Tuesday, June 30, 2015

In the Gutter

It is time to choose gutters for the ranchburger, and I've got two choices--standard brown/bronze or white. Normally I don't think about gutters unless they fill with debris or fall down, so picking a color should be a snap. But while I look at photographs on Pinterest, I receive a text from my GC's assistant. Sweat pops out on my forehead when I see the estimate for the standing seam copper-toppers on the fake dormers. [There will be three dormers, sort of like "eyebrow" windows.] I'd imagined the copper winking on the roof. . . but I hadn't given much thought to the gutters. I stop thinking about them immediately and focus on the dormers. I text my GC and ask if we can just shingle the dormers. No, he texts back. The pitch is too low and requires some sort of metal. So, one decision has become two. I've got to pick a material for the dormers and a damn gutter color.   
I imagine a bronze, standing seam metal roof on the dormers. Then I picture bronze gutters with the shake and the white-white trim. Next, I imagine white gutters. Listen, I am not good at this. My stomach cramps, and I wonder where I put the Pepto Bismol.

And while I'm worrying, does my dormer look like a giant stereo speaker? 

My family calls me Dame Doom for a damn good reason. 
I'm just a barrel of laughs.

I take a deep breath. 
Eat chocolate.
I go over my options again.
Okay: the bronzed metal roof and bronze gutters. It's a safe choice, color-wise; metal roofing is common in middle Tennessee, and it is durable. If I choose bronze gutters, they will fade into the shake siding, which is a good thing, but my GC worries about the white trim with bronze metal. My head spins and spins. My GC calls. He votes for white, but, as my friend Allison says, white will give the house too many white lines. The moment she says that, I know she is right. 

Another option, one that I like [but I'm not totally sure will go with the house] is a plain old metal roof, reminiscent of a galvanized bucket, raw and unpainted, and half round galvanized (or zinc, but I fear zinc may cost the moon) gutters. This idea gives DH the shivers.

Would you like to vote?
1. Bronze all the way.
Farmhouse Landscape by Atlanta Architects & Building Designers Historical Concepts

A field guide to our gutter placement:

DH asked me to throw in another option--
3. Fake copper gutters and dormer-toppers.

One bend in the road, and everything changes.
A can of worms. Totally.
To calm myself, I stop worrying about gutters and dormers. I start nitpicking the house, which is my favoritest thing in the world. I wonder if the white trim around the windows should be painted a soft cream--it's very white-- or maybe it should be painted French green-blue (Allison's suggestion). But the rest of the white trim will stick out--won't it need painting, too? And what about those Bermuda shutters for the old carport nee' garden shed? Should the shutters be white or teal?
Argh. Meep. Ugh.
One thing leads to another.
Dame Doom finds the Pepto and takes a swig.

I research blue-green paint colors, then I make collages with BM Tarrytown Green (below). But the inspiration photo has carried the teal to the windows. It's on the trim in the eaves, too. In fact, it's all over. That's one reason it works--because someone planned properly. Because someone did their homework.
This afternoon my GC drops off samples of faux copper and zinc gutter material, along with two teals. Then he runs away. Zap, the decorating Yorkie, looks at the samples and barks his disapproval. My sample of Tarrytown Green is very dark, like it was gathered from a hemorrhaging pine tree, and the teal is too light.
Now my head hurts.
I wonder where I put the Advil.

UPDATE #2 -- House Progress as of today

Maybe I need to chill. Maybe the white is too white, but maybe I should stop tinkering.
That said, I still think over-the-window trellises (and roses) will soften the edges of the ranchburger's "wings." Dead on, the replacement windows look huge. I'm not sure that painting the trim will fix that.

Not as ginormous from this angle.

Three stereo speakers!
Let's party!

I'm eager to hear your opinions.
You'll find an update on our choices HERE.
Thank you for voting!

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  1. They all look like good options! Tough decision...but I like the bronze all the way best...with the white staying white!

  2. Love the bronze metal roof with the teal trim! Beautiful!

    My sister put a galvanized roof on her barn. It was blinding for about a month until the sun and weather knocked down the shininess of it. Just be aware that if you go that route it's a short term problem.

  3. White gutters if your soffits and trim is white.

  4. I love the bronze color and although I love white trim, I think maybe you should switch the white to maybe a green trim like what is in one of the pictures above?

  5. I vote for the bronze too. Then I would want to paint the white a color to better go with the bronze.
    Whatever you choose will be beautiful!!

