Wednesday, July 1, 2015

In the Gutter: Part 2

When it comes to home renovations, things can change profoundly in 24-hours. Yesterday, I was pondering gutters and dormers.  That evening, DH and I decided to go with a bronze, standing seam roof for the dormers and half-round bronze gutters--if my GC could find half-rounds. This morning, when I checked my e-mail, I saw a message from Medana, the project manager. The subject header said, GUTTERS. For some reason, those all-caps seemed ominous. I grabbed a jelly donut, then opened the e-mail.

She had found a fantastic price for copper -- this included the standing seam toppers for the dormers and half-round gutters (just on the front of the house--the rest will be bronze half rounds). Apparently the price of copper is the lowest it has been in three years. I printed the estimate and showed it to my husband. Without hesitation, he called our GC, Mike, and said, "We want copper."

You may remember the proposed front elevation by Murdock, an architectural draftsman; it included three copper-topped dormers. We omitted the copper awnings on each wing (I thought it was too busy and crowded).
This morning I met with the color consultant at Benjamin Moore, and she advised me to leave the house alone for now. She thought French blue-green trim would ignite a syndrome called Creeping Project, because it would not look right to just paint the trim around the windows. And time itself will knock back the brand new trim, she added.
If not, there's always off-white paint, though it will only last about 5 years. Right now, I've got a maintenance-free material.
On the other hand, we're tinkering with a color for the side elevations (painted brick, no shake).

Curved dormer windows have been ordered, and the Marvin rep is trying to speed up the order a bit. Copper will go on the dormers next week, followed by the gutters.

I'm going to wait on the over-the-window trellises, too. (What if they are too big, drawing more attention to the windows, or what if they look crowded?) In the meantime, I'll think about planting hydrangeas, bunches and bunches of them.--they'll add softness and charm. A climbing rose can surely be planted near the chimney. I can add color on the porch--BM Kennbunkport Green on the rocking chairs or BM Mountain Laurel. 

Meanwhile, the painters are busy inside. Bandy and I went to Nashville to select marble for his bathroom (found a great buy! He has a nose for finding bargains at the stone yard). 
I'm grateful that things worked out. 
No more decisions . . . until Monday.
Unless you count the sample of black paint on the back door.


  1. Copper! That's wonderful, ML. I think that will be gorgeous. What wonderful news! We've friends with a copper standing seam roof and gutters, and it is a stunning statement.
    Hope the jelly doughnut was good. '-)

  2. Oh but wow, everything is so beautiful and you have made some stunning choices.

  3. Woo hoo, copper. Jackpot!!!! Doing cartwheels as so happy for you. -Brenda-

  4. So glad you found copper at a reasonable price-- it would have been my first choice, too! Can't wait to see it installed.

  5. The copper sounds lovely. Your burger will be so beautiful!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Your home is going to look so beautiful with the copper and also the hydrangea and roses. I cannot wait until you are all moved in and have unpacked the dishes :-). Kathy

  7. So glad that problem is solved! Next!!! :)

  8. WooHoo! Copper! YES! Your paint consultant is probably right...and wait a bit. Reminds me of the advice of living in a house for a bit before fully furnishing. But for those of us who have been "housekeeping" for years (me 42 yrs married) we already have most of the furnishings we need. Ha! I can appreciate your angst with a whole house remodel. I am trying to find just the right fabric to recover three sets of chairs. The sets are in different rooms...but they are open to each other. I am in a tizzy. I think I have the fabrics decided, then along comes another one to flirt with. Ha!
    Have a good 4th weekend. Sheila

  9. Belíssimas inspirações. Casas dos sonhos.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  10. YAY!!! God works in mysterious ways....

  11. Yea for copper!! Sometimes you have to live in a house and let it tell you the colors. I'm happy you're leaving the trim as is.