Sunday, November 9, 2014

House Tour: Snowfall Cabin

Few people can resist the charm of a log cabin. 
Tucked away in the hills, the house waits for you and me. We're the first visitors to leave tracks in the snow. Sounds are muffled except for the rustle of our nylon puffer jackets and boots stamping on the ice. The air smells so clean, with traces of pine, ozone, and wood smoke.

The cabin sits on a hill, its windows shining with pear-colored light, so sweet you can almost taste it.You remember childhood winters: Sledding. Building snowmen. Gathering with family around the fire. Sipping hot buttered rum.

Wouldn't you like to be snowbound for a day in this cabin? 
Let's get out of the cold, shall we?

This house is made for comfort. 
The moment you step onto the enclosed porch, you feel at home. Take off your gloves and boots and get toasty warm. It's such an inviting space. You can sit in a wooden rocker or perch on the stone hearth. The pooch has the right idea, snoozing in front of the crackling fire.  

Shall we take a peek inside? The open concept floor plan makes the cabin feel large and airy. 
I would love to sit at the table, surrounded by cookbooks, and plan holiday menus. 
In the background, a Sinatra song is playing. 

Hearty aromas waft from the kitchen, where a pot of chili simmers on the stove. Later, you'll make cornbread in a cast iron skillet. I'll grab a huge pile of decorating magazines, and we'll look through them, sipping margaritas or pomegranate fruit smoothies, your choice.

The weather is frightful, but your bedroom is delightful, furnished with poofy down-filled comforters and flannel sheets. We're snowbound. Don't worry--we've got all kinds of food.
Just for tonight, our worries are buried, and the hectic world is far, far away. 

In the morning, we'll make snow angels, sweeping our arms through the pristine snow. Then we'll fill the bird feeders and gather pine cones and kindling. We'll hurry inside, build a fire, and bake oatmeal-raisin cookies (calories don't count when you're snowbound).

That evening, we'll watch black and white movies, eat buttered popcorn,
 and wrap up in colorful tartan blankets. 

No matter the style, a cabin is always beguiling, 
whether you find one that is hidden in a Northwest forest...

Your perfect cabin may be near the ski trail...

 An early winter snowfall + a cabin = a cozy world

You're invited to join us every Sunday for an armchair house tour.
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  1. Oh how cozy and magical!!!! What a gorgeous cabin, wish I was there right now!!! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks for setting the ambience through your words, Michael Lee. I'd love to be snow bound there, surrounded by cookbooks, making cornbread in the kitchen and watching movies, while munching popcorn. How'd you know that oatmeal raisin are my most favorite cookie in the world? I enjoyed my make believe vacation at the cabin!

    1. Oh, Kitty, your words made my day. I have a dozen of "make believe" houses that I visit when I can't sleep--or I'm at the dentist. I open the door, and poof--gone.

  3. Oh how I long for a cabin in the woods. This has been my dream for many years and I don't know if it will ever happen or not but that can not still my heart from wanting it. I adore the way they smell, the coziness of the logs and stone fireplaces. If I had one I would be tempted to spend all of fall and winter there. Oh well, maybe one day!

    Mary L

    1. It's a wonderful dream to dream. Your words summon everything that I love about cabin living...and living in the country. The logs do smell wonderful. Sometimes I think it would be fun to rent a cabin in Gatlinburg and buy lots of groceries and kindling and stay put for a long weekend. So happy you enjoyed the tour.

  4. Wow! Being a southerner who never gets to feel, see or smell snow........that is lovely. I would have NO problem being bundled up for days with nary another person in sight! Soul Reflection....that's what that cabin screams!!
    What program are you using for your cute fall graphics?? I've been really enjoying the colorful posts!!

    1. Yes, I agree! Soul reflection--how perfect.
      As for the colorful posts, I use a free program called Ribbet.

  5. Such a gorgeous way to find some respite from the hustle and bustle of every day life....Your blog dropped from my emails and it is back!!!

    1. Yay! I hope FB stays fixed this time. Glad to see you!

  6. Lee, that is a beautiful cabin and your descriptions are so on point, I could fee them.

    1. Shirley, your words mean the world to me. Thank you!

  7. Love the scenery and the idea of a cozy cabin getaway -- without the Internet! :)

  8. thanks for the info on graphics, ms. M! I've been mourning the loss of picnic......and now I have it back!!!!