Sunday, January 25, 2015

An American Farmhouse

 To reach the farm, you must travel up a long, curved driveway. The house sits on a hill, peering down on the world like a grand old dame. The residence looks as if it might be on the historical register--but it's a custom built home.

It takes a talented, visionary team to create a "new old" house, one that can source materials, maintain an impeccable sense of design, and uphold the highest standards. 

If I didn't know better, I'd guess this house had been built a hundred years ago.

The traditional landscaping adds to the historic feel.
Like the house, the shrubs look as if they've been here for decades.

Below, the side "yard" is filled with details, like a pergola and a birdhouse.

Just as with an historic home, different roofing materials were used--shingles on the main structure and a metal roof on the porch. Moving down to the lawn, the rock wall adds another layer of "age."

The two-story foyer is steeped in tradition, beginning with the hardware on the door and ending with the miniature cannon. Talk about a conversation starter!

The living room has soft, buttery walls, antique beams, and a cozy seating area.

Just off the foyer, you'll find an old fashioned library with another fireplace 
and ample room for books.

And here is yet another living room, with antique furniture, traditional draperies, brass hardware on the doors, and an incredible view.

A Dutch door in the kitchen opens to a covered porch (notice the blue-painted ceiling?) and an outdoor eating area. 

A sense of age prevails in the kitchen, with blue cabinets, a farm sink, planking, beams, and soapstone counters.  I like the mixed metals--nickel faucet and brass hardware. 

The dining room is just off the foyer--what an elegant tablescape. Love the wildlife prints.

Just off the sun room is a wisteria-covered dining space. I believe this porch is my favorite spot.

Let's circle around to the rear of the house and slip into the mud room. 
Wow--what a mud room. 

Neutral colors and traditional furnishings grace the Master bedroom. I wonder if the mantel is an antique or if it has been given the medieval treatment in a carpenter's shop? :-)

The master bath has inset cabinetry, wood floors, shuttered windows,
and (I'm guessing) nickel faucets.

A sweet guest room.

I love the light and airy laundry room, with its old fashioned cabinets, dark hardware, planked walls, tile counters, and barn light. The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Navajo White.

Stepping back outside, we can get a good look at the side elevation. Above the sun room is a terrace.
I can just imagine the view. 

The surface of the pond reflects the sky and fluffy white clouds.
The scent of freshly cut grass wafts on the breeze as we walk towards the pasture. 

And for the menfolk, a covered barbecue pit/smoker, based on a Brazilian design.
Farmhouse Landscape by Millbrook Architects & Building Designers Crisp Architects

As I walk to the swimming pool, I keep falling under the spell of this picture-perfect house--surely it isn't new. Surely it has been handed down from generation to generation. Why, I can imagine someone's Aunt Minnie planting hydrangeas (knowing they'd be shaded by the trees on hot summer days). I can imagine Cousin George building that fence. I can imagine children running down the flagstone steps, carrying beach towels and a picnic lunch.

Nestled in the hills, the new old house looks majestic and homespun.
It's truly a dream estate. Inside and out, the workmanship is just as awe-inspiring as the view.

The last bit of afternoon light shines on the house. 
We've barely touched on the many features. According to the architects, they are often invited back to tweak a home--adding a room or updating. You can see more projects by Crisp Architects on Houzz--and additional photos of this farmhouse. 

Keep the porch light burning while we take another spin around the property.

Things I love about the house:
1. The property and setting
2. The outbuildings, such as the BBQ pit
3. The house is new but has artfully borrowed elements from older farm houses
4. The old fashioned landscaping
5. Mixed metals and finishes = instant patina

See you next Sunday for another tour.

Crisp Architects on Houzz (you'll find more photographs at Houzz).
Millbrook Landscape Architects--NY
Photographer: Rob Karosis

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  1. What a gorgeous home, very much in the tone of Colonial America, yet it has Southern vibes. I could live in the library and the sun room. Love the cannon in the foyer. It reminds me of houses in Vicksburg with cannon balls in their walls.

  2. Morning, Michael Lee! Oh, this home is beautiful and such a lovely setting too. The builders did a great job - it does looks as if it's been around for a long time! Now I giggled when I saw the cannon in the entry. A reminder to some teenaged boy that he'd better have 'daughter' back home on time or else! :) Love the pretty blue kitchen and the furnishings are just gorgeous! Have a beautiful Sunday.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Stunning - absolutely stunning! I could live in the sunroom alone. A true artist designed and built this new home with every real and imagined charm of the old (and none of the quirks and unwelcome surprises that come with older homes). Just gorgeous!

