Thursday, September 11, 2014

Foodie Friday -- Picnic Week with the Novel Bakers

Welcome to Foodie Friday
Picnic Week with the Novel Bakers!

 I hope you enjoy my little picnic in the garden. The salad
jars are acrylic, super light in a basket.

My fellow Novel Bakers have outdone themselves with Picnic Week. 
The girls have posted every day with gorgeous picnics, each one unique and unforgettable. You'll find yourself totally swept up in picnics for all seasons. 
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Every Friday, we are joined at this big, virtual table--thank you for stopping by today. I'm grateful to all of you who spend your days cooking. I'm grateful to old and new friends who contribute recipes every week. I'm grateful to friends who leave a comment. I'm grateful for the silent folks, because you are brought here by your love of all things culinary.

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Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Poor sweet Zap. Have you seen that video of the woman with her last day with her dog? She gives him hamburgers and he gets to do all the stuff he loves. I cry every time, but it is so special.

  2. Please give Zap a hug for me and hope your back is better soon! Take care and get rest, thanks so much for the party!
    Miz Helen

  3. I just love that your little Zap still perks up when it's time to head to Home Depot! You sure have your hands full with caregiving, Michael Lee, and then poor you with a sprained back and computer problems! How did you mange to put together a beautiful picnic? Thank you for hosting even with all the stress you're under. xo

  4. Sending good wishes to Zap and big huts. Sounds like trips to Home Depot are fun for him. Thanks for hosting.

  5. I'm glad Zap is hanging in there but sorry to hear about your back, I had to google what a TENS machine was! Your soft and faded Oakleaf hydrangeas make a beautiful back drop for your picnic. I love the idea of lightweight jars for toting and your salad looks delicious. Tell Zap to enjoy his ride in the car but not to use his credit card at Home Depot :)

  6. Thank you for hosting. Hope everyone gets better at your house; you have had your share and then some.


  7. So sorry Zap isn't well :( Thank you for hosting.

  8. Aww sad to hear Zap isn't feeling better, how's hubby broken tooth? hope your back isn't to hurt. Thanks for hosting the "original" Foodie Friday, I saw another blog with Foodie Friday. I love a picnic, I've been looking at the others also, your ladies sure know how to "put-on-the-dawg". Love the flowers in the bucket and the quilt table top is so colorful and cheery.

  9. My heart breaks for you Michael Lee, it is so hard to bear a furry friend in distress...I am so sorry you haven't been able to fully enjoy the treats you Novel Bakers have brought us this week, everyday a picnic delight and a treat for the eyes~ your picnic is perfect for a day when there is no time to linger in the kitchen, some antipasto and a jarred salad is perfection, with a glass of wine of course! hugs~

  10. good to see you back again, so glad zap is hanging in with his mommy, every moment counts. i still can't get over zapping your computer, but i have been known to toast my laptops prematurely ever since menopause... i radiate heat and it ain't pretty, and costly too!

    such a darling basket! your table looks fresh and delightful, just what you need after such a fretful week. i have to say your wine is one of my favorite winery gardens, i was just thinking of going there last weekend, timely post indeed.

    i know this was one of the worst weeks for you to be a novel baker, thanks so much for mustering up in the end, raising a toast to your whole family for good health and better times ahead~

  11. Hope Zap gets to feeling better soon.
    Have never used a Tens, but have wondered it one would help my lower back.
    A very pretty picnic table and looks good. No picnics here today - torrential rains. Hope they calmed before getting to your area. The only positive side - the front lowered the temps a lot.

  12. What a great picnic . Your photos are beautiful. Hope your back is better soon and enjoy your time with Zap.

  13. Hi, Ladies! Autumn is in the air tonight with all of your great recipes. They look fantastic! Thanks for all of your good wishes for Zap. xxoo

  14. I'm sure the folks at Home Depot know you and sweet Zap well ;o) I hope the TENS is helping with your sprained back. I work for a company that rented and sold them for many years, but I never knew about the computer problems! I've enjoyed your beautiful picnics. Thank you for hosting. xo

  15. Good morning and Happy Friday! Your picnic looks lovely - what an adorable picnic basket. Prayers to you and your friend Zap.

  16. Your picnic party is so inspiring, I've made a date with Hubby to have a top-down Sunday ride to a local winery and picnic - thank you for the idea! Give your Zap an extra cuddle from this doggie lover - hugs to you :-)

  17. Hope Zap gets well soon! Thanks for hosting and have a great weekend!

  18. Such a gorgeous picnic..thanks for hosting!

  19. Hello cute lady! I always love stopping by your party each week. I hope you get a chance to swing by our party. We would love to have you!
    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  20. Belíssimo e inspirador.
    Tenha um ótimo fim de semana.

  21. Your picnic is beautiful! Thanks for hosting!