Thursday, February 5, 2015

By the Sea

My kitchen project is moving along rapidly, and it's time to brave the February cold and walk through stone yards, looking for slabs. But in my mind, I will be walking by the sea.
Won't you take a little mid-winter break with me? First, we will travel to the place where the sky and sea meet in one wash of blue: Big Sur.

In this seaside home, brushing your teeth in the morning would be an unforgettable event.

Let's also check out a contemporary house in Big Sur. It seems to hover on the edge of the world.

After weeks of a dark, cold winter, it's a relief to imagine the wild blue.
Let's travel to Glorietta Bay in Coronado, California, and check out a darling beach house. I love the striped awnings, round windows, and balconies. 

Malibu looks warm and inviting.

If you'd like an exotic touch, let's visit Manalapan, Florida.

We could fly into the Bermuda Triangle to Elbow Cay.

What about a white house in the Charleston area?

Or a cedar shake cottage on Wilmington Beach?
Traditional Spaces by Wilmington Architects & Building Designers Lisle Architecture & Design

Before we return home to snow and bitter winds, let's fly across the pond to a Greek island. 
Mediterranean Exterior by Other Metro Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers Carolyn Chadwick

See you at Foodie Friday and Everything Else tonight.
And on Saturday, I'll share my stone yard adventure--if I have an adventure, that is.


  1. Hi Michael Lee! Oh, such lovely places and one of my favorites - Coronado Island with the most gorgeous olden hotel, The Del Coronado! Got to stay there a couple of times. It's haunted, ya know! :) I'm so excited for you getting to fix up your new home the way you want it and can't want to see it.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. If I woke up in any one of these places, I'd be pinching myself until I was black & blue! I will have to say though that for reasons unknown to me, I'm afraid of oceans, so I think of myself as a lake girl, but they are absolutely exquisite! And for some (inexplicable again) reason, I've just begun to become fond of mountain homes!

  3. I have this incredible need to be by the oven right now. I wonder why? ;)


  4. These scenes provide wonderful mind games for those of who are where there is snow on the ground. :)

  5. Beautiful, everyone single one of them. You've made me homesick for our lovely homes on the Sea of Abaco.

  6. Now that would be a wonderful winter break! Gorgeous place, thanks for letting me look and dream of where I'd like to be right now. lol

  7. Oh what wonderful places by the sea! Loved it! Oh how I long for a vacation by the sea!

  8. Oh, I am always game for going to the sea!