Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adventures with Edible Blossoms: Tea Party Week

Tea Party Week continues as the Novel Bakers present edible reviews of
The Vintage Tea Party Book by Angel Adoree, British author and party planner.

I was entranced by the chapter on edible flowers. Angel Adoree recommends lavender, carnations, safflower, marigold, cornflower, roses, mimosa, violets, and gerbera. I added orchids, borage, marigold, petunias, and catmint.

To dry edible flowers, remove the petals. Wash and set on paper towels. Dry the petals for 24 hours. Do not place in direct sunlight. Sort petals and store in plastic Ziploc bags. 

Chopped or whole petals add glamour to an ordinary layer cake. 

"If you are looking for indulgence or just an interesting talking point, the rose petal sandwich could be just the thing. These delicacies may not be everyone's cup of tea, but isn't it good to try something you can't pick up in your local supermarket once in a while? Rose petal sandwiches were popular during the years leading up to World War II. . . they are gorgeous, rosy delicious, taste divine, and will raise a few eyebrows."
--Angel Adoree, The Vintage Tea Party Book

I put a little spin on the recipe:

White bread
flower-shaped cookie cutter
whipped cream cheese
pesticide-free rose petals
lavender flowers
borage blossoms

The botanical world is beautiful and complex . . . sometimes it can be dangerous. Before consuming a flower, it's always wise to consult a guide to edible flowers. Also, it goes without saying to buy or grow pesticide-free blossoms.

The partying will continue all week with The Novel Bakers.

On Wednesday, the girls will share recipes and ideas from Vintage Sweets.
On Friday, our finale will include recipes (and a bit of magic) from The Vintage Tea Party Year.

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  1. You put a nice spin on the rose petal sandwiches. I'm looking forward to my bee balm blooms. They would be great for this!

  2. What a great post, so inspiring Thanks!

  3. Very pretty! What a fun way to decorate a cake. The little rose sandwiches are cute!

  4. squeal! isn't this just gorgeous! i wasn't home in my garden to play with these pages, but i did look at them lustily! HOW GORGEOUS! i love love love this! your pics are always so eye popping, topped with a few of my favorite things, well, i think don't it make my blue eyes green! i have had rose sandwiches and think they are heavenly, so light and delicate, your photography makes them melt in my mouth... FUN post today, totally jealous!

    and that cake...

  5. Ooh the Queen of Garnishing has done it again! I love the floral confetti on the cake, Michael Lee, and the rose petal sandwiches look like out- of- this-world perfection!

  6. Oh your signature flowers brought to a whole new level! Everything is too pretty to eat!

  7. Oh my...I've died and gone to edible flower heaven! I snuck a peek this morning at your delectable cake and couldn't get back to drool and swoon until now! Your cake is a thing of beauty and I love your dainty rose petal tea sandwiches! I used the very last of our violas today.They only lasted this long because I had a pot in the shade. We're breaking 100 year weather records with our heat this week and everything is starting to turn crispy. Thanks for the beauty and flowers, I look forward to cocktails and sweets with you tomorrow. ♥

  8. What a beautiful cake!! The sandwiches sound interesting:) Love your pictures too.

  9. Flower confetti! I love that cake idea. The sweet rose petal tea sandwiches too. Loving this week's treats. Can't wait for more.

  10. Michael Lee, I believe your flower petal cake is one of the most beautiful ways I've ever seen edible flowers used! I have never added flowers to my food but I must be brave and try. Sandwiches with rose petals may be the perfect way to begin! Linda

  11. The flowers on the white cake are so pretty! I always feel kind of silly eating a flower, I don't know why, because I eat cauliflower (ha-ha) without a problem. Maybe it's because real flowers are so pretty? But they certainly look beautiful on the cake.

  12. What a gorgeous cake decorating idea! Love all of the colors and how delicate the cake appears. Thank you so much for sharing!
    XO Barbara