Thursday, November 13, 2014

Autumn Hoot Owls

Give a hoot if you love owl cupcakes.

Give two hoots if you love desserts that call for three ingredients 
and take less than three minutes to assemble.

It's owlright to use store-bought cupcakes for this "recipe."

To make them, "owl" you need are store-bought (or homemade) cupcakes, a package of Reeses Pieces, and a package of cream-filled cookies. Gently twist the cookies apart--put the plain halves on one side, the ones with icing on the other.

First make the "eyes." Press a brown Reeses Piece in the center of each iced half. Place 2 cookies on top of a cupcake, tilting them a bit.

Now, press an orange Reeses Piece below the eyes to make the "nose."
To make the "ears," break the plain cookies (halves without icing) into triangles and press into the cupcakes, above the owls' "eyes."

That's it. I told you it was easy!

If you want to make "feet," put a little icing at the base of the cupcake wrapper, press on Reeses Pieces, and let dry. Or, if you're worried about chocolate stains, add the "pieces" at the base of the cupcake. You can find a more detailed recipe HERE.

Meet Owlbert Einstein and Dr. Hoooo.

And here is Owl Gore from Carthage, Tennessee.

Tartan cupcake liners are perfect for Clan McOwlish Owls.
(I bought the liners at Amazon. They came in three colors/patterns.)

Let's say it "owl" together--we love quick desserts for autumn or any old time.

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  1. Hoooo wishes she had a cupcake right now? That would be me:@) Very cute!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kitty. BTW, your owl was the most-viewed recipe at last week's FF party.

  3. These are just too cute. I'll be trying them next year. Pinning!

  4. Hoot, Hoot from me! Too cute, love them paired with your tartan liners and warm, cozy blanket :)

    1. Zap and I are covered in tartan tonight. I hope you stay warm tonight.

  5. how did I miss this? your pics are adorable, you are taking me down memory lane, like 7 years ago I had this owl on food gawkers, time sure does fly! and I still LOVE it! after veggies all day you are driving me wild for chocolate now :-(

    1. I slipped it in so the pics wouldn't eat up bandwidth for Foodie Friday. I gave a cupcake to Will, and he said, "How am I supposed to eat this?" He meant in which order--Oreos, Reeses Pieces, or just dive in. So funny.