Monday, September 8, 2014

Picnic Week with the Novel Bakers

 I'm joining the Novel Bakers for Picnic Week.

Few things are more pleasing than a simple meal on a sunny afternoon.

No matter what's going on at the farm, I find a few moments to sit in one of the old Adirondacks and enjoy the view.

Won't you join me for a simple, store-bought picnic? 

The Menu:

Deli Chicken
Salad greens and plum tomatoes
Deviled eggs on a bed of chives
Cherry punch
Assorted breads

For fun, I added a quilt, colorful flatware and napkins, white Corelle dishes, 
unbreakable stemware, and flowers.

Beautiful, inspirational picnics can be found by visiting my partners in reading...

the Novel Bakers

Picnics galore await you at:


  1. Very pretty Michael and the gladiolas make a big colorful centerpiece! Glad to hear you are still taking a little time for yourself during your writing:@)

  2. Michael Lee, I'm definitely in favor of store bought picnic goodies, especially when they are so beautifully and temptingly displayed as these on a pretty quilt with lots of red touches to encourage our appetites! And I think there is nothing quite like an old Adirondack chair with its perfect slant and wide arm boards for relaxing with a picnic lunch and a good book. So excited to hear you are deep into a writing project! I hope you can share it with us soon! Linda

  3. I never seem to fall into a food void either :) Who needs to cook when you can fill your picnic basket via shopping cart?! It goes without saying that I share your quilt table love and food always tastes better outdoors! Your wonderful adirondack chairs are the perfect spot for alfresco dining and reading. I'm looking forward to Teeny's next misadventure :) Happy Writing to you!

  4. A picnic to me is not so much about the food, but about spending time in a different place~ whether you have a simple blanket and a loaf of bread, or a beautifully set table with lavish foods, taking a moment to enjoy a special spot with a little something to nosh on is such a refreshing and relaxing experience~ your flower filled table of pinks and reds is welcoming and irresistible!

  5. how joyful to be back in the world of color and fun with the novel bakers! i have been having such internet woes, being metered they just cut me off entirely, last month i lost it on august 15th. i so worry how long i will get it this month, with our vibrant colorful picnic week, they are bound to cut me off way to early as i devour bandwidth with every gorgeous pic i linger over.

    thank heavens there is not a food void at your house! nor color either... the red is just POPPING in my eyes, i truly feel like i only know shades of greens and blues now, i almost turn my eyes when such scalding colors of warmth appear, then like an old friend i embrace them, caress their boldness and realize i am living in an aquarium, i gotta get out more!

    and thankfully so did you... store bought never looked so good! you can buy ready made devil eggs in the south? almost worth booking a flight :-)

    i KNOW how much work picnic week is, and how much of a distraction this week will be for your writing, thanks so much for stepping out in the plein air and sharing a bite with us today!

  6. No one can take such everyday foods, like a chicken, deviled eggs and watermelon and embellish them with such beauty as you, Michael Lee! Best of luck with your writing process and thank you for sharing your picnic with us. xo

  7. I love all the pops of red. AND...a new book??? Can't wait!