Thursday, August 7, 2014

Foodie Friday -- August 8th

Welcome to Foodie Friday, where great food is always on the menu.
 My old white outdoor table fell apart, and while picking up the boards, I managed to step on yet another nail. But the news was good. I'd just had a Tetanus injection (so I didn't need to worry about that), and Mr. Mutz is repairing the table. 

Let's take a look at the most popular recipes at last week's Foodie Friday.

My Carolina Kitchen's  "Orzo Salad" was the most-viewed, with it's jewel-toned colors and rich textures. Sam says this recipe will feed a crowd. I'll be right over Sam!

The second most-viewed recipe was Message from Mimi's "Playing with my Dishes."  During the scorching days of August, the best way to cool off is to bring out sparkling green glassware. Just beautiful, Mimi!

Adorable cookies by Mimi's Kitchen  were the third most-viewed.Mimi provides the foundation recipe for sugar cookie dough--and tons of inspiration. Mimi, you're an artist!

Foodie Friday's thought for the week:

Are you contributing a recipe to this week's Foodie Friday?
 If so, locate the blue Inlinkz icon in the lower, left-hand portion of this post. Click on the icon and follow the directions. After you complete the process, you will see a red "x" beside your name. This allows you to delete your link if you made an error; the red "x" is visible to you only.

You can read a complete guide to this linky party HERE.

If you'd like to share your food photos--or photos of other FF participants on Pinterest, join the Pinterest foodie board, Consuming Passions. Leave a message on the most recent "pin" if you'd like your name added to the list.

If you'd like to share your food photos--or photos of other FF participants on Pinterest, join the Pinterest foodie board, Consuming Passions. Leave a message on the most recent "pin" if you'd like your name added to the list.

***Participants' photos will be pinned to Foodie Friday's group Pinterest board.   

Every Friday, we are joined at this big, virtual table--thank you for stopping by today. I'm grateful to all of you who spend your days cooking. I'm grateful to old and new friends who contribute recipes every week. I'm grateful to friends who leave a comment. I'm grateful for the silent folks, because you are brought here by your love of all things culinary.

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Have a fun, food-filled weekend.


  1. Beautiful table and flowers! The features are gorgeous too ~ can't wait to try that salad. Thanks so much for hosting!


  2. I loved the features. The tablescapes are wonderful! I don't have tablescapes or food, so I'm not joining the fun party, but I am cruising your guests.
    Have a gorgeous rest of the week.

  3. Ouchie, Michael Lee! Your poor foot and what we do for blogging!! Your table is beautiful and thank you for hosting and sharing with us. xo

  4. I am so pleased everyone liked my orzo salad. Thanks so much for the feature. Ouch, stepping on a nail, but you made a beautiful table and I'm so glad to hear your your foot will okay. Sounds just like something I would do.

    Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Oh my gosh there is some good stuff here. So sorry about your foot. I hope you heal quickly.


  6. Everything looks so pretty, I love the lavender and Sam's Salad is wonderful!

    Have a great weekend and be careful where you walk, thanks for the party!
    Miz Helen

  7. What a beautiful table! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!

  8. Absolutely wonderful features this week - love the salad! I had a tetanus shot not too long ago when I cut my finger - I hope you heal soon! At least your good for 10 years ;) Thank you for being an inspirational, gracious hostess!

  9. Thanks Michael Lee, your tables are soooo pretty, I am a sucker for pink and purple in the summerime~

  10. Ouch! I know that was painful. Hope it feels better soon.
    Both table settings are gorgeous. They are refreshing and make me want to pull up a chair and have a bite to eat.

  11. Oh, I like the Stay Calm and Eat Pie motto! Who doesn't like pie? Thanks for hosting!

  12. Oh no- stepping on nails - NOT fun. I hope you heal quickly, ML. Healing hugs.

  13. Well, at least you were still covered by your tetanus shot!! Ouch!

  14. Hello cute lady! Thanks for hosting such a fabulous party. Please come and party with us. We would love to have you! http://LOULOUGIRLS.BLOGSPOT.COM/

    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  15. How exciting, Michael! Thanks so much for featuring my tables cape. I am honored.

  16. I love joining in at FOODIE FRIDAY! What a yummy place to be! Thanks, Michael Lee! Sorry about your table and your foot!