Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Suppers with the Novel Bakers

 I'm joining the Novel Bakers for a one-day event:
Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordechai (Clarkson Potter).
"With her dinner series Sunday Suppers, Karen Mordechai celebrates the magic of gathering, bringing together friends and strangers to connect over the acts of cooking and sharing meals."

"For those who yearn to connect around the table, Karen's simple, seasonally driven recipes, evocative photography, and understated styling form a road map to creating community in their own kitchens and in offbeat locations."

 "This collection of gatherings will inspire a sense of adventure and community for both the novice and experienced cook alike."

Maybe it's my Southern roots, but for the entree, I was drawn to Whiskey-Glazed Ribs.
"This is a generously portioned recipe--these ribs tend to disappear quickly. Sleeves should be rolled up. Use your hands and enjoy. A good-quality whiskey goes a long way."

Next, my Southern nose led me to Watermelon Salad with Lemon and Coriander Seed Dressing.
This bright salad features a great mix of fruits and vegetables and teaches us to explore possibilities beyond the leafy greens in the market."

Other than melon, key ingredients include a palate-pleasing blend of radishes, turnips, and Asian pears.

Charred Vine Tomatoes are a welcome addition to any menu. Add another vegetable, if you wish. Simply toss with olive oil, season with sea salt, and grill (or roast in your oven or over a gas flame). The flavor is wonderfully heightened. Leftovers can be used in dozens of recipes, so be sure to grill an extra vine or two.

"The simplest of dishes can often be the greatest. Any summer produce would work in a similar manner over an open flame or roasted in a home oven."

Hand's down, my favorite recipe was the Apple and Olive Oil Cake.

"Using a good-quality olive oil makes a difference in this cake, which is dense and moist and just the right amount of sweet. It goes well at the end of the meal, but it can also be a nice treat in the morning with a cup of herbal tea."

And coffee, too, I might add. 

The author, Karen Mordechai, is a blogger, photographer, and stylist.

She writes at Sunday Suppers, and has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Remodelista, New York Magazine, and other periodicals. She lives with her husband and daughter in Brooklyn, New York.

"Our food is not overly demanding fare; it is good, wholesome, and fairly approachable. Most of the ingredients should be readily available in local grocers or online specialty shops. The menus are straightforward and include classics like fries, paella, and ice cream. The novelty is in the subtle changes, the tweaks and nuances we often give to an otherwise expected menu."

"Atmosphere is key. We do not go overboard: less is more. While our decor is simple enough to follow, it is well thought out. We favor neutrals and handwritten notes. Small crafts and unexpected gifts are treats offered to attendees and are a wonderful way to bid farewell to your guests."

You are cordially invited to join my dearie dears, the Novel Bakers, for warm, welcoming, and unforgettable Sunday Suppers. 

Visit Karen's blog: Sunday Suppers

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  1. It has been so warm your watermelon salad sounds very refreshing Michael-enjoy:@)

  2. Oh my... I'm drooling over the Apple and Olive Oil Cake and I wish I had some to enjoy this morning with my coffee! It leapt out from the pages at me but alas it is boating and bathing suit season ...*shudder*... :) It's soooo beautifully photographed and styled, framed with your yellow and white checked towel, apples and herbs! I love that you baked it in a cast iron skillet rather than a springform pan too. And your Whiskey-Glazed Ribs...the men in your house must have been very happy. We had Food Network on last night watching a BBQfest. My hubby was taking notes on rubs and talking about buying some ribs and throwing them on the Big Green Egg today. I love the idea of your charred tomatoes too as a side or with pasta. We are counting down the days until fresh-from-the-vine ripened tomatoes, which to me is the official start of summer. There were so many delicious recipes to choose from in this book. We enjoyed the watermelon salad too especially with the dressing. I'm not a turnip fan so I didn't add them to the salad, you were so much braver than me. Thanks for the delicious fun this Sunday morning, if only I had a real slice instead of a virtual one of your wonderful Apple & Olive Oil Cake.♥

  3. Everything looks delicious! I'd happily take one of each.

  4. This book sounds so elegant in its simplicity, fresh food, prepared without fuss, yet imaginative combinations to add delightful flavors~yours [and hers] photographs are artful compositions of color and light Michael Lee~ the ribs and salad look amazing but the apple olive oil cake really is eye catching, what an interesting recipe! Thank you for another delicious culinary romp with the Novel Bakers!

  5. Oh these all look so good. I love trying new recipes.

  6. Wowsa, good lookin' food that looks good tastin', too! Those ribs are mouthwatering and that salad would certainly compliment the ribs. What a dreamy Sunday Supper!

  7. what a show stopper first pic girl, positively mouthwatering, i love a gal that leads with dessert!

    you went for the full on hearty meal, and know that i am back to the cold beach my mouth is watering for a real solid meal! i am sure you know its hard to make meat photo pretty, you did a darn good job, gorgeous and yet i am still salivating!

    ALL your photo styling is beautiful, i love the shots of the salad, you could stab your fork right at the screen... could be costly for repairs, but i would be hard pressed for what is real or memorex. i have never roasted tomatoes on the vine, i fear fire!

    your cake is a think of beauty... perfect for my freezing cold beach weather, i'll put the water on, you jump a plane ;-)

    thanks so much for playing today, i love how we all take away so many different ways to play with our food, yet all under the same umbrella of a good book!

  8. You've put together the perfect meal, Michael Lee, from the cookbook. Yes please, I'd love a portion of whiskey glazed ribs, some delightfully colorful salad and a big slice of the apple olive oil cake. Thank you for sharing portions about the book and a picture of the author. Happy Sunday to you!

  9. Apple Olive Oil Cake sounds delicious, but I could dive into that salad! Your photography is awesome...

  10. All of these dishes sound wonderful. The Apple and Olive oil cake sounds intriguing. And like you...a good whiskey/bourbon adds great flavor to meat. Some object...but I tell them that the alcohol cooks off. :-)
    Your photos are wonderful!

  11. Lovely photos and wonderful sounding dishes! You've completely sold me on that book!! I think I would have chosen the ribs too! Don't forget, I'd like to join the Novel Bakers sometime!

  12. Michael Lee, your styling of the beautiful food is a meal of its own. Outstanding!!!
    The menu is one I'd happily consume, and love the idea of a slice of that olive oil cake with my morning coffee. I'm going to try it. Thanks to all the Novel Bakers for sharing Sunday Suppers.

  13. So beautifully done....I would love to try that Apple and Olive Oil cake!....As always your photography is exquisite...Love this theme as Sunday Suppers have always been so special to me and my family....

  14. Good morning, Michael :)

    I need this book. I'm sitting here drooling over ribs and it's only 8am here LOL


  15. That apple and olive oil cake looks amazing. Your whole blog is lovely - this is my first visit.

  16. Exquisitely executed styling of fabulous fare!