    1. I kept discovering little gems with the house and property. It's like a little world.

  4. Wow! What a home, Michael Lee! I especially loved the blue cabinets in the kitchen, the cozy sitting area in the master bedroom, and the dreamy wisteria covered patio. Of course, the whole outside area was a sight to behold. Who wouldn't love the blue barn, the pool, and the BBQ area? However, it's the whole landscape that I can picture throughout the season....ahhhh.

    1. I meant to show Bandwidth a photo of that BBQ pavilion. I can just see menfolk gathered there.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for taking the tour! I'm glad you enjoyed the house.

  6. Dream home for sure. Would love a mud room and that laundry is amazing and the fireplace in the bedroom and the blue kitchen cabinets. Do you think you would wish you had made a white choice with the blue cabinets? My friend has blue cabinets, a bit darker and every time I visit they make my heart sing, but I am not living with them daily. Thoughts?

    1. What a great question, Ahrisha. I love the all-blue cabinets in that house. If I got to visit in person, I would enjoy every moment. But in my own home, I tend to develop Color Fatigue. This condition has been acute at the farm, since I locked myself into assertive colors, and even simple tablescapes are a challenge at times (if I veer from orange or all-white). Previous white kitchens have worked me to death; but I never grew tired of them. In fact, I still have very pleasant dreams about those former homes. So, a white kitchen just suits me. I could add blue accents (wouldn't be the same, I know, as an all-blue kitchen, but accessories would give a taste of blue) and remove them when I had time and sufficient motivation. I hope other bloggers leave comments about your question. I'd love to know how they feel about white vs color in a kitchen.

  7. WOW! So homey and inviting. I love all the fireplaces and how each room looks lived in, not stuffy or pretentious. The blue kitchen is lovely and the mud room makes me swoon. Thanks for sharing this lovely home. It is so pretty.

    1. I agree. For such a large home, it was warm and lived-in.

  8. Wow, a lot of money and excellent taste can produce what many of us long for - home, with a sense of continuity, even in the early stages of its history. It must be lovely indeed! For those of us living in pseudo elegant ticky-tacky builder houses, with sub-division covenants guaranteed to squash out individuality and homes not built to last, something like this is like seeing an oasis in the desert.

    But I will say this: having restrictions and a limited budget challenges my creativity and has even caused it to grow. You know what they say, some of the best wines grow in rocky soil!

    Thanks for the peek.

    1. Way back in the late 80s, we built a house in one of those subdivisions that had all kinds of rules. One time, my boys were playing with a volleyball in the tiny front yard, and the ball ended up in a tiny tree. They got a broom and bumped out the ball--but left the broom in the yard. I didn't mind. But the "covenant" people did. Yikes. Later, when I was invited to a neighborhood get together, someone asked, "Is your house the one with the pretty flowers or the broom?" I think that broom stayed until we moved. :-)

  9. Thank you for making part of my Sunday afternoon lovely with a visit to this home.

  10. Lovely home...but all the fire places blazing with no fire screens would terrify me.

    1. True! Maybe the photographer removed them during the photo shoot?

  11. To reply to the question about the blue cabinets: I have a good friend who has dark green cabinets and every time I go there, I love them more. I, myself have very dark, almost black cabinets and LOVE them too. Thhis houser is a DREAM!!! What I would give for all that space, the laundry room is amazing. Love the fireplaces and the PORCH!!! Oh my goodness. I am assuming this is in Tennessee?? Gorgeous, thanks for the tour!!!!

    1. Also, I would love green cabinets, too. I think of that color as a neutral and it connects to the outdoors. Your black cabinets sound gorgeous!

  12. What is not to love!? i would love to do a pine study like that for hubby...and fill with his old law books. Love the comfortable livability of this grand house. Sheila

    1. Oh, that would be lovely to have a study like that!

  13. I agree, what's not to love here? The setting is over the top gorgeous, and the home itself is full of traditional details that make my heart flutter. I've never lived in a home this large and stately, but I think I could get used to it. ;-)
    Thanks for your Sunday tours. Love this feature, ML!

    1. I'm so glad you like this feature. Thanks!

  14. It's a stunning home. I wanted to cuddle up into the chair by the fire place in the master bedroom. I think my favorite rooms are the mudroom (probably because mine is the size of a pea lol) and the laundry room. Odd choices, I know, but although, the kitchen is pretty, I would have had it look more like the laundry.

    Love the gardens too.


    1. Loved the laundry. I liked that it was totally different from the kitchen. And it had so many wonderful features. I agree=it would be a pretty kitchen.

  15. Wow what a gorgeous home!


  16. Perfection....just perfection from the interiors to the exterior patios and then there are the gorgeous grounds!...

  17. That house has it all. What's not to love!! I would really appreciate the outdoor spaces!