Kitchen designs are a great place for dreams to come true though for a kitchen to have everything I'd like to have, it would have to be a mighty big space!

    1. A few years ago, I saw photos of a Buckhead kitchen--two islands. Would love to have seen detail shots of the gadgets and drawers (or the pantry)!

  2. I absolutely love this collection of wonderful kitchen and pantry photos. I would LOVE a glass door refrigerator!

    Patricia @

  3. *Sigh*

    We both cook and entertain a LOT. We sooooooooooooo need a smarter more functional and better kitchen. BUT it is the very best one I've ever had, so I can't complain TOO much. It all still gets cooked, but sheesh it needs help.

    1. My Mimi used to say that cooking and entertaining add magic to a kitchen. (She had a pink kitchen back in the 50s).

  4. Your pantry is so pretty and has such a personal touch to it. I adore lamps in the kitchen. I like to turn off all of the lights except the lamp to signify that the kitchen is closed. This post is fabulous and I pinned every idea. You've highlighted so many new ways to organize storage in the kitchen.

    1. Oh, thanks so much, Sam! Love your idea of using a lamp as a signal.

  5. Beautiful kitchen inspiration. Love your pantry and all the lovely white dishes. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I feel SO fortunate. In this new house my kitchen is very organized now. The base cabinets all came with pull out shelves. Then we installed special racks in the cabinets by the stove to store all the pots and lids. I have 2 teeny, tiny antries but use turntables on every shelf for cans etc. and installed racks on the doors as well. My spices are in the corner top cabinet on turntables and all in alphabetical order. Turntables are a Godsend!!!! Thanks for this post, I got a few more ideas:) Hope all is well with you ML!!!

  7. OMGoodness, such FABULOUS KITCHENS each one, Michael! Your pantry is gorgeous with all that amazing collection of white dishes...always the most beautiful in a kitchen display! I love my kitchen too and thanks so much for sharing all these great ones, plus so much inspiration!

  8. I pinned practically every photo! Just dreaming!

    1. And a dream kitchen doesn't require upkeep!

  9. I love your pantry~I bet you smile when you walk in there...all the kitchens are totally dreamy. In my dream kitchen I would have a butler's pantry big enough to store all my dishes and tabletop things~I create tablescapes in my head when I can't sleep :)

  10. Wow, lots of great ideas here. I better start buying lottery tickets.

  11. Tons of fabulous ideas.especially from your kitchen! I have always loved white kitchens with tons of storage, and a huge island full of refrigerator drawers...thats my favorite!