Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ranchburger Renovation Diary #1

 And so it begins . . . . a new kitchen adventure.
For the last few months, I've been working on a renovation game-plan.
This time, I worked with an architect, and we agreed that the 8' kitchen ceiling "matched" the wonderful mood of the house--warm, cozy, and cottage-like. However, the old windows needed updating. Rather than adding new casements, the architect pointed to the wonderful view and suggested that I blow out the windows and cabinets and add floor-to-ceiling doors. Since the kitchen opens onto a porch, I really liked this idea--I imagined eating fried sage leaves at at small wicker table and watching the moon rise.

Along with my general contractor, we explored various ideas and window companies, keeping the pocketbook in mind, along with energy efficiency. The goal was to get everything sourced and spec'd out before construction began. Last week, my GC and I found the perfect window/door, but it was only available in 8' and we needed something smaller. The local builder's supply found other great options.
This one is called "Nantucket."

Floor-to-ceiling "door windows" will replace the old casements. This room has a lovely view--the only thing that swayed me about the ranchburger--and everyone on the team agreed that we should make the view a focal point.

Luckily, the house has a huge dish room, so I will have plenty of storage.
There's also a kitchen in the pool house.

Here's where we are in mid-December--a gutted space.
I opted for an unfitted look, so the sink will go in an island. 

The kitchen "door-windows" will overlook a screened-in porch, similar to this inspiration photo:
Traditional Kitchen by Beaufort Architects & Building Designers Allison Ramsey Architects

I'm warming to the idea of stain rather than off-white trim.
Traditional Living Room by Beaufort Architects & Building Designers Allison Ramsey Architects

If so, the tones will (hopefully!) be repeated, keeping in mind the kitchen's scale.

Pictured from left: my GC, Mike Cox; his project manager, Medana; Bandwidth and Zap.

Unfitted cabinetry will go on the "refrigerator" wall.

The wall ovens and a hutch will go on this wall. In the bottom of the hutch,
I'm adding pantry storage.

In this photo, you can see the stairway to the infamous "man cave."

Traditional Kitchen by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Minnie Peters

This photo shows the breakfast area. The architect said it would be a little tight when I put a table and chairs beneath the lantern. After exploring many options, we decided to add a bay window (it will also be made of "doors," and one will open to the porch). The lantern will be moved into the bay--or the dining room. I really love it.
We put packing materials beneath the lantern to prevent folks from smashing their heads. :-)

The window/doors will be ordered before Christmas, and after cabinet sketches are approved, the project will begin. Can't wait to share the progress with you all!
My GC promises that we'll have exciting updates in January 2015.
We'll be adding new windows here and there, along with dry-stacked stone, copper accents, and other goodies. You can read about the ranchburger and our previous project HERE  and HERE. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I will be watching with great interest. We bought our ranch burger 2 years ago after living 20+ years in our KY Georgian on an 80 acre spread where our kids grew up. Now just us...living in abt 2400 sq ft. I opted to keep the custom white cabinets and go with black granite counters and splashes. Now I am rethinking the whole cabinet business...but mum is the word! Ha! We replaced all of the carpeted areas with Kentucky made wide oak flooring...with some imperfections. I love the look of old...with some of my KY antiques. Any way, I will be following your house project. I sure wish I had a dish room! One thing we have considered is turning our large garage into a non gendered cave plus office buildings. Not sure I want to tackle it. It may take all of my energy to live through your remodel. Ha! I always enjoy visiting your blog because everything you do is top knotch...and you live in my section of the country...almost neighbors as I live in southcentral KY. Have a great day!

    1. Sheila, I came very close to moving in and setting up a make-shift kitchen in the laundry--but it would be very hard, especially with the dogs. Right now, I'm working on the kitchen, breakfast, and some tiny tweaking in the dining room. After that, I'll be living in a construction zone. But we'll have hot coffee!

  2. Oh fun changes are going on, Michael Lee! I'm loving the idea of the stained trim..so warm and lovely. The lantern is fabulous! Wow, and the view...awesome!!

  3. I will definitely be following along to see how everything turns out. You have lovely taste and I know it will be gorgeous when it's finished. It's quite a big project and sounds like you've got your ducks in a row.

  4. I am so jealous of your "door-windows" - all that gorgeous light that you are going to get!

  5. This is going to be quite the adventure! I will be in Florida the month of January .. Thank goodness for iPads ~

    1. First smile of the day! Thanks! :-) Have fun in sunny Florida, Helen!

  6. My father always said, it's all about the view~ I can't wait to see what's next in your reno adventure, this house oozes charm already~ Happy holidays Michael Lee~

  7. Yip pee cky yay, happy to see the beginning, of this renO adventure

  8. Oh that will be so pretty when you get it all done! It has great bones already. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  9. I know I have asked you this before but didn't see/get/know of a response.....but what happened to the other home renovations? Did you scrap it and get this place? I was following, then got sick then both sister's dealing with bad health - and I went back and back trying to figure out what happened. Will you send me a note and let me know so I will quit worrying or bugging you about what happened? Thanks, Michael! ♥

    1. Michele, I don't want you to worry. It was a surprising turn of events, one that I am still getting used to. My husband has had his eye on that house for nearly 30 years. I'm sorry you've had illness in your family and hope all will be better soon. I emailed you a few links to older stories.