Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Renovation Diary: Hardware, Cabinets, and Tile

 Since my counter-tops haven't been chosen, I shouldn't even think about cabinet hardware. But I found a box of polished nickel knobs and pulls that I didn't use on another project. Medana and I tested a few. I just love to get ahead of myself.

Yikes, no. A knob will be lost on that big, ole cabinet. The pull that I'd hoped to use (Aubrey at Restoration Hardware) has exposed screws, and Jimmy thinks the pulls would eventually fall off. 

Knobs will look great on the upper drawers, though. But I'm not sure about these knobs. The polished surface will be a magnet for fingerprints. I'll be cleaning all the time. 

Actually, if I put a walnut counter on the island, wooden knobs may go a long way to warm up this space. Marble or soapstone will look better with metal hardware. No matter what, I can tell that hardware is going to be another hard choice for me.

Melon knobs were bought for another room, but we couldn't resist testing them. I thought they were cute--and I love the antique brass accents.  

 I only have one round, polished nickel knob. It is 1- 1/2" and it disappears on these cabinets. 

The polished nickel hardware can go in the utility/pantry.  The melon knobs go in the dining room (maybe). 

The cabinet doors were installed the other day.

Upper cabs weren't part of the original plan...but I chickened out, fearful that I would need all the storage I could get. So unfitted, uppers were added. A mistake. But a fixable one: the cabs are coming down ASAP. I'll hang art over those counters--that will add a punch of color. 

Months ago, I had planned this room around a certain marble slab. But it wasn't meant to be. Until I find a counter top, I'll be floundering.

 Tough choices are coming up. 
I'll just tell you, this kitchen is starting to give me the heebie-jeebies. It needs color, texture, contrast, and life. Right now, it looks like it's trapped inside a glacier. 

 On a bright note, I picked out ceramic subway tile for the shower.

This Wednesday, I'll have an update on the kitchen counters--marble vs wood vs quartzite vs everything else. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Your kitchen is amazing already! I love the ceiling. Once you add appliances and your personal things it won't be a glacier. :)

  2. This is so exciting! I love to follow each step of the way!

  3. I don't think your kitchen looks like a glacier at all! I love the white and once you add your personal touches - and the view from those lovely windows - it will be a wonderful, warm sanctuary! I really enjoy your journey to create this lovely home!

  4. I think things are coming along nicely! Heebie Jeebies are just part of the process...ha! Your kitchen will be gorgeous just like you! Sheila

  5. For what it is worth re the kitchen, IMHO I agree with Stacey and Miss Merry as even once the appliances are in and the floor is cleaned up( not to mention your personal touches), they will warm up the overall space. LOVING what you chose for the Mstr. Bedroom in tile! -Brenda-

    1. Continued .... re choosing hardware for your cabinet doors. You may find some helpful information on Houzz.com. Search: 8 Top Hardware Styles For Shaker Kitchen Cabinets (under 'Stories') and consider browsing the comment section as well. i.e: One suggestion you might find feasible is the use of matching painted wooden hardware in the upper areas that will blend in IF you feel there will be hardware overkill particularly with the use of a lot of knobs. -Brenda-

  6. I don't think your kitchen looks like a glazier. Wait until you bring in bowls of colorful fruits and vegs and it will warm up immediately. White kitchens need accents and pops of color here and there do the trick for me. I really like the long pull in the first photo. I've used a similar one before and I thought they looked really nice.

  7. I think you must be feeling better. It's wonderful to see you posting more frequently. I love watching you work your way through this process. It's like watching a painter.

  8. Sounds like you're ready to roll! If you start to get confused, go over your inspiration photos again and see which one(s) tug at your heart. Your bathroom tiles will look wonderful!

  9. It is going to be beautiful, both the kitchen and the bath. The plastic and dust will be cleaned up and all the jewelry will be added. I think choices can be daunting ,but as you are know houses, talk. I like to live in the space awhile to hear and see what it is being said. But I have also had to, most all of our reno has been DIY. We decided as we look to the future we better have a turn key or be besties with a contractor! Continue to dream and make fixable mistakes;) It actually helps define decisions. I like the two countertops idea.
    Hope you are fully recovered from your fall.

  10. You are having fun making all these choices. That's what remodeling should be all about.

  11. I like the melon knobs. I also think wood would warm up the space, but I'm a wood girl ;)

    Whatever you do, it's going to be beautiful.