Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Marble Madness is Over

We returned to the stone yard to look at the Arabescato Vagli slabs that Bandwidth had found the other day. This marble had been tucked away in the back of the warehouse, half-hidden by other slabs.   

When we arrived, the slabs were lined up like beauty pageant contestants. 

I was curious how Arabescato Vagli would look on a horizontal surface.

It had been a challenge to find a marble that worked with my white kitchen. A couple of slabs were gorgeous, but they didn't look happy with my cabinet color.

After we decided to get Bandy's slabs, Medana and I couldn't resist pairing the marble with hardware. Below, she is holding a pewter (ish) Richeleu bin pull that my cabinet maker let us borrow. 

A Restoration Hardware ORB bin pull (these were used in the Georgian's kitchen) looked nice, but I'm keen to do something different.

A RH polished nickel bin pull looked great. It appears to be a classic choice for Shaker style cabs.

I found an "R" on one slab--and it was part of the stone, not man-made. R for Rattlebridge. 

We examined each slab. Some had fissures. One had brown smudges here and there. It looked like a stain, but it's part of the stone. 

One slab didn't have the blotches, nor did it have fissures. It was earmarked for the island.
Two sister slabs had fissures, and the price was reduced. That was another reason that helped me choose the Arabescato. Luckily, we only need two slabs. We dithered a while longer. Finally, I became snowblind, and I was just tuckered out, so I asked Bandwith to choose. He picked the slab with the "R" for the perimeter counters. 

Now that we've chosen slabs, it's time to seriously think about hardware. Polished nickel is supposed to be classic with marble (and white cabinets/marble). 

I could keep things consistent, and on the cool side, with a nickel lantern in the breakfast room and nickle knobs/pulls on the cabinets.  Accessories would add color and texture.

I'll probably think of more options after I get to know my marble a little better.
That said, it's unexpected and interesting to use antique gold fixtures with marble--and it would add so much warmth. I also like the cozy feel of white ceramic knobs and pulls. I am fond of disparate elements, but I know it's not for everyone. Someone recently asked me to describe my style, but the thing is, I don't have a style. I guess I'd have to call it "all over the place" style. So brass with white marble wouldn't seem odd in my kitchen.

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  1. When the right one comes along......I had a feeling when I read your post last night that the one Bandwidth found might be "it" and now I've woken up this morning to find it yes, it was it. I know you must be excited and relieved. I know I am for you. For me brass hardware never goes out of style and I like it's warmth. As a kitchen designer once told me, there are no real rules. Pick what you like.

  2. Hooray! That has to be a weight off your shoulders!

  3. Replies
    1. We had to choose between 4 slabs. We couldn't resist the slab that was inscribed with an "R." :-)

  4. So great that you found some great slabs and I love the polished nickel...gorgeous!!!

  5. Woohoo!! Yea for Bandy! It's going to be gorgeous!

  6. Your counters and island are going to look so beautiful with this marble. I am so not a brass person, but those two lanterns have changed my mind, they are absolutely gorgeous, and would definitely add a sense of warmth to the space.

  7. You do love marble. I'm sure you will be very happy with it.

  8. Beautiful pieces! The hunt is finally over!

  9. I'm exhausted for you! And to think that if Bandy hadn't gone wandering off, you might still be looking! Finding that "R" on one of the slabs is spooky, but in a good way! They are going to look fabulous! I'm assuming that you're keeping them in their polished state. I don't think I'd be able to exhale until they are put in place! What an ordeal and especially after what you've been through this winter. May there be many, many bright days ahead for you and your family! Oh, did Bandy find a slab for his bath? Hope so!

  10. Michael, I am so very, very happy for you now that the marble quest is over. I do LOVE your choice and regardless that it appears to be polished (I know you had your heart set on honed) IMHO the lace effect in the wider veining softens its overall look. Re your choice in hardware; I agree with 'Sam's' opinion but then again I lean towards warmer metals on the whole and celebrate that gold tones are gaining a momentum in their use. That said, do what appeals to 'you'! -Brenda-
    P.S: Similar to yourself, when it comes to elements of interior design and when I can't make up mind; my son (who is a Fashion and Haute Couture Designer) often has come to the rescue and on more than one occasion has prevented my little head from exploding .... ☺. Three cheers for Bandwith!

  11. As soon as I saw your last post I knew Bandwidth had found the one :)