  6. This is a tough one. I am inclined to go with white gutters to match the soffits. Downspouts could be painted the color of the wall behind them. Dormers, hmmm. I am going to say bronze roof and dormers. Because of golden shakes. But will the shakes weather and turn gray? If so, maybe natural galvanized metal roof...as it will silver over time, and go with gray stonework. Oh my...this is a nail bite-er! Maybe just don't go by me. I am confused now too. Sheila

    1. I was hoping the faux copper would be of a better quality; if it had, the decision would have been real simple, as copper goes with just about everything. But now, it's one of those things where one decision leads to a dozen others and starts a design revolution; things can go sideways in a heartbeat.

  7. Look at Benjamin Moore 1565 and 1566. They are a nice blue/green/gray that is very subtle and would go with the shakes once they have grayed out from the weather. Thanks for sharing! This is fun! :)

  8. I think it all depends upon whether or not your are going to allow the shakes to weather into gray. If you are then I would stick with what you have and go with white shutters. That pristine gray and white look is very beautiful.
    If the shakes are stained then the bronze would work well. In either case the metal dormers should partner with whatever color the shakes are. Copper would work for both although I know the cost is astronomical. If it were me I would be tempted to cut corners somewhere else to compensate.

    I don't think you have too many lines. When you are singling something out it is very easy to begin to over think and scare yourself. When you and others stand back and look at the whole you will see a cohesive unit unless a glaring mistake has been made. This is not the case with your project. You should choose what gives you peace and what your budget can bear.

    1. So true, Yolie. I met my GC at the house late this afternoon, and from the road, the tops of the dormers aren't visible. The shake probably won't weather gray in my climate; but they will weather a little. I saw a 2 year old house that has shake, and it's the same color as mine. Food for thought, I guess. My GC is getting bids for copper and bronze half-round gutters. Copper will go with everything, as you said. I think half round gutters will add charm, for sure. A brown-toned roof, rustic, would meet bronze gutters, and they wouldn't be glaring, I don't think. We're thinking. Not rushing. It's lovely to see you!

  9. I would go with the bronze or copper, not the galvanized zinc. My thought is the zinc shows stains and debris more quickly. It would also reflect the sun which depending on where you are has advantages and disadvantages. The reflection might be too bright if you are out by the pool, but at the same time it possibly reflects heat to keep the house cooler. Does the product information address any of this? We don't have a metal roof, but many homes around us do. I like the look of a standing seam metal roof. I don't doubt you'll make the right decision for your home, Michael Lee. You have a sense of style that can see what is to be. '-)

    1. I agree about the zinc. I met my GC at the house today, and the galvanized metal or zinc just won't work with the warm tones of the shake. The house sits on a hill, far from the road, and copper tops on the dorms won't even show (maybe when the sun glints on them). Up close, gorgeous...but at a huge cost. A bronze standing seam roof (dormers) may be the smart thing to do.

  10. I would do the bronze roof, dormers and white gutters, it is basically what you have right now and it looks very nice. I think if you start adding a different material here and there or different colors it will look all mixed up and I think you are going more for a flow. Try not to get caught up in the options, The copper does not look like real copper at all, stay away from that.

    1. The fake copper was the color and thickness of a plastic "terra cotta" pot. Meep!

  11. Go with bronze! You don't want to highlight that feature! Let it blend in

  12. Go with the bronze you don't want to highlight that feature ! Let it blend in !

  13. Bronze is beautiful so is galvanized. I guess if it were me I'd go bronze as it has a rather natural feel to it and I go for natural every chance I get. Carol

  14. I like copper the best for these reasons: 1. It's appearance will weather just as the shake shingles will. 2. The tone of the metal will match the shake & the color (jackson tan) you may choose for the sides of your house. I don't think the galvanized matches the style you've chosen for the house—too rustic. And, for me, the bronze metal matches homes with more earth-tone trim. Changing up the color of the window trim at this point in time makes me nervous. I don't see a real necessity for changing the color, at least for now. I love the trellis idea for the chimney windows. What say the men of your family? Men never seem to overthink like women do! Maybe I should speak for myself. ;) Once more, I say, go with your instincts.

    1. I'm terrified to change the color--even the most perfect blue green could change the whole mood. I am capable of messing things up royally, too. My DH likes the idea of copper on the front and bronze on the rear.

  15. Definitely bronze! I think it would blend in better...so many decisions...I don't envy you. ;)

  16. I think the internet is going to kill you, Michael Lee. Seriously. Well, kinda - just worry about sooooo many options, making it so difficult.

    I will tell you that my older sister knows a guy who has a company that does the metal roofs and I am hearing alllll sorts of good things about them. I have actually considered it too - but keep waiting till we can add on the porch before doing a much-needed new roof. Not sure but it is a possibillity and very hardy and looks so cool.

    I have to think about everything else - not feeling well tonight so going to keep monitor staring to a minimum tonight.

    I'll be back, you know how much I adore giving free advice, haha.

    Hugs (and a valium) to you. : - )

    1. I'm glad to hear good things about metal. I'm sorry you're under the weather. Come back when you are feeling better!!! I love advice--and boy, I need it!

  17. Bronze all the way -- leave the white trim! Clean lines and the bronze will age beautifully!

  18. I love the bronze all way, Michael Lee, and the white trim looks so classic. Good luck with your choices!

  19. I do think the white is too bright and would like seeing the trim more harmonious with the exterior. I feel like you have two different looks going on here. The bronze tone seems more compatible but natural copper is awesome. Too bad it comes with such a hefty price tag. Normally the faux dormers would be trimmed out the same as the rest of the house but I think it would get real busy with the white.

  20. I recently went to the Southern Living Idea House In Charlottesville and that house has the roof and gutters that I want for my next home....the roof was bronze and the gutters matched the roof and blended so beautifully...check out my last two posts for pics of the roof!....and I must say that I love your new header and the tagline...the best!

  21. I vote for the bronze roof as well. Regarding the faux dormer, can the tops of them be done in the same roofing material? IF so, then I would consider adding shakes (or painted brick veneer or some of your stone) to their sides and assuming they have windows do their trim in white so they will relate to the rest of house. As for the gutter and downspouts I feel what you have to decide is whether you want them to blend in or make a statement keeping in mind the colour of the soffit (or under eaves) will probably remain white (unless you paint them otherwise.) All said and being far from an expert here is a website that may help you out in your decision making for them: Web Search -- Warline Painting Ltd. The Lowdown on Downspouts (When and How to Paint Gutters and Downspouts). Before signing off, remember paint can work miracles and prevent ones head from exploding ... ☺. -Brenda-
    P.S: My home is Tudor style so I have both stone, stucco and wood. All the gutters match the roofline trim so as not to affect the architecture of the home, whereas the downspouts either match the trim whereas in other areas they match the field (body) of the home.

  22. You're probably looking for inspiration or encouragement, but with so many differing opinions I honestly don't know how you sort through them all! Wow, and many (like mine) are so decided! I hope this isn't a majority rule thing because I've got to say that you need to go with your gut no matter what.

    As for your teals, and your white for that matter, you know the rule, darker colors recede and lighter colors come forward. So, do you want your windows and trim to "read" from a distance or not? And paint color is not set in stone. Yes, there are many who just want to be done with it and and move forward, but there others, like me, who just keep evolving and experimenting because our homes are in essence, our canvases - as long as our money holds out! :) You are a busy woman so maybe you fall in the former category. But in the end these things need to be seen from a distance of 30,000 feet up to see their importance in proper proportion.

    You must be exhausted, but you are so privileged to be able to be doing this, you are so gifted, and though the headaches and decisions are numerous - it's fun and a lovely, challenging project when it's all said and done.

  23. I love the pic of your entire home. It is lovely! I have been wondering about the whole picture. I am sure you have posted it before but I don't remember seeing it. So many decisions. Don't know if I could make the best decisions either so I understand your confusion. Use lots of Lavender oil for those headaches.
    If it were me the style and color of your home, IMHO does not lean toward white. I love the blue-green option. My cousin did a lakeside house in muted blues and greens and it is stunning. My Mother used to say white goes with everything but I never believed it.
    Whatever you decide it will be your choice and perfect for you. Hang in there. I love being on this journey with you.
    Relax this weekend and chant. . .All is well.

  24. Haha - love the glimpse into your thought process. Decisions on the house seem so hard I think because they feel so PERMANENT, right? But don't worry, I'm sure it will look great.
    My opinion? The gutters are not what you want drawing your attention when you look at the house and with placing them over the trim under the eaves in some areas and not in others I think you're going to want them to match the trim color (whatever it may be).
    Thanks for joining us in the #HomeMattersLinkParty

  25. It is looking beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!